Who is your two?

According to this, the Knicks offer to Shannon Brown is around $4 million a year? Too much for a backup, but this could just be a rumor. I know Donnie knows what he is doing between Brown, Rudy Fernandez, Chris Paul and down the road, Carmelo.

I forgot to put Billy Walker in the poll as a possible starting two guard candidate, but lets face it, his Vegas Summer Pro League performance was for the most part forgettable.  The excuse I heard is that he is getting used to the weight loss.  I hope he gets used to it sooner rather than later.

Some stuff by Rudy Fernandez

PS – Anybody seen Earl Barron?

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3 thoughts on “Who is your two?”

  1. nice video… real nice…based on you tube i’d rayher have fernandez… bec he looks like a better balll handler and he has more range on his J. the way we play having extra facilatators on the floor makes us harder to defend,,, keeps the ball moving and gives us the ability to use different lineups

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