Donnie Knows What He’s Doing

With all this speculation about LeBron, Wade, and Bosh, I’d like to say this:

The Knicks did it the right way, and all the other GM’s that think they’re in position can fall in line behind the New York Knicks.

Why, you ask?

The aforementioned players are all familiar with the coach the Knicks picked two years ago, Mike D’Antoni.

There are promises by the Cavs, Bulls and Heat that if some of these big guns come to their team, that a “better” coach of their liking will be brought in. That sounds about as stable as playing in Newark “indefinitely” waiting for a new building to be put up two rivers and a state away. Good luck with that, Russian guy.

Donnie has the vision, he has the resources, and he has the coach. The players that are “free” come July 1st, if they’re smart, they will choose the New York Knicks, because we have an identity, a direction, and we’re not asking new players to provide us with anything beyond their game on the basketball court.

Eat that, Chicago.

LeBron should resign with the Cavs? Join the Bulls? Really? Do you think he’s that stupid?

A fat, over the hill Shaq.

An over the hill Antwan Jamison.

And a bunch of over-rated bench players that over-achieved because LeBron made them look better than what they really are.

Did I miss anything?  Seriously.

First watch this. Then watch this.  Then tell me LeBron is considering re-signing with the Cavs with a straight face.

New York City was giddy to watch LeBron  play when he first came into the league.  If he came to the Knicks, the city with the best basketball fans would go completely bonkers.

We have a better supporting cast than the mainstream media would have LeBron James believe.  We have Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, Toney Douglas and Bill Walker.  Add LeBron, then throw in Chris Bosh (why wouldn’t Bosh want to play with LeBron in New York and win titles with D’Antoni basketball) and a few role players and we’re superior to anything the Cavs had the past seven years with Mike Brown.   Not just bloggin’.