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The garden is electric tonight.

Game 3: Portland Trailblazers (2-0) @ New York Knicks (1-1)

Felton had trouble playing Rondo in the playoffs last year, last night Rondo gets 24 assists.  Wait until Rondo plays John Wall, that will be a mf to watch.  It took everything the Celtics had to beat us on their floor. I don’t think there is a single player on the Knicks as we […]

Game 2: New York Knicks (1-0) @ Boston Celtics (1-1)

Great games by Chandler, Stat and Turiaf in game one.

Here we go against Shaq, Nate and “the original big three.”

Except I suspect the big three moniker was used many times before it was used with Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and KG. I thought we gave Boston a run for their money […]

Game 1: New York Knicks (0-0) @ Toronto Raptors (0-0)

Could Landry Fields feel more stoked right now?

The rookie’s first game as an NBA pro and he’s starting!  Ahead of four or five veterans many thought would be ahead of Fields on the depth charts.  Some of the basketball experts had him as out of the rotation for this year sitting next to […]

Two Rookies in the Knicks 2010-2011 Starting Lineup

We all knew Timofey Mozgov would beat out Ronny Turiaf as the starting center for the Knicks.

But now my suspicions have been confirmed:  Landry Fields will start at shooting guard for your New York Knicks.

Tomorrow night against Toronto, the full starting five will include Fields at the two, Raymond Felton at the point […]

Sounds from the Preaseason

Click here to hear the crazy people at the garden in response to an offensive rebound and put back from Jordan Farmar off of a free throw. That should never happen, but with our Knicks, I believe we do need to rebound better, on both sides of the court. I hope as Randolph discovers his […]

The Weight Of The World On His Shoulders

League Leaders in the Preseason


Nets @ Knicks (exhibition game)

Frank was at it again with the tabloid.  “Knicks organization would include Gallinari in a deal for Carmelo”

It almost seems vindictive, like Frank  doesn’t want to see the team play “cohesively” as Clyde F. would say.

I like our team so far, we have to improve, but there is still time to get […]

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