Starting four for our first exhibition game on Sunday against Armani Jeans: Felton, Chandler, Gallo, Amare and….


“Swingman Wilson Chandler was limited in practice with a sore calf, but D’Antoni said Chandler will likely start Sunday alongside Gallinari, Felton, Stoudemire and a fifth starter likely from among Ronny Turiaf, Timofey Mozgov and Anthony Randolph. Turiaf and Randolph both worked with the starters Wednesday.”

Donnie Walsh, my favorite Knick GM of the past 25 years

Denver who?  Let me get this right, that guy that couldn’t get squat for Bosh, is rehired in Denver as Carmelo’s contract approaches its end, and then they accuse Donnie Walsh, one of the best in the business the past 30 years, of using back channels to brainwash Carmelo out of signing in Newark?  Denver who?  Who are these rookies running the Nuggets?  They had a deal in place then they had cold feet?  They couldn’t figure out what market value for Carmelo Anthony was without getting involved in a four team trade more complicated than quantum physics?

Carmelo wanted out because the team is about to break up and didn’t want to waste a year of his prime watching the Nike-controlled refs hand LeBron the title in June. Carmelo wants to take that title from the Kobes and LeBrons, he’s a real competitor.  We may not get Carmelo, we may not need Carmelo, but I like him better than anyone in Miami or Los Angeles at this point.  Can’t stand the Heat or the Lakers.

Anyway, Donnie, do your thing, you are the man.  The rest, they either don’t know, or will find out.

>>>  From Alan:

Donnie Walsh said the reason the Nuggets are reluctant to make a trade with the Knicks is they don’t covet the players on New York’s roster, not because Denver thinks the Knicks used back-channels to recruit Carmelo Anthony.

“Oh no. I don’t think that’s true,” Walsh said. “My understanding is they don’t want to deal with us because they don’t think we have the players that fit their team.”

That’s today and yesterday it was a done deal,” Walsh said about the trade that would have sent Anthony to New Jersey but fell apart on Tuesday. “I think there’s a lot of posturing going on out there.

“We don’t know the value of these players and the league doesn’t know the value of these players,” Walsh said, referring to Denver’s lack of interest in New York’s trade pieces. “I feel if we get into the season, the value of the players will go up.”

In general, I’ve heard that New York just doesn’t have the pieces. We have the pieces, you just don’t know it,” Walsh said.

With the trade that would have sent Anthony to New Jersey now dead, Amar’e Stoudemire sounds excited about the possibility of his friend joining him in New York.

“That would be great,” Stoudemire said. “But right now, we have to focus on what we have here. We can’t have any distractions.”


Televised Knicks training camp practice on NBA TV may replace annual open practice as Knicks head to Europe tomorrow AM

Okay, where to begin…

It was Kamla and Greg Anthony commenting on the practice, they did a great job.

Greg Brittinham opened the practice with a pretty cool exercise, they had the players run around the perimeter of the practice facility throwing footballs at each other.  That was an out-of-the-box way to start what could have been conventional layup lines.

They raved about Amar’e’s leadership since the Vegas summer league. They also spoke of how Felton is under-rated as a point guard in this league.

Basically everyone else on the team they considered a question mark. They’re not sure how much Gallo or Chandler will improve, but they know they are big parts of the blueprint. They spoke of Mozgov and Landry Fields as definitely in Mike D’Antoni’s rotation this year, and said Rautins may have a role in the future but will be the 15th man at this time.

They skipped past the bullshit of Eddy Curry’s annual suspect injury, that was classy. Keep it positive. Don’t mention Nero or the former GM, is one way to stay positive. Meanwhile, the first paragraph of a New York preview of this year’s Knick team dug right in where most knick fans.

Anthony Mason was there.  I thought the two guys Kamla and Anthony missed an opportunity to ask the legendary forward about his son’s recent signing with the Miami Heat.

They spoke of Reggie Miller, who visited the Knicks practice facility for TNT the other day.  Miller had spoke of Stoudemire with great praise for his leadership throughout the summer and during training camp.

Donnie was in attendance, but they didn’t get to interview our general.  Too bad, I respect the hell out of Donnie for everything that has happened to this point.  We’re on the move!

The biggest gripe I had with this whole 1-hour segment was that at its close, neither pundit would say that the Knicks are a lock for the playoffs.  They seemed to imply that there are many question marks after Amar’e and Felton, and they would only say that they would contend for a playoff spot, come March and April.

Greg Anthony does seem to know his stuff about the Knicks are they are currently constructed.  I would expect nothing less from our former point guard.

We just don’t know yet, but Randolph could end up being an Amar’e type of player.  Don’t know if we need two Amar’es, but it can’t hurt, since the real Amar’e is 27 going on 28, and our new #4 is only 21 years old.  Something for now, something for later.  I hope they play them both at the same time, see how that chemistry develops.


So our guys get to go on a plane tomorrow and go to Europe for a week, I think it will be a good experience for this young, mostly brand-spanking new team.  Amar’e and Felton are the true leaders of this team, but Danilo will be leading this group around Europe, as will the coach, who is a living legend in Italy.  Kobe wore number 8 in honor of Mike D’antoni’s play in Italy.  They consider Mike the best player to ever play in Italy.

First game will be against Armani Jeans on October 3rd.  We have a game in Paris October 6th against Minnesota.  We then we come back to finish out the preseason here in the States from the 13th to the 22nd.

Regular season begins October 27th on the road against the Boshless Toronto Raptors.

Curry injured, out 4-6 weeks–cash that paycheck, Ed!

Eddy Curry strained his hamstring and is out for 1-2 months. Do you believe Eddy Curry’s career as a Knick should be euthanized? Eddy Curry’s contract as a Knick will have trade value (as cap space flexibility for a team to rebuild) at the deadline in February, when players like Toney Parker and Carmelo Anthony may be dealt before their respective teams possibly lose their players to free agency.

This training camp injury within the first three days theme has been played by Curry three years in a row now. I believe he learned this old trick from Jerome James, who was not brought in by Scott Layden, but the GM after Layden. I’m not sure how much money the Knicks have paid for these two centers all together over the years, but if someone calculated how much money they earned per second of actual court time during a game, it may eclipse the dollar per second ratio of Bill Gates.

Nero, please remember who signed Curry when planning the Knicks’ future CAREFULLY.

Timofey Mozgov‘s existence on this team, thanks to Donnie Walsh, completely obsoletes Eddy Curry in every way. This is war, and we go to war with the best soldiers. Eddy, much like Jerome James, has not been a good soldier for New York.  They have not taken the challenge of being a Knick seriously.

Make way for the soldiers that want to make New York a winner again in the NBA.   Eddy is the last player from this iconic and infamous era of spoiled and underachieving Knick basketball.  Of mid level trade exceptions gone haywire and overbidding for players when we were the only team bidding.  Good riddance.

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Roger Mason Jr. kisses a shot off the glass over Amar’e.

Landry Fields continues his strong play, 6’9″ Shawne Williams, the Knicks’ latest singing hits a jumper from the perimeter.

Coach D’Antoni and Amar’e high on Mozgov

The following is taken from Marc Berman:

“He’s adjusted quickly,” Stoudemire told me. “I’m very surprised how good he really is. He’s going to be force if he keeps studying and working the way he has been.”

His only weakness so far is his English. In my first interview attempt, he didn’t understand most of my questions. Mike D’Antoni said it hasn’t been a problem yet. D’Antoni said he’s got a high basketball IQ to make up for the language barrier.

“I’m sure in a group setting he probably misses some things,” D’Antoni said. “But one thing I do know, once he’s got it, he’s got it. Once he understands it, he’s a very smart basketball player.”

“Down the road, his English will be perfect,” D’Antoni added. “His English will be great in two months. He’ll pick it up like that. I’ve had experience with European guys. I don’t think it’s an issue now.”

While Eddy Curry already has “tight hamstrings” preventing him from finishing up yesterday’s scrimmage, D’Antoni said of Mozgov, “He’s an athlete.”

Mozgov has been playing with the second string. But he makes No. 1 Ronny Turiaf look like a small forward when they stand together.

Who are all the big men Amar’e has played beside?

Well, recently he played with Shaq, but that was not the Shaq of old, that was old ass Shaq, which is still valueable for center production in the NBA, just not as dominant.

I know they also had Channing Frye out there, if you consider him to be a center.

The reason I ask is because of Mozgov. What Mozgov does, for those who have not seen him, is very substantial. He does the pick and roll very well, and plays aggressive defense (yeah, early foul trouble will be a problem at first, but he will learn) and runs the floor well on the fast break. That’s probably not something Shaq did too much of during his stay in Phoenix. Young Shaq would have been able to run more. Shaq right now reminds me of when Ewing was slowing down in Seattle and Orlando at the end of his career. I couldn’t believe it, I was so used to what Ewing in his prime gave the Knicks for so long. I think being player’s union rep during the lockout took it toll on Patrick just as much as the wrist or the knees.

Well, Donnie, I hope Knick fans appreciate what you’ve been able to do this summer. The first sentence out of everybody’s mouth about the Knicks this summer has been LeBron, when I think it should be this:

Duhon became Raymond Felton
David Lee became Amar’e Stoudemire
We got an athletic rookie center that is 7’1″ 270 lbs of fast break pick-and-rolls, D’Antoni style
We got a future all-star named Anthony Randolph
we added key role players: Landry Fields (awesome during vegas summer pros), Roger Mason,Jr, Kelenna Azubuike and Ronny Turiaf

And then some Knick fans want to criticize Donnie for not getting Carmelo, who may be impossible to obtain at this point.