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Walsh Speaks

Donnie Walsh speaks to Brandon Tierney on ESPN radio.

Donnie Knows What He’s Doing

With all this speculation about LeBron, Wade, and Bosh, I’d like to say this:

The Knicks did it the right way, and all the other GM’s that think they’re in position can fall in line behind the New York Knicks.

Why, you ask?

The aforementioned players are all familiar with the coach the Knicks picked […]

LeBron should resign with the Cavs? Join the Bulls? Really? Do you think he’s that stupid?

A fat, over the hill Shaq.

An over the hill Antwan Jamison.

And a bunch of over-rated bench players that over-achieved because LeBron made them look better than what they really are.

Did I miss anything?  Seriously.

First watch this. Then watch this. ┬áThen tell me LeBron is considering re-signing with the Cavs with a […]

Will this be the face that brings New York King James?

Here we go…

Still unclear how the Cavs’ performance in this year’s playoffs will impact any kind of decision-making process for LeBron to come to NYC, the basketball AND business capitol of the world.

MSG Renovation Images

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