Joe Johnson first on the list?

And from there, we get LeBron?

I don’t know if that is sound logic.

I did see that LeBron would rather play with Joe Johnson than Chris Bosh, but don’t they do the same thing?  Don’t they play same position?

If we go for Joe Johnson, I hope we get Boozer or Amare, assuming Bosh is heading to Miami as many are saying.

I still think Wade and LeBron would be ideal.  We can go after Carmelo next summer with those two on board.

Hey, if the Lakers and Celtics have been getting away with murder with their stacked rosters, I hope Donnie can bring some of that edge to NYC.

Bulls, Heat, Nets:  you are the enemies.

Walsh is Pot Committed, but Chicago Just Upped the Ante

“I want to get it on, I want to see the franchise step up and be competitive, step up and be more than competitive. It’s been a difficult two years for me,” Walsh said. “But you have to live through some tough times to get to where you’re rebuilding your franchise. How well and how fast we can rebuild the team can be shortcut by getting great players. If it’s not that way, then we’ll do it another way. But we’re in a better position than we were two years ago.”

Walsh spoke recently after draft night, which saw the Chicago Bulls (boy do I hate the Chicago Bulls with all of my orange and blue heart) clear MORE cap space than the Knicks have already cleared.  Who would have thought someone like Kirk Hinrich could have so much of an impact on the LeBron James sweepstakes?

I say we take LeBron and Bosh, and take Joakim Noah next season when he’s free to come to the team and city he really wants to play for.

In other news, there is a warrant out for Eddy Curry’s arrest.  I hope they can void his contract as a result of this arrest.

Tonight Could be Big

If Donnie Walsh shows a little magic tonight, whether it be with the draft or via a draft day trade, it could be an omen that we’re finally on the upswing and the wait is over.

I think has deteriorated over the years, I’m using for info pertaining to this draft.

The last thing I read is that we’re after a Euro center. I know, doesn’t sound right already, but we’ll see.

Also, LeBron will make New York his first stop for free agency shopping, for whatever that is worth.

I’m ready for this whole thing to be over with. Draft, and our two free agent top guns to be selected. I don’t mind spending the rest of the summer building up a solid supporting cast, but the free agency thing is too much. Too many possibilities. Now Carmelo is talking about resigning instead of waiting until next year, when he’s a free agent. We should get CP3 now if there is any possibility of that happening.

Next big day for the Knicks isn’t July 1st, it is two days from now

The NBA draft may be a big day for the Knicks, especially if the Knicks are able to swing draft day trades or buy picks with cash, like they did last year to acquire the rights to Toney Douglas at the end of the first round.

Why not buy some picks, if teams are willing to sell them? We’ve got the money, we should use it to help plug up some of these empty spots on the depth chart.

You name a position, we’ve got a hole there, except for maybe at the small forward position.

In Donnie We Trust

So, what’s plan B? I’m just bloggin’.

If LeBron doesn’t want to save the league by saving New York, what permutation of options would you have Donnie Walsh execute on July 1st?

Bosh, if he’s smart, will go with either Wade or James to create an instant winner.

Wade has just mentioned he wants to recruit players to Miami, rather than relocate himself (I don’t get this, his team sucks, all they have is Riley’s word they’ll rebuild)

Who does that leave? Amare. That’s a possibility. Team up Amare with Joe Johnson again for the Phoenix Suns East sans MVP Nash. Who will we have running the show, Toney Douglas?

I think this summer and next are inextricably linked. I like the guys coming out into free agency next summer just as much as these guys, but if we strike out this summer will any of those guys want to come over next summer?

If the players Walsh covets all skip-pass NYC, that puts a lot of pressure on the Knicks to get someone next summer.

I think there is tremendous pressure on Walsh to get someone this summer, but I think Walsh did the right thing getting rid of Randolph and Crawford to get into postion for this summer.

It all depends on the whims of LeBron, Bosh and Wade. Whatever they are feeling determines the fate of a city of 8 million people.

People in the media talk about LeBron crippling Cleveland by leaving, well, New York has been living under the Ewing curse for some time now.

New York City needs good basketball, the greater good would be for LeBron to continue his career in New York, but obviously he may chose Chicago (a city already spoiled by the Jordan years)

As July 1st approaches ever so slowly, I am expecting the worst and hoping for the best.

Robin and I have season tickets for next year. We went all in.

Will it pay off?

Finals 2010: this is not the Knicks versus the Rockets

tired of hearing about the nostalgia surrounding the 90’s Knicks teams. so many knicks fans yearn for those days.
my favorite players came from that era, but the game is called differently now.
stern wants euroball, that’s why donnie was wise to get d’antoni.
riley-style, 1990’s basketball, almost got it done, but we didn’t win it all that way.
the finals does not really reflect this. tom t. is an assistant coach from that school of thought, yes, but they have a lot of scoring ability on the celtics.
even when the 90’s knicks had two or three all-stars simultaneously, they couldn’t put up 120 points. sometimes they couldn’t break 100.
the game is different now.
it always changes according to stern’s whims.
just bloggin’