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Last Game of 2010: Knicks @ Magic

Bilz, I know you think there is no way the Knicks get a victory tonight.

I’ve seen the new-look Magic team.  I think Otis did a great job making that trade.  Perhaps Otis never should have let Hedo Turkoglu walk out that door a few years ago.

Even after the trade, I still think the […]

Timberwolves want Anthony Randolph

I know Knicks President Donnie Walsh recently had dinner with Timberwolves exec David Kahn (owner of the rights to Ricky Rubio) in New York City over the holidays.

Today K-Berg of CBS sports is reporting the Wolves want to pry Anthony Randolph from the Knicks in exchange for backup point guard Sebastian Telfair.

Donnie shouldn’t […]

New York Knicks (18-12) @ Miami Heat (23-9)

Call me crazy but I think we can take this team tonight.

This is a record-breaking season for these Knicks.  Earlier in the season, Amar’e Stoudemire had 9 straight wins with 30+points per game, now Raymond Felton is on the threshold of setting another Knicks precedent:  six consecutive games with 10+ assists is only […]

Blizzards are no good

Wanted to take my bro Bilz to the Magic-Nets game tonight in Newark but the PATH train service isn’t running in that direction right now, and I’m not feeling driving out there, especially because our roads have yet to be plowed.

I guess it is a good thing the Knicks weren’t scheduled to play at […]

New Year, New Era

It’ll be a new year in just a few days our boys are proving our wins aren’t a phase

they’re driving hard being aggressive in the paint it’s a job not for the weak or the faint

they’re hitting 3s dishing and swishing sure some.. like.. curry would rather be fishing

but the rest of […]

Should the Knicks make roster changes right now?

Should the Knicks make any roster changes right now?online surveys

Knicks will progress by trading for Jeffries and Duhon?

A certain beat writer’s blog argues Jared Jeffries and his $7million expiring contract (originally inked by you know who) could be well utilized off the bench in New York.

Orlando is shopping Chris Duhon, and the New York Post has reported that the Knicks could have a new backup point guard as soon as […]

Oklahoma City Thunder (20-9) @ New York Knicks (16-10)

A few guys D’Antoni has yet to give any real playing time to:

Timofey Mozgov: You can argue that he was a starter, but he was never used the right way.  Why not run a clear out and post him up?  Is it that taboo for the seven seconds or less offense to run a […]

New York Knicks (16-11) @ Cleveland Cavaliers (7-19)

Good teams bounce back from tough losses and adversity.  We were definitely close to beating Boston, and we were tied with Miami through one half.

They effectively shut down Amar’e, and our back court of Felton and Fields were never really factors in the game.

Gallinari and Chandler did what they could against LeBron, but […]

Miami Heat (19-8) @ New York Knicks (16-10)

Hey what do you know, another team with a 10-game winning streak is in town.

Two out of three isn’t bad for “dream week.”

Dream week as in, I used to dream LeBron would be a Knick.

Dream as in, Carmelo dreams of proudly wearing orange and blue and working with Amar’e to bring a […]