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New Jersey Nets (6-11) @ New York Knicks (9-9)

Obviously the point guard match up will be interesting tonight, particularly with Felton playing so well,  but also interesting is the back and fourth between the ©Nyets and the Knicks in the advertising world.

First the ©Nyets put up that stupid billboard of the Russian and Jay-Z near Madison Square Garden.

Then the Knicks […]

Next Ex / Next

Erik Spoelstra has mission impossible. How to take three guys with huge egos and put them all in check with little credentials. Not happening in today’s NBA.

These guys know they have veto power with Pat Riley, were probably promised as much prior to signing down on South Beach.

Look at how disrespectful LeBron […]

New York Knicks (8-9) @ Detroit Pistons (6-10)

No Turiaf, no Douglas…

Maybe Agua will step up?

Without Turiaf, the Knicks could not get it done

I don’t know the extend of Turiaf’s injury, but he was definitely missing in the second half.

That baseline dunk on Stoudemire was sick.  Who was that, Josh Smith or someone else?  There are several players on the Hawks capable of such athletic feats.

On the bright side, Mozgov got to show his stuff inheriting […]

Atlanta Hawks (9-7) @ New York Knicks (8-8)

Everywhere I look, there are few believers in this team.  The beat writers think the 5-game streak is a fluke, that the teams we beat were all losers, people at the Garden don’t even know who Mozgov is, don’t know about the regime change, don’t know about Landry Fields (hey, why did Larry Brown […]

Five Wins in a Row

We continue to play very well on the road!

Happy Thanksgiving to the die-hards that read this blog.  SaipanKnickster, Starks4ThreeYes, PC, Bilz, Edward, Orange and Blue and anyone else who reads here.  I am thankful that the Knicks are winning and are at .500 again, but I am also thankful that you read


Home and Home: New York Knicks (7-8) @ Charlotte Bobcats (5-9)

Here are some photos from last night’s game in New York.  Tonight they’re in Charlotte for the second of back-to-back games.  Will it be a split or will the Knicks sweep the Bobcats?


Return of the King (for a week): Charlotte Bobcats (5-8) @ New York Knicks (6-8)

Amar’e Stoudemire as he was honored as the THE Eastern conference player.

He is leading and the players are learning their required roles to win basketball games more often.

I hope Donnie Walsh has been enjoying the games from home while recovering from hip surgery.

Tonight should be very interesting considering they went 3-1 […]

Amar’e Stoudemire named Player of the Week

I can’t remember the last time a Knick was deserving of this award.  Seems like it has been years, but I could be mistaken.  We are now 6-8, with a game tomorrow at the Garden against Charlotte.  I hope we can keep it going.

Amar’e has been phenomenal lately.  Scoring the ball when needed, being a […]

New York Knicks (5-8) @ Los Angeles Clippers (1-12)

Clyde just said we are going to kill this team. Indeed, Amar’e just dunked on Griffin.

Two dunks on our Knicks (first Mozgov, then Gallo):

Which dunk was more cold-blooded?survey software

Read here an article on Antony Randolph. Interesting quotes from Turiaf.

full highlights: