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Starting four for our first exhibition game on Sunday against Armani Jeans: Felton, Chandler, Gallo, Amare and….


“Swingman Wilson Chandler was limited in practice with a sore calf, but D’Antoni said Chandler will likely start Sunday alongside Gallinari, Felton, Stoudemire and a fifth starter likely from among Ronny Turiaf, Timofey Mozgov and Anthony Randolph. Turiaf and Randolph both worked with the starters Wednesday.”

Who will start at center for […]

Spotted overseas: Air Gallinari’s

“The Knicks are overwhelming favorites to sign Anthony if he reaches free agency”

Looking over at someone’s New York Post in the subway today, this was the article that it was turned to.

Donnie Walsh, my favorite Knick GM of the past 25 years

Denver who?  Let me get this right, that guy that couldn’t get squat for Bosh, is rehired in Denver as Carmelo’s contract approaches its end, and then they accuse Donnie Walsh, one of the best in the business the past 30 years, of using back channels to brainwash Carmelo out of signing in Newark?  Denver […]

Televised Knicks training camp practice on NBA TV may replace annual open practice as Knicks head to Europe tomorrow AM

Okay, where to begin…

It was Kamla and Greg Anthony commenting on the practice, they did a great job.

Greg Brittinham opened the practice with a pretty cool exercise, they had the players run around the perimeter of the practice facility throwing footballs at each other.  That was an out-of-the-box way to start what could […]

Curry injured, out 4-6 weeks–cash that paycheck, Ed!

Eddy Curry strained his hamstring and is out for 1-2 months. Do you believe Eddy Curry’s career as a Knick should be euthanized? Eddy Curry’s contract as a Knick will have trade value (as cap space flexibility for a team to rebuild) at the deadline in February, when players like Toney Parker and Carmelo Anthony […]

‘Donnie’s the master’

From K-Berg. I love it.


He’s the master,” the executive said. “I’ll put it this way: If there’s any way to get something done that he feels good about, he’ll get it done. He’ll leave no stone unturned.”


Ray Felton, “I’m a student of the game. This offense is all about instincts, its […]

Melo reports to camp in Denver

Is this about to be a very ugly divorce? Or will Melo ride out the year (at least until februrary, Denver’s last chance to get something in exchange for Melo’s definite departure from Denver) in Denver?


Coach D’Antoni and Amar’e high on Mozgov

The following is taken from Marc Berman:

“He’s adjusted quickly,” Stoudemire told me. “I’m very surprised how good he really is. He’s going to be force if he keeps studying and working the way he has been.”

His only weakness so far is his English. In my first interview attempt, he didn’t understand most of […]

Who are all the big men Amar’e has played beside?

Well, recently he played with Shaq, but that was not the Shaq of old, that was old ass Shaq, which is still valueable for center production in the NBA, just not as dominant.

I know they also had Channing Frye out there, if you consider him to be a center.

The reason I ask is […]