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Why do Russians continue to spam this website?

What vested interest could a bunch of 12 year old russian hackers with very poor English skills have with a blog read by 40 people worldwide?

Since one of your own just bought the Nets, why not find a Nets blog with some traffic and troll their website instead?

I’m talking about years of spamming […]


Didn’t see the game, was out of town

Saw a few highlights of the home game against the Rockets.  Two comments:  first, I like to see Jeffries do well, so I was glad he was such a factor in the game.  True, I usually quickly turn against players who are no longer New York Knicks, but when it comes to Jeffries, I wish […]

Not questioning Mike, but…

Sergio…  Why did he get a free ticket to pass up Toney Douglas on the depth chart when he got to New York?

In recent interviews, Mike D’Antoni has mentioned that Toney Douglas has so-to-speak, “paid his dues and earned his spot as a starting point guard” beating out others who have failed in that position […]

Douglas gets us one more victory

I love Clyde’s comment tonight, “and the crowd is on their feet like this is the game that is going to send the knicks into the playoffs.” New York is dying for the Knicks to be good again, and based on our recent studies, maybe Toney Douglas can be a part of it. He needs […]

Two in a row?

Say it aint so.

Wait, it is so.  We’re beating Philly right now with 2 minutes remaining in the fourth.

Toney Douglas is shining in the starting point guard slot.  From a distance, he resembles another point guard that used to bring it up for the orange and blue:  Charlie Ward.

But upon further inspection, Douglas is […]

This is unbelievable!

The Knicks are up over the red-hot Mavs by 25 point going into the fourth quarter!

Knicks @ Mavs

It’s not going to be easy against the Mavs tonight, they have won 13 in a row since their trade deadline splash which brought them Caron Butler to play along side last season’s acquisition, Shawn Marion.  Consider that they also have Dirk–it is an understatement that they’ve got a great front court for Jason Terry […]

Eddy Curry to play tonight in San Antonio

Gametime 8:30pm eastern time.

I’ve heard a lot of negativity surrounding the Knicks and their opportunity to improve their roster this summer.

In particular, a co-worker had mentioned to me today Joe Johnson’s quote about not wanting to go to another loser such as the team he did a sign and trade to join in […]

The rest of the season…

What are we playing for?

Are we just going through the motions?

Padding individual stats for the inevitable move? The players, except for a few, know they have no invitation to come back next year. I don’t know if Wilson Chandler is a keeper. Something in his game is missing. Statistically this is not true, […]