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Memphis @ New York

The last game of a forgettable month for Knicks fans begins tonight when they face the Memphis Grizzlies.

The Knicks picked up a much needed win when they took Washington to overtime and were able to close out and snap their 8-game losing streak.

Hopefully they can continue and make it two in a row […]

Here comes Nate

Nate Robinson will have his season debut tonight against the team he loved to play for, the New York Knicks.

Tracy McGrady is listed as probably for tonight’s game, despite having banged knees during last night’s game and asking to come out of the game.

The Knicks are 0-2 since the trade deadline, lets […]

Knicks versus Oklahoma City Box Score

Our leader has spoken

Look for Toney Douglas to get more minutes before S-Rod.  We’re testing both of them for Mike D’s system for the 29 games.  Actually, everyone not named Wilson or Danilo is on notice.

Lets Go Knicks!

See you at the Garden!


Just a thought before turning in…

The top six players this summer looking for new contracts HAVE ALL PLAYED FOR MIKE D: Wade, Bosh, LeBron, Amare, Joe Johnson and Boozer. Now if the money is there and you know that you like the coach and you’ll be playing with a fellow all-star do you really think they’ll all say no? […]

Donnie means business!

Knick trade deadline casualty #1 has been completed.

Darko out.

Brian Cardinale in.

This is strictly for cap space, but let’s face it, Darko didn’t play here, so if Brian gets any burn, it would be an improvment.

Go to work Donnie!

We have a REAL GM in command at 2 Penn Plaza.

Lookout Chicago!

Thoughts on all star weekend from a Knicks fan’s point of view


Watched the game in pieces, did not see Lee score his two baskets, but I read a quote where he said, “I just want to score a bucket.”  In that respect, it was a success.  Lee deserves to be recognized for the great season he is having.


That reverse dunk he tried from […]

David Lee is officially a 2010 NBA All-Star

David Lee has earned the right to be there this year.

Although he could have boxed out better against the Kings the other night, Lee has improved his game and worked hard to maximize his potential. 

Good for you David Lee, represent the Knicks with pride this weekend!

The Knicks are now sending three guys to the […]

Is T-Mac worth giving up Al Harrington?

Don’t think of it in terms of salaries because they both come off the books this year.

Al Harrington has been a servicable Knick, loyal, proud, I don’t think there is one Knick on this roster that wants to stay here in New York more than Al Harrington. T-Mac, does Mike D’Antoni  really want T-Mac on […]

The Bulls are expected to deal Ty Thomas, would New York still be interested?

A recent blog by Ken Berger (or K-berg, as Alan Hahn used to refer to him when they worked together for Newsday) mentions that Ty Thomas is on his way out of Chicago. 

It has been clear in other reports coming out of Chicago that Ty is unhappy with his role on the team and the Bulls–namely the […]