2009-2010 Knicks MVP

Do you think you know who it is?

If you answered David Lee you are wrong.

The most important or valuable player for the Knicks this year was Tracy McGrady.

Acquiring T-Mac enabled the Knicks to be eligible to sign two max contract players this summer, an advantage literally no other team can afford.

Watching J Chuck’s First Playoff Game

Didn’t catch the Cavs game was it good?

Watching the Bucks play the Hawks. Former Knick Kurt Thomas is still ballin’. That is almost as impressive as old man Juwan Howard. Juwan is this century’s Robert Parish. Gotta love the shelf life of some of these NBA iron men.

Feeling good about re-upping our season tickets to MSG.

Shout out to the regulars, SaipanKnickster, Starks4ThreeYes, Drossman, Edward and the other readers out there. I know there are about 60 of you now, imagine when the Knicks don’t suck.

Enjoy the playoffs y’all.

Hopefully the last playoffs without us

The eastern conference seems boring compared to the western conference match ups, if you ask me.

Of course I’ll be watching the Cavs with more interest (generally have zero interest in the Cavs but under the circumstances you understand the extra implications here).

The strange thing is there are two camps developing with opposing trains of thought. All the speculation has been pretty straightforward until now. The common consensus was that if LeBron was knocked out of the playoffs this year, that he would leave for another team. Assuming he won a title, he’d stay and continue trying to win more.

But here are different perspectives:

1. LeBron does not win a chip this year, motivating him to stay until he successfully brings Ohio a title.

2. LeBron does win a chip this year, motivating him to leave having brought his team the title he wanted.

Considering all of this, it is difficult for me to know they desired outcome of the Cavs in the 2010 playoffs. Since they’re not the Knicks, my gut tells me to root against them.

Who knows?

Predictions? I see Orlando against the Lakers in the Finals… Kobe with another ring.

‘just bloggin’

Who Will Pick Two? Donnie May Just Pick One…

If you happen to have the honor of being the first player the Knicks chase after come July 1st, 2010, the Knicks may give you one great advantage most other teams do not: you get to pick your teammates.

Well, sort of.

No matter what kind of money New York is going to throw at you to come play ball at the world’s most famous arena, New York will be able to afford a nearly identical max contract to another player, which ever you like.

If your name happens to be LeBron James, you could pick Dwayne Wade, you could pick Chris Bosh or a player like Joe Johnson. Since the Knicks only have four players under contract for 2010-2011, you may have your say in who else to bring on board beyond the other max contract. We need role players as we have only two: Danilo Gallinari will be our young super-sized Manu Ginobili next season, and Toney Douglas will be a 6’2″ version of Nate Robinson off the bench.

Pardon my frankness, but, if you stay in a podunk 2nd rate town like Cleveland, will you have that same kind of flexibility?

Yes, yes, I’ve heard people say Cleveland is in first place in the east, they’ve had the best record the past two seasons and have bent over backwards to bring LeBron the team he can win a title with.

But what exactly have they built? Are Shaq and Jamison going to be here 3 years from now? Varejao will, yes, but I would argue that Varejao isn’t better than David Lee overall, he might be more defensively sound, but to my knowledge Varejao is not an all-star and David Lee is.

We also have the advantage when it comes to the coach. Mike D’Antoni is a coach that had worked with most of the big-name free agents O’ 2010. They tasted glory in Beijing by bringing home the Olympic gold medal. Winning the gold was not a walk in the park like it was in 1992. The competition-Varajaw included-has improved as talent starts sprouting up all over the globe.

Is it a no-brainer for the big guns to come to New York? No. They have their homes now and they must decide to stay put or start packing.

But is it right to think that no one will want to come to New York and help design their own team for over the next ten years?

C’mon now. Just because Charles Barkley says something doesn’t make it true.

Mike Appears to be Forcing Gallinari

I’m not sure if it is statistics-padding, or if he wants to see if he can improve Gallinari quickly before the season ends, but Mike D’Antoni did not do the right thing down the stretch tonight.

David Lee had the hot hand through three quarters.  He sat for most of the fourth while Gallinari forced up shot after shot.

The strategy was incomprehensible.  I do not have the benefit of hearing the announcers explain if there was some kind of injury to Lee, but upon inspection of the box score, he WAS NOT in foul trouble.

The first time Lee got up and entered the game late in the fourth quarter, he chucked up an ill-advised shot, I interpreted that as a statement to D’Antoni, “hey, you sat me too long tonight.”

Just bloggin’

The Last Home Stand

The second oldest Arena in the NBA is the TD Waterhouse center, current home to the Orlando Magic.  They will leave next season when their new building opens its door for the first time.  Will the Magic have one championship banner to briefly hang in the old building before the transition happens?

The oldest arena, Madison Square Garden, may not be getting a new building but only an interior renovation. Still, the Knicks will look radically different in the 2010-2011 NBA season.

Nobody gives Walsh any credit for clearing the cap space to change the team, but even if no one will come to New York this summer (I find this so hard to believe) Walsh is not stupid enough to resign the guys (mis)directing the current New York Knicks basketball team.

The New York Knicks have two home games remaining before the playoffs begin without a slot dedicated to New York.  The first of these two home games is played tonight against Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat, tonight at 6pm.

Speaking of no playoffs, this early season exit has been the repeated experience of Knicks fans since 2003.  That’s right, we’ve not made the playoffs for 7 straight years, and only once in the past 10 years.

We are a franchise that has flat lined in terms of winning.   No one can argue that.

The odd thing about this is, we are still filling up the Garden; there are still Knicks fans out there that have hope.

Dwayne Wade, one of the primary free agent targets for the New York Knicks this summer, will lace them up at the Garden in less than two hours.   How does he feel about playing basketball in this building?

Tonight I shall wear my Orange and Blue at the Garden.


It may be over, but I’m not quitting on my team.

T-Mobile Live Knicks App

I don’t have t-mobile anymore, I had to leave due to bad reception where I spend most of my waking hours, but, there is a new app I just installed on my droid phone for Verizon.

It puts other NBA apps to shame.

Three channels, one for streaming Knicks exclusives from MSG.  One for Madison Square Garden related information (applies to season ticket holders) and another channel that is intended for people at the game (supposedly they’ll tell you where the shortest line for the bathrooms are, concession stands, etcetera).

There is so much information to take in, imagine when we don’t suck!

Keep it real.  Real fans don’t jump ship after 9 years of no playoffs.  We’ve survived this far by expecting the worse and hoping for the best.  The worst had past us, the best will hopefully come to New York this summer.

The players that are too scared to come here need not apply.  The players that only care about money and fame need not apply.  We need players that want to bring glory and championships to New York.  We need real heroes to come to this city and save us from the abyss of fruitless lottery land.

Gotta love that Stephon Marbury trade, right Zeke?

Tonight we face the Magic.  David Lee has been our MVP this season, but with the new guy playing well at the 5 spot, Lee slides back to his natural position of Power Forward.

Al Harrington may be out for the season, so Billy Walker will step up in his absence.

Lets Go Knicks!