Who is your two?

According to this, the Knicks offer to Shannon Brown is around $4 million a year? Too much for a backup, but this could just be a rumor. I know Donnie knows what he is doing between Brown, Rudy Fernandez, Chris Paul and down the road, Carmelo.

I forgot to put Billy Walker in the poll as a possible starting two guard candidate, but lets face it, his Vegas Summer Pro League performance was for the most part forgettable.  The excuse I heard is that he is getting used to the weight loss.  I hope he gets used to it sooner rather than later.

Some stuff by Rudy Fernandez

PS – Anybody seen Earl Barron?

Knicks Have Made an Offer to Shannon Brown

Literally the next day after the Rudy Fernandez to New York chatter picked up on the radar, we now have official word that the Knicks have tried to make their next move since the Golden State trade and Mozgov signing.

Shannon Brown, the player who’s name is probably linked to more nasty dunks on youtube than any player currently on our roster not named Amar’e, has been offered a contract by the New York Knicks.  Brown is waiting for Los Angeles to resolve their luxury cap issues by attempting to trade Sasha Vujacic (could care less about spelling it right, it is a Laker).

Not only does Ken Berger hook us up with this Knicks news, he also lets us know we don’t have to wait any longer to trade anyone we picked up in the Golden State trade, those guys could be used right now if the right deal for Donnie came along.

Timofey Mozgov and Rudy Fernandez

PC found the definitive scouting report on our young center Timofey Mozgov the 7’1″ transition basketball, pick and roll specialist center from Russia, with love. Click here to see more videos like this one:

Fernandez-is he worth giving up Chandler for?  Portland wants to move him for a first round pick, but we don’t have one to give until 2014. Maybe we could do a three-way trade and use either Bill Walker or Toney Douglas and it would work. The cap is not the issue with this trade, only that Portland gets a 1st rounder.

Love that dunk on Dwight Howard at the end.

Everyone knows we need a two guard. Could it be Landry Fields? If we don’t get Fernandez, maybe Mike D’Antoni wants to use Danilo Gallinari at the shooting guard position this year. Think about the players he guarded last year. Now think about what he does well, stand on the wing and shoot. If I’m right, he might eng up being the tallest shooting guard in the NBA.

Knicks are going to get up the floor this year

Let me go on record as saying this year’s Knick team is really going to get up the floor more the the Knicks of the past two years.

The reason why I believe this is because in David Lee’s wake, we will get big performances from three guys who will each share a role in the rebounding opportunities up front.

Danilo Gallinari proved to me that he could obsolete David Lee with only improving his rebounding skills.  There were times this past season where Gallinari was as active on the boards as David Lee, and I knew then that Gallo would make Lee unnecessary, he has the same competitive fire Lee has plus more skill.

Amar’e is often critizied for not rebounding and defending enough, but I say he’ll be our biggest intimidator in the paint, because he can block shots and he will dunk on you.  He’s our best big man since Patrick Ewing, in my opinion.

No one will be expecting to see Anthony Randolph fly in from under the radar and catch rebound dunks like Marcus Camby in that run to the 1999 finals during the lockout year, but I will expect him to be as good as Marcus was in his first season in New York.  Man, was he great that playoffs dunking on Mutumbo and just catapulting us into the Finals.

Between those three guys, I think we’ll get opportunities to run.  I love the article I read on Randolph, where the coach made him get the rebound first before he could bring the ball up.  He had 19 rebounds that game.  Mike D’Antoni will definitely be using that knowledge to push Randolph harder than any player since he moved East of the Suns, West of the Moon.

I’ve heard from Hollinger recently that Felton isn’t that great of a pick and roll guard, but for some reason I don’t think it is going to matter that much when we are constantly in transition. 

This team will be more like the Mike D’Antoni Suns, and I’m not just saying that because Amar’e is here.  We have the young and long athletic types, that part is key to SSoL.

The back court is unclear.  Felton will be there for a majority of the minutes at the point, yes, but who else at the other starting guard position?  Bill Walker?  Azibuike?  Chandler?  Landry Fields?  Toney Douglas?  Could be any of those guys.  Training camp will determine which.

“We have to be able to play small, and we have to be able to play big,” Donnie Walsh said recently during an interview.  How would we look in either mode?

Small Ball for speed

PG Ray Felton

SG Toney Douglas

C  Randolph

SF Chandler

PF Amar’e

Big Lineup for power

PG Ray Felton

SG Azibuike

C   Turiaf

SF  Danilo

PF  Amar’e

Anthony Randolph is the X-Factor

Read more here about our player trying to live up to his POTENTIAL.

He’s long, lean and unlimited.

Opportunity knocks for Knicks’ Randolph.

“Success is up to me.”


I have no idea have to see the preseason to see how well Mr. Walsh assembled his roster. He says it is more balanced, but we still need a legit shooting guard, unless we can make one out of any of the following players: Danilo, Anthony Randolph, Toney Douglas or Landry Fields.

Starks4three, yeah, you’re right, we need another guard for a three-man rotation. How well did Landry Fields handle the ball in the vegas summer pro league? I don’t recall him bringing the ball up, only TD.

maybe we should trade one of our centers for another guard? I really trust Walsh to do the right thing. who knows, we may have put ourselves in position for a midseason trade, especially if we start winning some ball games with our best five on the floor?

what is our best five on the floor right now? i don’t even know if Mike D and Walsh know that, they said every position except Felton’s and Amar’e’s are yet to be determined and can be earned in training camp.

If i were a betting man, and i can be a betting man, I would say this could be our best five, maybe not our starting five:

PG Ray Felton
SG Wilson Chandler
C Anthony “Mr. Potential” Randolph (as Dickie V would say)
SF Danilo Gallinari
PF Amar’e Stoudemire

with the first big off the bench being the experienced Ronny Turiaf and the first guard off the bench being Mr. Toney Douglas. That’s a strong 7. the 8th man could be Landry Fields and if our bigs get in foul trouble we could bring in Mozgov and Jerome JOrdan to earn their quick six each.

we would be fast to say the least, transition basketball, SSoL.

A few from our new guys

felton rips LeBron, throws the alley on the break (exactly what Mike D wants in a PG, I’d imagine)

felton on the fast break, throws a lob to wallace

unbelievable block by Randolph.

Azubuike fast break dunk versus lakers.

two blocks by Turiaf.

two dunks by landry fields.

Mozgov = Rick Smits 2.0?

Jerome Jordan draftexpress

Amar’e dunks on tolliver

Amar’e dunks on Tin Foyle

Amar’e dunks on KG

Amar’e dunks on Josh Smith

Amar’e dunks on Nene

Landry Fields a Starter?

Nobody is thinking a second round pick such as Landry Fields will be able to help the Knicks immediately, but for those of us in the know about this new New York Knicks roster, there is a big hole at the shooting guard position, and Walsh actually admitted it during one of the Vegas Summer League telecasts.

Most Knicks fans have penciled in Wilson Chandler as the starting two guard, but there are those that believe that Chandler is better suited at the three, which is where Gallinari is getting his minutes.

I still feel Chandler is going to be traded eventually because of this redundancy.  True, Gallinari and Chandler have differing games, but only one is going to get burn, and I think at this point they’re really trying to manufacture a star with Gallo, so Chandler is stuck getting minutes out of his natural position of small forward.

Despite his athletic talent and basketball skill, Chandler might be too slow to defend most twos in the NBA.

Landry Fields really stood out in Vegas this past week.  He’s got that David Lee talent of knowing where the ball is going to end up and making plays.  Depending on how well he can defend legit shooting guards in the NBA, I would say Fields and Toney Douglas have a shot at taking that starting two guard spot away from Wilson Chandler.

D’Antoni said during an interview in Vegas that he would look to play Douglas and Felton simultaneously, because both have the ability to defend NBA sized two guards.

Our back court is missing something.  Could it be Ricky Rubio?

Our front court is looking solid.  I still say we need to pry Joakim Noah away from the Bulls and bring him back home to New York.  You know Noah is the anti-LeBron, and I think basically New York City, aside from the bandwagon jumpers who have gone out in recent weeks to buy Miami Heat jerseys, most of us here in NYC want to see LeBron and Pat Riley lose.

Noah and Rubio, that’s what I say.  We have the high-flyers to catch the alleys now:  Amare, Chandler, Anthony Randolph, Fields.  We need the guy who is going to know how to throw that alley.  Plus one guy that is going to knock LeBron on his ass and tell him to quit dancing.  Right now that is Turiaf, but I think Donnie should try to pull another slick move and get Noah to play for the team he really wants to play for:  the Knicks.

A Letter from Donnie

When I arrived in New York over two years ago, I set in motion a plan, that started with hiring Coach D’Antoni, to restore the on-court performance of our legendary franchise. Our goal has always been to build a team that will contend for a title, and I am confident that our recent moves are a great start in achieving that ultimate objective.

As our most loyal fans, I wanted to continue my approach of directly updating you on our progress and sharing some of my current thinking as we continue our return to the elite of the NBA.

For the first time in many years, we will be fielding a roster comprised of several young, talented and exciting players that are the key building blocks of our future success. At the same time, we have retained valuable cap flexibility, setting us up to be strategic and add additional key players over the next couple of seasons.

Our biggest off-season move was the signing of All-Star power forward Amar’e Stoudemire. There are few true, franchise-caliber players in the league and we are thrilled to have one of them in Amar’e. There was no better player in the NBA during the second half of last season and the playoffs. Amar’e has embraced the challenge of coming to New York and leading our team to long-term success.

A second key free agency acquisition was point guard Raymond Felton. One of the NBA’s quickest and toughest players, Ray is an ideal fit to run Coach D’Antoni’s fast-paced offense. We also traded for two solid two-way contributors in swingman Kelenna Azubuike and forward/center Ronny Turiaf, and added Anthony Randolph, an outstanding young forward who has the physical talent to be among the league’s best.

The newest Knicks join our strong, promising core of young players including Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, and Toney Douglas. We have made great progress assembling a team with long-term success in mind, and will continue to explore the right opportunities to add complimentary players to our roster.

We look forward to seeing you at The Garden this fall when our exciting new team opens the 2010-11 season. With your support and a buzz returning to The World’s Most Famous Arena, the Knicks will once again have the ultimate home court advantage.

Donnie Walsh
President, Basketball Operations

Landry Fields

PPG 16.3 RPG 4.70 APG 0.7 EFF+ 15.67
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight: 215 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
College: Stanford
Years Pro: R

Knicks Summer Vegas League Team MVP in three games thus far.

I would have bet money that distinction would have been Toney Douglas’ going into this, but Fields is shooting 55% from the field. You know D’Antoni likes that kind of accuracy.

Douglas’ stats in three:

PPG 15.3 RPG 4.30 APG 6.0 SPG 3.3 EFF+ 17.67

Born: Mar 16, 1986
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight: 190 lbs. / 86.2 kg.
College: Florida State
Years Pro: 1