Last Game of 2010: Knicks @ Magic

Bilz, I know you think there is no way the Knicks get a victory tonight.

I’ve seen the new-look Magic team.  I think Otis did a great job making that trade.  Perhaps Otis never should have let Hedo Turkoglu walk out that door a few years ago.

Even after the trade, I still think the Knicks are better right now.

Should be a good one tonight against Dwight Howard, the aforementioned Turkoglu, and Jameer Nelson, who apparently tore apart Raymond Felton in the playoffs last season. Don’t think players don’t hold onto that kind of stuff and use it as fuel to the fire for their next encounter.

Regardless of the outcome of tonight’s game, December was a decent month for the Knicks:

Dec 03 @ New Orleans 8:00W
Dec 05 @ Toronto 1:00 W
Dec 06 vs Minnesota 7:30W
Dec 08 vs Toronto 7:30W
Dec 10 @ Washington 7:00W
Dec 12 vs Denver 12:00W
Dec 15 vs Boston 7:00L
Dec 17 vs Miami 7:00L
Dec 18 @ Cleveland 7:30L
Dec 22 vs Oklahoma City 7:30W
Dec 25 vs Chicago 12:00W
Dec 28 @ Miami 7:30L
Dec 30 @ Orlando 7:00L

Final Record for December 2010: 8-5

Timberwolves want Anthony Randolph

I know Knicks President Donnie Walsh recently had dinner with Timberwolves exec David Kahn (owner of the rights to Ricky Rubio) in New York City over the holidays.

Today K-Berg of CBS sports is reporting the Wolves want to pry Anthony Randolph from the Knicks in exchange for backup point guard Sebastian Telfair.

Donnie shouldn’t bite.  Anthony Randolph is worth more than Telfair down the road.

Perhaps the Knicks need to upgrade the bench point (Douglas did show much heart in the loss last night against the Heat) and you could argue that Randolph isn’t being used, so why not trade a player not being used for one we could definitely use immediately.  Felton is averaging quite a few minutes, despite the fact that he sat much of the fourth last night as he bricked a few jumpers and even airballed a three point shot in the second half.

I think players like Mozgov, Rautins and Randolph haven’t been given enough burn to assess their real potential in this league.

I don’t get to see this team practice, so I can’t come to any conclusions Mike D’Antoni or Donnie Walsh may or may not have made by now.

All I know is Randolph is longer and can jump higher than anyone on the team, including Stoudemire, Chandler, Fields, or Mozgov.

Also,what’s up with Frank Isola calling Shawne Williams Amar’e Stoudemire’s “best friend”  here?  What gives?

New York Knicks (18-12) @ Miami Heat (23-9)

Call me crazy but I think we can take this team tonight.

This is a record-breaking season for these Knicks.  Earlier in the season, Amar’e Stoudemire had 9 straight wins with 30+points per game, now Raymond Felton is on the threshold of setting another Knicks precedent:  six consecutive games with 10+ assists is only three games shy of the record set by Michael Ray Richardson.

They may have more talent, may have the refs in their pocket, but we ARE the better team.  We have a group of guys that put team first, and enjoy playing together.  We don’t have players that disrespect their head coach, disrespect the NBA, pining for it to contract and cut some of the worst teams, or mislead 6 NBA teams on only to go play behind someone else in Miami.

We play better on the road, no doubt, and considering how bad they beat us two weeks ago at the Garden, I think we will be better prepared and have a counter attack planned out.

LeBron met Amar’e at the rim several times during the first encounter.  I expect Amar’e to come out with a vengeance.

Miami’s biggest weakness is they have no point guard or center, so we should attack those two areas with Felton, Amar’e and whoever else we can throw at them.

We have such consistent play from this team, the x-factors are the least consistent players in the 8-man rotation:  Gallo and Toney Douglas.  If they have big nights, we can take them, because Felton, Stat and Fields will get their double-doubles.

Chandler needs to have a big game, and I believe he can do it.  He should step up and guard LeBron.

Rebound the ball (not just Fields and Stat), get back in transition, attack the basket, try to get to the line, make that baseline three that is always open in this system, and of course…


Let’s go Knicks!  Miami are a bunch of punks!

Felton, a ray of light

New York Knicks rising in the east

Knicks to be battle tested on the road

The hypothetical Schmeelk

Frank Isola’s game preview

Blizzards are no good

Wanted to take my bro Bilz to the Magic-Nets game tonight in Newark but the PATH train service isn’t running in that direction right now, and I’m not feeling driving out there, especially because our roads have yet to be plowed.

I guess it is a good thing the Knicks weren’t scheduled to play at home during this mess, especially because they’ve already missed a game with the Magic due to the Aesbestos scare at Madison Square Garden.

We’re off tonight but we’ve got two big games to close out what has been a stellar month of basketball–except for the loss after the Miami game–nice to see such great teamwork.

Shout out to Robin for writing the New Year’s Blog.

Merry Christmas and happy new year to all. Shout out to all The Defenders, present and past. Saipanknickster, PC, StarksforthreeYes, Orange and Blue, Edward, Bilz, Robin, and to all Knicks fans out there.

A few final glimpses of our young and talented Knicks at MSG in 2010.

New Year, New Era

It’ll be a new year
in just a few days
our boys are proving
our wins aren’t a phase

they’re driving hard
being aggressive in the paint
it’s a job not for
the weak or the faint

they’re hitting 3s
dishing and swishing
sure some.. like.. curry
would rather be fishing

but the rest of team
come strong from the start
they’re passionate, strong
and showing lots of heart

this twenty-eleven
ramond’s passes continue to please
and 100%
are turiaf’s knees

mozgov will be great
and make smart fouls
and danillo will toughen his smile
to a fierce italian scowl

fields will wow,
toney will too
chandler will play hard
and get a new tattoo

danillo will drive hard to the paint
and swish from the three
most other points
come from our leader, a’mar-e

Knicks for life
the fans chant with glee
our favorite place to be
is with our team — at msg.

happy 2011

Knicks will progress by trading for Jeffries and Duhon?

A certain beat writer’s blog argues Jared Jeffries and his $7million expiring contract (originally inked by you know who) could be well utilized off the bench in New York.

Orlando is shopping Chris Duhon, and the New York Post has reported that the Knicks could have a new backup point guard as soon as next week.

Are there other options?

Ramon Sessions’ name is being thrown around with the Knicks in some circles.

I think the two x-factors, due to the very consistent play of most of our starting five, are Toney Douglas and Danilo Gallinari.  When those two are factors, we’re close to unstoppable.

Speaking of unstoppable, Westbrook was a beast last night, did you see him blocking chandler’s shot and getting his own offensive rebounds for put-backs?  He’s only 6’3”.

All I want for Christmas is for the New York Knicks to be relevant again.

Christmas came early this year–thank you Santa, I mean, thank you, Donnie Walsh.  You gave the gift that keeps on winning.

Oklahoma City Thunder (20-9) @ New York Knicks (16-10)

A few guys D’Antoni has yet to give any real playing time to:

Timofey Mozgov: You can argue that he was a starter, but he was never used the right way.  Why not run a clear out and post him up?  Is it that taboo for the seven seconds or less offense to run a traditional post up once a year?  He did post up well against TEAM USA this summer, supposedly “the best players in the NBA.”  Can’t we figure that out for 5-10 freaking minutes a game?  Supposedly he can’t catch the entry pass.  I say clear it out so there is no traffic, the pass will be easier to make.  D’Antoni didn’t post up Shaq much in Phoenix, did he?  I bet he didn’t.

Anthony Randolph:  has yet to be put in the position to be a factor.  He’s not as good as Landry Fields at playing off the ball and still being a factor.  That’s why when he has the ball, he forces the issue.  What could we use from him?  Shot-blocking, pick-setting, reading the passing lanes and rebounding, to name a few things.  If he can rebound and bring the ball up, I don’t see why that would be a bad idea, again, as long as he doesn’t force it and can see the floor and make a good pass.

Andy Rautins:  Can he be a backup point guard in D’Antoni’s system?  Why not activate him and try since on some nights Toney Douglas’ shoulder problems effects his shooting ability.  He can shoot, something that is needed when Douglas shoots less than 40% from the floor on most nights.  He’s athletic enough for us NOT to have to revert back to Chris Duhon.

Roger Mason Jr hasn’t seen daylight since the preseason.

How about the Magic pulling the trigger to get Turkoglu back?  That’s got to be a little humble pie for Otis Smith to re-acquire the contract he didn’t want to ink Turk to begin with.  I can understand why they got rid of Vince Carter.  Why Phoenix would part with Jason Richardson is interesting to me.

We get to see the new-look Magic at the end of this month.

Jameer Nelson

Gilbert Arenas

Dwight Howard

Jason Richardson


Not a bad starting five on paper.

As far as Carmelo not coming, I say so be it.  Time for the superstars to stop jerking New York’s chain.  We’ve had enough of that to last a lifetime, NBA players and coaches using New York only to not come here.

If you want to come here, the proof is in the pudding.  Man up and come here.  Don’t make the whole city pine for you just to sign with the Russian.

Amar’e Stoudemire might not play tonight due to his soar neck.  It will take a huge effort from D’Antoni to look past his stubbornness and play Anthony Randolph and Timofey Mozgov, although they could be what the the Knicks need right now.  Randolph will turn it over, but if Stoudemire doesn’t play, that’s five less turnovers right there.

Stoudemire is getting the bulk of his 26 points per game off of jump shots from the perimeter.  Mozgov is a true post up player and Randolph can run the floor and finish on the break, so I say give them some PT, especially if Stoudemire is hurt, there is no need to force the issue a la Patrick Ewing when his wrist got jacked in the playoffs in ’99.

And by the way, is James Dolan at all a factor in the stubborn decision to not play Eddy Curry, or is that again all on Mike ‘D’Antoni?  He’s at least good for some fouls.  Again, no use for a post up player, I assume.   Starting to say screw seven seconds or less.

New York Knicks (16-11) @ Cleveland Cavaliers (7-19)

Good teams bounce back from tough losses and adversity.  We were definitely close to beating Boston, and we were tied with Miami through one half.

They effectively shut down Amar’e, and our back court of Felton and Fields were never really factors in the game.

Gallinari and Chandler did what they could against LeBron, but he is basically unguardable.  A new approach will be needed in future encounters with the Heat.

Just as they were able to contain Amar’e by triple teaming him and collapsing down whenever he touched the ball, we need to limit what LeBron does.  The Heat were able take away the mainstay of the D’Antoni offense:  the pick and roll.

Considering our two losses, do you think Donnie is working the phones right now?

We keep playing teams with streaks.  The Cavs have lost 10 in a row since they’ve played the one-two punch of Boston followed by Miami.

I think the Knicks are relieved to go back on the road.  They play better on the road than they do in Madison Square Garden.

Dec 03 @ New Orleans 8:00W
Dec 05 @ Toronto 1:00 W
Dec 06 vs Minnesota 7:30W
Dec 08 vs Toronto 7:30W
Dec 10 @ Washington 7:00W
Dec 12 vs Denver 12:00W
Dec 15 vs Boston 7:00L
Dec 17 vs Miami 7:00L
Dec 18 @ Cleveland 7:30L
Dec 22 vs Oklahoma City 7:30
Dec 25 vs Chicago 12:00
Dec 28 @ Miami 7:30
Dec 30 @ Orlando 7:00

Miami Heat (19-8) @ New York Knicks (16-10)

Hey what do you know, another team with a 10-game winning streak is in town.

Two out of three isn’t bad for “dream week.”

Dream week as in, I used to dream LeBron would be a Knick.

Dream as in, Carmelo dreams of proudly wearing orange and blue and working with Amar’e to bring a title to New York.

Dream as in Boston wishes they were young enough to win another title.  Not while Kobe’s still around.

Speaking of Kobe, Amar’e is now tied for second place in the league in scoring with Kobe at 26.7. Only Durant scores more in the NBA at 27.5 and Amar’e is in range of passing Durant before New Year’s at this 30+ pace he has set in 9 straight games.

After reading Amare’s comments today in the media about Chris Bosh, I won’t be surprised if Amar’e scores 50 points tomorrow.

Did everyone watch the ESPN version and not the MSG version?

I basically have no more respect for Mark Jackson after hearing him call the game with JVG. Mark Jackson sounds like a ex-girlfriend hating on the Knicks like that. They actually sounded like they haven’t seen the Knicks play this season. And what about the guy in the studio that predicted it would come down to the last possession if Shaq didn’t play? How fixed is the NBA?

I am glad that I have MSG and don’t have to watch ESPN. The only analysts I can tolerate are Walton, Hubie Brown, Kevin Harlan, Mike Breen, Clyde Fraiser… Thats about it. Marv now hates the Knicks (understandable considering what Dolan did to him).

I know Mark Jackson wanted to coach the Knicks and got bypassed by Walsh when Walsh hired D’Antoni. That’s where the track record comes in. D’Antoni had it, and Mark Jackson only has his players statistics. Walsh went with experience.

A win against Miami erases the bitter ending against Boston.

Real classy of the NY Daily News, just like we’d expect:

Steve Adamek is embarrassed by these tabloids.  I would say just like the effect or porn, most New Yorker are desensitized by New York’s hyperbolic tabloids, but this is not nessary on any level.  I only reprint it here to show how in the wrong they are.  Anything to sell papers, heck, I bought one just to show those not in the NYC area what the paper looks like here.  It’s offensive, designed to hurt.  Like he hasn’t hurt before this season.

It was a tough decision, to have “The Decision.”

He didn’t know any better.

New York should get over it.  We have a great team.  The negative energy is unecessary.

I hope we don’t do anything stupid tonight as a city.

Be happy with what you’ve got.

Reminds me of a song from this British band called Massive Attack.  Listen to these lyrics as we watch and enjoy the game from home.