Memphis @ New York

The last game of a forgettable month for Knicks fans begins tonight when they face the Memphis Grizzlies.

The Knicks picked up a much needed win when they took Washington to overtime and were able to close out and snap their 8-game losing streak.

Hopefully they can continue and make it two in a row tonight.

I have to mention some non-knick news, apparently Phil Jackson got his panties in a bunch over the Cavs recent flip-flop regarding the reacquisition of Zydrunas Ulgauskas (I can’t stand plays whose names are as difficult to spell as Big Z’s.) Apparently Coach Jackson thinks it is unfair and he believes the NBA should not have allowed the trade which gave the Cavs Anwtawn Jamison essentially for nothing.

Does Phil Jackson remember when he got Pau Gasol ESSENTIALLY FOR NOTHING??? Many people(myself included)at the time of that transaction, believed the NBA should not have allowed that trade to take place. When the shoe is on the foot the spineless Jackson who only goes to ready-made teams complains it is unfair. I hope somebody kicks the Lakers’ ass this summer, but it is unlikely because there are certain people in the league that get hooked up. Phil Jackson got hooked up by Laker legend Jerry West, Danny Ainge got hooked up with Kevin Garnett thanks to Kevin Mchale.

Well, at least Donnie Walsh is friends with Arn Tellem. Wait, wait, who, if anyone, does Arn Tellem represent from this upcoming free agent class of 2010?

…In other news, the lowly Nets are about to beat the Boston Celtics. Go figure.

Here comes Nate

Nate Robinson will have his season debut tonight against the team he loved to play for, the New York Knicks.

Tracy McGrady is listed as probably for tonight’s game, despite having banged knees during last night’s game and asking to come out of the game.

The Knicks are 0-2 since the trade deadline, lets see if playing on the road makes any difference… I won’t hold my breath.

Thoughts on all star weekend from a Knicks fan’s point of view


Watched the game in pieces, did not see Lee score his two baskets, but I read a quote where he said, “I just want to score a bucket.”  In that respect, it was a success.  Lee deserves to be recognized for the great season he is having.


That reverse dunk he tried from under the basket was something else.   Innovative, he understood he needed to be innovative with that dunk.   He went for it, but did not execute, as he missed it twice before moving on.  Had he made it on the first attempt it would have been the best dunk of the contest. Good think you remembered to move on this time Nate, none of that 18 attempts stuff that made me cring the first time you won the championship.

Speaking of championship, Jordan and Dominique only won the dunk contest twice, surely Nate is not better than either legend.


Is his arm still injured?  If not, he had kind of a forgettable weekend, despite being part of two events during the festivities.  How about that Paul Pierce?  I thought for sure Stephen Curry was going to win it after that first round.


The latest rumors on the web include a revised trade (down from a three team swap to a two-team trade) that is 50-50 to occur:

The Knicks and Rockets are getting closer to a deal that would send Tracy McGrady, Joey Dorsey and Brian Cook to New York in exchange for Jared Jeffries, Jordan Hill, and either Al Harrington or Larry Hughes.

There would also be some swapped draft picks, but the details are still being ironed out — for example, if Harrington is included instead of Hughes, the Rockets wouldn’t have to send back Brian Cook. T-Mac would certainly get some run for the sinking Knicks, but New York’s real motivation is unloading Jeffries’ $6.9 million salary next season.

I’m going to leave you with this:  assume this trade that is about to go through with Houston is only to clear enough salary cap to get Wade and LeBron (yeah, dare to imagine that despite the fact that it seems obvious the odds are against us) this summer. 

You sign those two, and you can’t afford David Lee any more.

Would you then trade David Lee for Ty Thomas now, before we lose him and get nothing for him this summer, when he is an unrestricted free agent?

The trade deadline is this Thursday.  The Knicks have been on the clock for the past decade, will 2010 bring better Kharma to the New York Knicks?

Just bloggin’

David Lee is officially a 2010 NBA All-Star

David Lee has earned the right to be there this year.

Although he could have boxed out better against the Kings the other night, Lee has improved his game and worked hard to maximize his potential. 

Good for you David Lee, represent the Knicks with pride this weekend!

The Knicks are now sending three guys to the All-Star Weekend:

David Lee (All-Star Game)

Nate Robinson (dunk contest defending champion)

Danilo Gallinari (rookie-sophomore game, 3-point shootout contestant)

Is T-Mac worth giving up Al Harrington?

Don’t think of it in terms of salaries because they both come off the books this year.

Al Harrington has been a servicable Knick, loyal, proud, I don’t think there is one Knick on this roster that wants to stay here in New York more than Al Harrington.
T-Mac, does Mike D’Antoni  really want T-Mac on his squad?
Can T-Mac still do what he used to do?

Can he help this team play better defense?

I think T-Mac used to shoot too many outside shots after he started having back problems during his days in Orlando.

Obviously in Houston T-Mac’s injuries became a major factor.  He never approached 82 games on the season while in Houston.
If I were Walsh, I’d be scouring every professional basketball league in the world for an upgrade at the point guard position right now.

Otherwise you’re begging the Minnesota Timberwolves for a crack at the rights to Ricky Rubio this summer.

All signs indicate Mr. Walsh is more focused on obtaining another forward/swingman right now, be it Tracy McGrady or Ty Thomas.  Neither will mean very much this season if we can’t get a better point guard to run the D’Antoni offense.

The Bulls are expected to deal Ty Thomas, would New York still be interested?

A recent blog by Ken Berger (or K-berg, as Alan Hahn used to refer to him when they worked together for Newsday) mentions that Ty Thomas is on his way out of Chicago. 

It has been clear in other reports coming out of Chicago that Ty is unhappy with his role on the team and the Bulls–namely the coach–are unhappy with him. 

Earlier in the year, there were several rumors that the Knicks were trying to obtain Ty Thomas from the Bulls, but they have all been unsuccessful thus far, obviously.

Are the Knicks going to get something done before the trade deadline? 

Could this be it? 

Should it be for a point guard instead?

Or perhaps both?