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From 0 to 40mpg in Seven Seconds or Less: Mozgov’s coming out party

Walking to the Garden last night from the train, I couldn’t help but think the game would underwhelm due to a diminished roster, thinking Stoudemire wouldn’t play, Chandler wouldn’t play, Williams definitely wouldn’t play.

I stand corrected.

I actually mentioned it in the previous post. Is Turiaf going to be New York’s Wally Pip?


Detroit Pistons (17-28) @ New York Knicks (24-22)

Check out’s standings, hasn’t been updated in days.  The Knicks are 23-21 in their books, having won one in a row…

So, our boy the enforcer, Shawne Williams gets a one game for this? A misfire left that might have connected on teammate Landry Fields’ face?

I was feeling that lineup with Shawne […]

New York (24-21) @ Atlanta Hawks (29-16)

Looking good in that jersey, STAT!  Way to come to New York and put the team on your back and bring the Knicks back to life.

Hey, when does Raymond get his? I believe he was on course but now his numbers are down and shooting a low fg%. He still got probably the […]

One hour til showtime

Time to hit the city.

They need to hit the boards, take it to the hole, and play some semblance of defense.

The corner threes are a must–Chandler, Walker, Williams, will you make them?  They’re going to be there, wide open.  As Clyde would be quick to remind, the easiest three on the court.


The biggest crock I’ve read since Isiah Thomas once again starting undermining Donnie Walsh this season

My second favorite Knicks beat writer, Alan Hahn, starts today off with some tabloid that is beneath him:  We should thank LeBron James for Carmelo Anthony’s insistence on next playing for the Knicks.

LeBron gets no assist except for the casual fans that wouldn’t have bought season tickets unless they thought LeBron was coming.

The […]

Miami Heat (31-13) @ New York Knicks (23-21)

They won’t have Bosh, but Wade will play along with LeBron.

Want to read a great preview article on the resurgent Knicks? Check this one out.

Johnette Howard, bless you.  You seem to understand how good of a job Donnie Walsh has done putting this team together in New York.

Donnie Walsh BETTER be extended, […]

Washington Wizards (13-29) @ New York Knicks (22-21)

The Wizards have the type of front court players that have been giving the Knicks fits lately: The kind that has a pulse.

Donnie Walsh has been interviewed lately as saying the team has improved over the last two losses. I’d be inclined to agree with that assessment, however when you live by the […]

Is Carmelo pulling a LeBron?

According to this guy, he is.

Yet I see a difference between the two respective escape plans. Carmelo seems to be saying to Denver, and mind you he didn’t say this, ‘my heart is set on New York, I’m not settling for anything else when free agency comes. I’m not like LeBron who listened […]

It could be a tactic by the Russian to get New York to start its bidding

Denver continues to be a bunch of amateurs mishandling the inevitable collapse of their rocky franchise, I’m wondering if we can trust New Jersey’s word that they’ll no longer actively pursue Carmelo Anthony.

People think Carmelo is not the answer to New York’s problems.

Donnie Walsh originally wanted to pair up Amar’e Stoudemire with LeBron […]

Chandler, Fields, and a first round pick? Denver already said no?

Good thing Carmelo is going to wait out the season. I find this hard to believe, especially since we have yet to acquire the pick in exchange for Randolph.

Of course it is more difficult to come up with picks when the previous regime traded them all away for busts like Eddy Curry and […]