New Jersey Nets (6-11) @ New York Knicks (9-9)

Obviously the point guard match up will be interesting tonight, particularly with Felton playing so well,  but also interesting is the back and fourth between the ©Nyets and the Knicks in the advertising world.

First the ©Nyets put up that stupid billboard of the Russian and Jay-Z near Madison Square Garden.

Then the Knicks put up an ad of their own in Brooklyn near the railyards, although that is definitely more Knick territory than ©Nyets territory, regardless of Jay-Z’s efforts to lure talent to Newark.

More on the back and forth between the teams can be found here. Thanks Bilz for the link.

It should be a good game. See you at the Garden. Without Turiaf and Douglas, I doubt we’ll blow them out. Both players are listed as day-to-day.

Full preview for tonight’s game can be read here.

I hope Mozgov starts and gets a double double on Prokhorov’s–I mean, Lopez’s ass.

©Saipanknickster, 2010

Next Ex / Next

Erik Spoelstra has mission impossible. How to take three guys with huge egos and put them all in check with little credentials. Not happening in today’s NBA.

These guys know they have veto power with Pat Riley, were probably promised as much prior to signing down on South Beach.

Look at how disrespectful LeBron is, bumping the coach of the team and not even apologizing for it, not showing any honor towards the coach.

And I’m not trying to hate on LeBron, Donnie Walsh has done a great job putting together a team I can cheer for, so forget about LeBron. It must be hard on LeBron, to go from the guy that everyone thought was “king” to someone everyone loves to hate.

But still, it doesn’t seem to be a matter of if they are going to do him dirty, but when. They held a 45-minute “players only” meeting. Why was that necessary?

Think Stan Van Gundy, Miami Heat, early 2000’s. Immediately after Dwyane Wade starting showing sings of becoming dominant during his rookie year, Van Gundy was on similar thin ice. Van Gundy probably thought his job was safe, not because of his track record, because he was unproven, but because of his brother’s success with the Knicks after Riley left town. Both brothers have had close ties to Riley. Stan still got thrown under the bus by Riley, regardless of what he had to say when he stepped down from the position.

Van Gundy has no problem speaking out against Riley now. Has no problem speaking out against Phil Jackson either, apparently. I think Spolstra should take a look at Stan Van Gundy and handle LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh accordingly. The writing is on the wall, and he needs to stick up for himself.

I’ve explained to Robin (about the Knicks, admittedly) that when the team is new, and there continues to be problems, the next thing to change would probably be the coach. Right now Mike D’Antoni is the right guy for the job, but down in Miami, the Machiavellian Riley is the one pulling the strings and I wouldn’t want Spoelstra’s job, not now.

At then there’s this:

(I don’t think this was actually made by his Airness)

Without Turiaf, the Knicks could not get it done

I don’t know the extend of Turiaf’s injury, but he was definitely missing in the second half.

That baseline dunk on Stoudemire was sick.  Who was that, Josh Smith or someone else?  There are several players on the Hawks capable of such athletic feats.

On the bright side, Mozgov got to show his stuff inheriting Turiaf’s minutes for the remainder of afternoon.

One the negative side, is Turiaf a chronically injured player?  If so, we’re in deep trouble this year, because he basically is as vital to this team as the $100 man.  Statistics do not tell that story, but it is true.  Turiaf should be a tri-captain he’s so important to this team.

It is sad that Landry is our leading rebounder.  I’m not comfortable with that and hope that Donnie can address some of that in any future move, be it in February, or over the summer.

We go on the road tomorrow to face the Detroit Pistons, then, after that…

The ©Nyets!   Mozgov may be a starter again by then, the way things look right now…

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Atlanta Hawks (9-7) @ New York Knicks (8-8)


Everywhere I look, there are few believers in this team.  The beat writers think the 5-game streak is a fluke, that the teams we beat were all losers, people at the Garden don’t even know who Mozgov is, don’t know about the regime change, don’t know about Landry Fields (hey, why did Larry Brown rave about Landry like that?  That was quite a bit of butt kissing for a rookie, but maybe Larry was trying to compliment Donnie for drafting Fields) or Raymond Felton.

I’m not even going to try to convince anyone about this team.  Every year I tell people the Knicks are going to be better, this year is no different.

Except this year, they are.

Those of us that see it, know it.  Those of us that see the hustle plays, the blocks, the selflessness on offense during half-court execution.  We know if the tempo of the game starts to go up, that we’re basically going to win the game.  Our game is to run, we haven’t seen the lobs and the monster dunks, but they are coming.  We’re 16 games in and beginning to develop a swagger, and it all starts with Felton.  If Felton keeps this up he could be a candidate for most improved player.

I know my team, I may not know the other teams as well (for example, Atlanta) but I think I know what it takes to win and we have it.  We aren’t still looking for it down the road, we’ve got the tools to win right now.  We’re young, and hungry, and nobody believes in us, and we’re in a very good position to succeed.

That’s what Donnie has done, he’s put us in the position to sneak up on people this year.

What actually transpires is up to our players to determine.  I think with Stoudemire, Felton, Gallo, Chandler, Douglas, Turiaf, Mozgov, Walker, and Landry Fields, we have enough to resoundingly beat Atlanta today, but we shall see.  Those Josh Smith / Joe Johnson types, can’t wait to play them, because, quite frankly, I think we have better versions of those players in Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari and Landry Fields.  Donnie was right.  We have the pieces that Denver is too stupid to realize it should want.  But if New York keeps this up, we may not need to give these pieces up, because we may not need another superstar.  There could already be one on this team.  Felton, Gallinari, Chandler…  How good is Fields going to be in three years?

Let’s see.  Atlanta is athletic, right?  Let’s see how we do against an “athletic” team.

If we beat Atlanta today, we move up to the 5th spot in the Eastern Conference.

Five Wins in a Row

We continue to play very well on the road!

Happy Thanksgiving to the die-hards that read this blog.  SaipanKnickster, Starks4ThreeYes, PC, Bilz, Edward, Orange and Blue and anyone else who reads here.  I am thankful that the Knicks are winning and are at .500 again, but I am also thankful that you read

I hope we can continue to win!

Stoudemire was worth every penny!  Did you see those 6 blocks last night?

Chandler for sixth man of the year!

How about that rookie Landry Fields, Tracy Morgan has Knick-named him “Agua” for his smooth game that flows like water.

Bill Walker has 10 points in the first half, that’s great.

But the real story is Felton.  He’s putting up all-star numbers without the pick and roll with Stoudemire, imagine if he added it!

Return of the King (for a week): Charlotte Bobcats (5-8) @ New York Knicks (6-8)

Amar’e Stoudemire as he was honored as the THE Eastern conference player.

He is leading and the players are learning their required roles to win basketball games more often.

I hope Donnie Walsh has been enjoying the games from home while recovering from hip surgery.

Tonight should be very interesting considering they went 3-1 on their feel-good road trip yet are just 1-4 at Madison Square Garden on the season. No word on whether the Asbestos in the ceiling has been a factor along with the booing and the desperate cries for Carmelo Anthony. It must be frustrating for the Knicks when they get more support and positive energy on the road.  They might be the only NBA team in the league with that disadvantage, but such is New York.

Will Felton exact his revenge on the team that passed him by without a contract extension? This type of thing DOES matter to a player.  Felton has been a 20p 8a 5r 2st kind of player over the last 8 or so games.

Amar’e Stoudemire named Player of the Week

I can’t remember the last time a Knick was deserving of this award.  Seems like it has been years, but I could be mistaken.  We are now 6-8, with a game tomorrow at the Garden against Charlotte.  I hope we can keep it going.

Amar’e has been phenomenal lately.  Scoring the ball when needed, being a vocal leader when needed, playing good defense.  He deserves the award and is worth the money the Knicks signed him for this summer of 2010.  I can’t wait for the first game against New Jersey, I hope we kick their butt real good.

Its warm out today.  63 degrees, that’s bike riding weather.  See you at the Garden tomorrow.