New York Knicks (20-14) @ Phoenix Suns (14-19)

ESPN has the Knicks at 37% underdogs to win tonight?  For serious?

Much has been written about Amar’e’s history of injuries, surgeries, how Phoenix, who once drafted amar’e in 2002 (Scott Layden’s Knicks picked Nene two spots ahead of Phoenix, only to trade Nene away for bust Antonio McDyess) was concerned about years four and five of the $95 million dollar deal they had on the table for Stoudemire this past summer of 2010.

Soudemire’s concern with Phoenix’s offer was legitimate:  if the paychecks he receives in years four and five are determined by the number of minutes he gets, who is to say the coach won’t play him less at the request of the GM?  Phoenix put these clauses into the offer to protect themselves in case Amar’e re injures himself, obviously Amar’e is going to feel more comfortable inking a fully guaranteed 5 year, 100-million dollar contract.  “I wanted an NBA contract,” Amar’e was later quoted as saying in regards to the deal Donnie Walsh signed Stoudemire to.

Lets face it:  it is not just Steve Kerr and Robert Sarver that are hoping Stoudemire injurs himself so that they are proven right.  Plenty of NBA analysts threw dirt in Stodemire’s face this summer in the 2010-2011 season previews.  A typical Knicks season preview started with “well, they lost out on LeBron, D-Wade and Bosh, but Knicks fans can look forward to Amar’e Stoudemire for as long as his body holds up.”  The world is full of skeptics, not just in Phoenix, but in New York, and everywhere in between.

Somewhere in all of the fallout is Nash, former two time NBA MVP, who re-inked with Phoenix for no good reason it seems.  Nash is extremely loyal to Phoenix, but Phoenix has since blown up the team and Nash is looking at possibly missing the playoffs for the first time in a long time while Amar’e is looking forward to giving New York their first playoff appearance in almost a decade.

Amar’e is 28 years old, has had six surgeries–both knees and eye socket surgery, but New York fans are enjoying his excellent play and leadership, and Amar’e has mastered that midrange jumper that helps New York close out victories in the fourth quarter.

Donnie Walsh wants another chance at a title, and it is on James Dolan to extend Walsh’s contract in order for Walsh to have that opportunity.  New York isn’t that far away from the gold.  A little more emphasis on defense and rebounding and the Knicks are right there with the top three teams in the Eastern conference:  Miami, Boston and Orlando.

Chicago and Atlanta may be ahead of New York in the standings at the moment, but New York is already better than both teams right now.  Chicago, even when healthy, can’t shoot, and are the antithesis of New York with Tom T. running the show.  They play an antiquated style of basketball, the Knicks of the 90’s basketball, which doesn’t work in today’s game because the rules of the game are ever-evolving, and Mr. Stern would like to see the league play more up-tempo, perhaps influenced by D’Antoni’s innovative SSoL during his Phoenix days.

Walsh was smart enough to see the trend and book the man who branded they style.

Speaking of Mike D’Antoni, here is a Suns blog that has a poll Gentry vs. D’Antoni.  Who do you think won?  Their arguement is that Gentry has won more in the playoffs, whereas Mike D’Antoni didn’t go very far even when his teams won 60 games in the regular season.  This is a very Steve Kerr kind of way to think.  Steve Kerr, as in, get Shaq, and get rid of D’Antoni, then we’ll do better.  Kerr, how do you like them now?

Here is another Suns blog on Stoudemire.

Enjoy the game fellas.  Should be a good one.  In fact, the subplot of Amar’e returning to Phoenix is only mildly interesting to me.   I just love to watch this team that Donnie has put together, could care less about Phoenix except I hope they show some love for Amar’e. Kerr and Sarver really screwed up that franchise and they’re basically haters now wishing Amar’e would get hurt so they don’t like buffoons any more.

Hey Kerr, here’s a mirror.

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As loyal knicks fans for many years, we created this website because the NY Sports Media has become anything but fair and balanced about the New York Knicks.

13 thoughts on “New York Knicks (20-14) @ Phoenix Suns (14-19)”

  1. glad to see rautins and mozgov score.
    strange to see mozgov get ejected. robin lopez looked like he was going to fight.
    happy for felton to get a triple double.
    happy for stat and mike d to come back to phoenix and get revenge on the team that passed them by.
    shocked to see so many knick fans in a landlocked state like arizona.
    kobe on sunday. don’t think we’ll lose that one either.
    shawne williams is making gallo look tradeable. i hope i’m wrong. i want gallo to stay.
    douglas looks healed from the shoulder injury, good game toney, wow, he got the start.
    lanrdy needs to chill out, stop showcasing all his skills, we don’t want denver to covet him.

  2. Great post and reads on the prior thread KD, Saipan and Crew.

    Seems to me that Marc J. Spears article is more Denver bluster (via their “sources w/ knowledge of the situation” HEARSAY!) that it is only the Nets who are in the running to nab Melo from Denver. Denver is trying hard via it’s “sourced leaks” to create the appearance that Melo to the Nets is more likely and to force Melo to accept a trade to a franchise that is not his preferred destination. That to me is business but it smacks in the face if your Melo who lost someone and now have a franchise treat you like acquiescent chattle. I’m sort of tired of hearing that.

    Also since all that “leaked sources” keep talking about how many draft picks are up for grabs from the Nets 3-4 and how the Nets have what Denver wants and not the Knicks, it’s to drive the price higher if and when they are forced to deal with the the Knicks.

    There’s just to much grandstanding going on. The Knicks are currently in a position of strength due to their good play and chemistry and don’t need to cower to Denver’s posturing like they yielded to Houston GM Morey’s machinations a year ago. That would be knee jerk, weak in the knee and plain out kneeling to some other franchise trying to lord over the Knicks. Knicks are in a better place now so Donnie doesn’t need to do that.

    That said Saipan and I agree, Knicks get a 2nd bonafide star and if they can pair him next to Chandler and Felton and possibly fields, then the rest of the roster is open to be used to move pieces to obtain him. That team would rock and push the CHeat team and the smugness of Lebron and his butt buddies.

    He (Melo) wants in and the Knicks good play will make him see that a free agency mulligan in the garden w/ the Knicks as his next team is a no brainer. All that bytch arse Nets and Nuggets hullabuloo aside.

  3. KD good call on Kerr and Sarver…last nite Clyde used an appropriate and familiar phrase..”penny-wise and dollar foolish”. I agree with you that there may have been a control element working as far as years 4 & 5 and the minutes Stat may have been given so as to not have the higher salary kick in. For a guy who gave blood sweat & tears for you… you just dont do that. No No!!

    Systems are good but you need good players…just ask Phil”I only want ready-made” Jackson.
    seems like Sarver forgot that and I guess they also drank the Kool Aid that was labeled”Nash did it all alone”. great swoop down DW.. to pick-up coach and Stat…

    Big Play Ray had another big outing against someone he’s been comapared to. great read on the P&R and how he drained the jimmy as the PHX gave hime space.. they were daring him amd he rose to the challenge.

    Despite the excess of turnover in the first half the ball movement was good most of the game…. and that is what tested the D of LOS SUNS(when they wore those jerseys last year I was way impressed and glad they represented like that) … KD another good call on ShawneW his jumper was flowing and fallin last nite…if he expands his game(already decent on D and not a bad rebounder …he could be a very very very solid palayer going forward.

    Good win and in strong fashion. Glad the bench got burn. AR still does not get after it like he needs to. hopefully he does…he’s got skill bu he’s gotta forc coach to play him.. it’s his only weapon in this thing.

    Yeah O&B.. you nailed it Denver and the Nets are posturing and trying to set themselves up for what “they want to happen”…I actually think Denver’s(semi-public) insistence to try not to deal with NYK is ugly and pissing off Melo. Sometimes we know what we want and how we are gonna get it … but how we go after it is not what we oughta do!!!… someone has never explained a solid reason why Denver signd the guy(to oversee this thing) who was present and involved as Boshy-boy danced off to South Beach with his talents…Hey Toronto how’s that working out?

    Ramdom observation from last nite…Could Vince Carter be any less relevant now?

    Enjoy the sun men…more snow’s a-coming they say!!

  4. A randolph needs to learn from Stoudemire like Mr. Wilson has.
    I’ve been voting for Felton, Stoudemire, Gallo and writing in Fields every day. Wilson deserves to be there too, but to have more than two guys on there you have to lead your division, if not the conference.
    YOu think about people like Fat Joe saying the Knicks are dead. Amar’e brought them back from the dead.
    it will be a shame if KG and his 14 and 7 get him on the starting squad, considering what Amar’e has accomplished here in New York.
    I believe before their careers are said and done, all five will have been an all-star at some point.

  5. Saipan

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, all the posturing and semi public bullish avoidance to deal with the Knicks must be rubbing off the wrong way on Melo.

    The thing is that Denver is treating a talented proud young man- a winner by the way got the NCAA Chip for the Cuse – as if he is the sole remaining 1 million dollar slave. Let’s see what that gets them. Masai, that West African with his antics is reminding of the West African Slave traders who shipped many off to the Americas and that Russian. . . Eastern PRomises scumbag anyone?

  6. KD

    The irony is that the Suns took a chance on STAT when he was a kid and others doubted him b/c of his background. They were rewarded for their faith in him with a series of good years of quality playoff runs. Now this past summer they stopped believing and look where it’s getting them.


  7. Well said gents… very welll

    Yes all star potential is what we have in several young men.. we also have a thing( not exactly but somewhat) like Detroit a few years ago.

    Rip, Chauncey, BWall, Sheed and others were cats others had cast off , written off, or downgraded for various reasons, some Knicks are in the same boat Stat, Big Play Ray, Ill Will( he’s an IT pick and was poisoned by all the losing and nonsense of the past so he can’t be good …too quiet…not a killer etc.) TD(too small a tweener),coach(u know what was said and thought), Fields,..I ‘m not sayin we are gonna win a chip with this exact crew but… just like the Pistons..they were playing quite well before they got Sheed…but him added to the brew.. made thing boil over!!!

    guess Fat Joe was like Berman still on the Marbury tip..sad thing is if that guy had come correct(Starbury) he coulda owned the the city…sad how thatall ended..he was even ready to take IT down.. the one guy who had his back when the NY Media was circling Marbury like vultures over a wounded and sickly Lion…

    Yeah Denver is publicly trying to play like the honorable one in public…but they are acting like a ruthless one privately. NJ and Denver both are scared and they are trying to scare DW…not working so far!!! They are the ones that want all those scenarios out there..even that current rumor with Mr. Big Shot, Rip Melo and Lopez.. ha … not bad tell me how that’s better than Denver where Melo is now? besides Lopez is a nice player but I think Adamek pointed out recently that he only snag 6 bounds per and 15 a game.. nice for quite team in a sleepy non demanding town but Brooklyn wouldn’t tolerate that!

    Also could Denver’s recent fall in the standings and in on the court play.. be a sign that the players already know that Melo wants out? hmmmmmmmm

    yeah Masai Mara(Iknow his last name) is trying to play tough cuz passive and nice didn’t work with Bosh.. but this is a players league and they need to remember that…he doesn’t need to imitate Dan Gilbert either…. players are watching how melo is being treated.. ‘m no fan of the chattel treament either… O&B good line abt the Eastern Promises to0!

    I know Dolan is far from perfect(very far) but I also believe that it’s known that if he likes you he is on your side and he’s down with you EVEN if he has to let you go…so he is loyal..look at how JYD and Philly Malik were given chances on the tube after their playing days ended .. and those guys were bit players here as far as on the court…I think Stat being here(and his rock star treatment comment.. will give the Knicks good pub.. in that regard

    I cant remember where I saw it
    but a few weeks ago someone post somewhere on the net.. a video of an interview of Melo based on a prank…the interviewer asked his feelngs on him being traded to NJ (as if it had gone down)..Melo had a what the f…. look on his face kinda real scared was priceless and telling

    Lets go Knicks…next stiop..pollute the Lake Show and make Big Chief Triangle grumpy…

  8. Saipan

    I recll seeing that video. Melo had that what the f%#)*&) look on his face and he had to gather himself before answering the questions posed.

    Hey the Big Chief Triangle was talking smack about how D’Antoni’s style may one day win aring but has not yet.

    Someone should ask him whether he could win a ring w/o all the talent he’s been fortunate enough to have.

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