Game 3: Portland Trailblazers (2-0) @ New York Knicks (1-1)

Felton had trouble playing Rondo in the playoffs last year, last night Rondo gets 24 assists.  Wait until Rondo plays John Wall, that will be a mf to watch.  It took everything the Celtics had to beat us on their floor. I don’t think there is a single player on the Knicks as we are currently constructed that believes the Celtics are better than us. If we had better production from Gallo and Mozgov, we would have scored and defended enough to beat them. I can’t stand moral victories, but, Boston is the premier team in the East, right up there with Miami and Orlando and we fought them well to the bitter end. I need to go buy my Stoudemire jersey, he is a hero in New York already in my opinion.

Well, here is our chance to redeem ourselves from last night’s defeat. I don’t know if they’re going to sit Stat because it was a back to back, but if they do, I don’t expect it to be close. We need production from Gallo and Mozgov, they need to be factors and do what they do best.

People going tonight should expect some kind of gift by the escalators. I’m guessing its the orange towels they were giving us during the preseason, but usually it is a hat from foot locker that has a small knick emblem on the front.

Let’s go Knicks! Back to back or not, we need the win!

Game 2: New York Knicks (1-0) @ Boston Celtics (1-1)

Great games by Chandler, Stat and Turiaf in game one.

Here we go against Shaq, Nate and “the original big three.”

Except I suspect the big three moniker was used many times before it was used with Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and KG. I thought we gave Boston a run for their money in the preseason. We had a lead on them and they went back with their starters and we continued to experiment with our bench.

It will be interesting to see how Mike D’Antoni uses Amar’e Stoudemire in this first official back to back of the season. In the preseason he sat out one of two games, but with Anthony Randolph unavailable, I wonder if Amar’e will play in both.

I look forward to seeing Mozgov play against Shaq in the first quarter. Shaq sat out the preseason game so we didnt’ see Mozgov go up against someone his size. Yes, Mozgov is 7’1″, 270. Give him a couple more years and he will be closer to 300 with more muscle development. Shaq is a living legend. Mozgov is just trying make it on the radar at this point but I think he has the tools to be our best center since Ewing. He has the tools to be a double-double player that also gets 2-3 blocks a game. Wait until you see him on a pick and roll. Our guards aren’t masters of the pick and roll, but we have several finishers that would make them look better: Stat, Mozgov and Randolph to name three.

The Knicks have their home opener against the Portland Trailblazers on Saturday. Expect fans in attendance to receive something small with a Knicks symbol on it, as is the tradition at Madison Square Garden for the home opener. My guess is it will be an orange Knicks towel, but don’t tell anyone you read it here.

We saw in Game 1 that Amar’e slid to the five when Mozgov got in early foul trouble. When Mike D’Antoni went to Stat at center, Chandler came in and played power forward. This will be the case until Anthony Randolph comes back. I think Mike D’Antoni considers Anthony Randolph the ideal backup for Amar’e at power forward. Wilson Chandler will be New York’s sixth man, as a swingman that plays some two or three, but also some four.

Anthony Randolph may also play backup center, depending on foul trouble. So far this season, though, Ronny Turiaf was a fantastic backup center and came in and provided energy, rebounding and defense, and a couple of nifty baskets including a dunk over their big man, Barnarni.

Shaq looked great against the Heat in the first quarter of that game on opening night. He was catching lobs and Boston seemed to have their way with the identity-searching Heat. I still think between Amar’e and Bosh, we got the better big man.

Game 1: New York Knicks (0-0) @ Toronto Raptors (0-0)

Could Landry Fields feel more stoked right now?

The rookie’s first game as an NBA pro and he’s starting!  Ahead of four or five veterans many thought would be ahead of Fields on the depth charts.  Some of the basketball experts had him as out of the rotation for this year sitting next to Andy Rautins (whom I believe will also get an opportunity to prove himself this year at some point, simply because our back court isn’t as deep as our front court).

Let’s not forget we have the towering 7’1″ 270lb Mozgov, who has been a favorite of mine since the World Champsionships where he showed up Lamar Odom, Russell Westbrook and several other NBA All-Stars.  Since Mozgov stole the starting role from Turiaf in the preseason, he’s been penciled in to start at center, though this will be his first official game in the NBA.  I bet Amar’e will really appreciate not having to play the center position when Mozgov is in the game.  The “early foul trouble” hype that was flung on Mozgov will diffuse by the all-star break, once NBA officials realize this guy goes after the block and is very talented at it much like Rik Smits, another Donnie Walsh product, once did against the Knicks.

By the way, I don’t like on that they keep track of preseason history in a player’s profile, preseason doesn’t matter at all, so it should not be kept and published as part of a player’s career.  The real stuff starts tonight.

The Knicks are undefeated!   Let’s go Amar’e, Mozgov and Fields!  Let’s go Felton, Douglas and Gallo (are you all right, dude?)!  Here we go!!!

Anthony Randolph will not play tonight so he’s out of the poll, though he is a good future candidate for statistical leaders in the future.  Randolph is expect to return in one or two weeks.

by the way, if you needed any proof that other knicks blogs are dorky, look no further than here.  See: Gallo Socks.

Two Rookies in the Knicks 2010-2011 Starting Lineup

We all knew Timofey Mozgov would beat out Ronny Turiaf as the starting center for the Knicks.

But now my suspicions have been confirmed:  Landry Fields will start at shooting guard for your New York Knicks.

Tomorrow night against Toronto, the full starting five will include Fields at the two, Raymond Felton at the point (some could argue Toney Douglas played better in the preseason but Felton the co-captian), Danilo Gallinari at the three, Amar’e Stoudemire at the four and Mozgov at center.

This makes for an athletic unit that that will go after it on both sides of the floor.  Defensively, Mozgov will keep penetrators second-guesssing attacking the rim, Fields and Felton will read the passing lanes and hopefully get some steals (we had six players averaging one or more steal per game).  Offensively, Felton is the weakest shooter in the starting five, and Felton last year improved his percentages both from two and three point range.

Stat is going to get to the line, or to the rim and Gallo better shake out of that shooting slump and provide the outside consistency as we expect from him.  A good year for Gallo would be if he continued his outside game and got to the rim more often or at least develop two solid post-up moves on the low block.

Since our official season starts tomorrow night, I’m going to predict 45 wins without Carmelo, 52 wins if we somehow miraculously acquire Melo sometime during the 2010-2011 campaign.  I would love a first round playoff match up against Miami, how about you?  Playing in the first round against Orlando or Boston would be okay, especially considering we have not played a single playoff game in 8 years, but for us to go up against the “Big Three” in the first round, I know that would be as good as it could get for our playoff drought to finally end.

Well, here comes 82 games of our 2010-2011 Knicks regular season.  I hope it is a good one.  You, my diehard Knicks fan, deserve as much.

Donnie Walsh did the best he could do without that silly alliance down in South Beach.  Melo, deep in his heart wants to be a Knick, but until then, he is the enemy.  Just think about when he punched Mardy Collins in the face.  If and when he signs that extension, and puts on a Knicks jersey, all will be forgiven, but for now, he’s a Nugget.

The second unit, now that we’ve discussed the first unit, the second unit should feature Douglas at the one, Billy Walker at the two, Wilson Chandler at the three, Anthony Randolph at the four, Turiaf at the five.  That second unit will score thanks to Douglas, Walker and Chandler and will rely on Turiaf and Randolph to protect the paint.

Out-of -rotation players for now include: Eddy Curry, Andy Rautins, Roger Mason, Jr., Shawne Williams and the inured Kelenna Azubuike.

Sounds from the Preaseason

Click here to hear the crazy people at the garden in response to an offensive rebound and put back from Jordan Farmar off of a free throw. That should never happen, but with our Knicks, I believe we do need to rebound better, on both sides of the court. I hope as Randolph discovers his game, he ends up a Marcus Camby. It remains to be seen exactly what he will become as a basketball player. Right now, he’s just athletic, can shoot and can rebound and defend a little.

Final Preseason Stats

I wonder what Hubie Brown thinks of this year’s Knicks team.  I value Hubie Brown’s opinion, having listened to him for years on TNT.  Look at the steals column above, when was the last time  we had six guys average one steal or more every game?  That’s encouraging.

Obviously not as encouraging are the rebounding numers.  We’re outrebounded by 12 in the preseason.  Unless we shoot over 60% from the field, we will lose if we are outrebounded by 12 every night in the regular season.

Shot-blocking should be a strong suit this year, with Turiaf, Mozgov, Stat, Gallo, Chandler the question mark Knick:  Anthony Randolph.

Nets @ Knicks (exhibition game)


Frank was at it again with the tabloid.  “Knicks organization would include Gallinari in a deal for Carmelo”

It almost seems vindictive, like Frank  doesn’t want to see the team play “cohesively” as Clyde F. would say.

I like our team so far, we have to improve, but there is still time to get a better half court offense and also we need to initiate the fast break by getting defensive rebounds.  This defensive rebound could open the flood gate for a player like Anthony Randolph, would could run the floor like Amar’e, plus bring the ball up while doing it.

Orange and Blue, see you at the game.