We need this one…

All the Knicks fans I’ve been speaking to lately are losing faith.
We’ve been losing in January, Lee got snubbed from the all-star team, and LeBron isn’t coming.
I still have hope for this year’s playoffs goal.
Was December just a fluke like when the Knicks won games in January with Larry Brown?
I say go back to basics. Sit Nate and play Larry Hughes and tighten up the rotation again.

Don’t much care for Berman’s obvious “Italian Stallion” Knick name, but Gallinari’s is the first Knick jersey I’ve owned since Allan Houston

Danilo Gallinari is going to all-star weekend for the rookie-sophomore game.  I read that he will also help Nate Robinson compete in the dunk contest.  Still no word on the three point contest, but how could Gallo NOT be invited to that, when, the simple fact remains, that there isn’t one single player in the NBA who has made more three point shots this year than Danilo Gallinari.  Dude is camping out at that three point line every trip down the court. 

How many NBA teams besides the Knicks have a 6’11” 40% volume shooter?  Dirk?  Certainly, though not so much in recent years.    …maybe only one other: Phoenix and some guy they have named Frye.

We chose Gallo’s when MSG offered us our choice of a signed Knick jersey for our season ticket subscription.  Sorry Mr. Wilson.

Right about now is a time when the NBA rumors are starting to pick up (thanks to the trade deadline next month, people want to play Nostradamus and predict player’s new homes). 

One game we lose by 50 points, the very next game, we win by 30.  That doesn’t just sound like the caliber of team we are facing, we have a fundamental problem that needs to be addressed:  we can’t compete with quick teams.  Some times we come out too slow and if Duhon isn’t hitting anything (he hasn’t been lately, I remember looking up at the scoreboard last night at one point in the second half and he had 13 assists and 0 points) the Knicks are dead in the water. 

We need one good point guard who can facilitate and score when needed.  What we have is one facilitator who slumps too often this year in Chris Duhon, and one small two guard in Nate who comes in off the bench and can score almost endlessly.  That’s one spot, yet we’re trying to compensate with two guys.  It is not going to work out in the long haul.

People are writing that we only had a good run in December and the Knicks have reverted to their pre-December form.  Certainly a 50-point blowout to Dallas supports this theory, but I can look to a recent game against the Lakers and see that they did not blow us out; we competed with them for three quarters before the inevitable happened.

Most of these guys won’t be here next year, true, but a hand full will stay.  I don’t think we need to sacrifice the future to get into the playoffs this year though.  We need to make a move in the back court before the trade deadline and I think the Knicks should try to move Nate in order to get some one more team-oriented, yet quicker than Chris Duhon.  Toney Douglas has not learned enough of Mike D’s system to pick up this role at this time.

…Speaking of all-star weekend, remember when David Lee had that monster game in the rookie-sophomore game and won the MVP?  They had players like Chris Paul on that team if I’m not mistaken.  I think Lee has paid his dues and should get invited back this year for the real deal all-star game.  Just bloggin’

struggling to improve

We don’t have the talent level of the Los Angeles Lakers.

We have two guys in Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari that are going to be better than most of the players on the Lakers (except for their all star) but we don’t have the depth that the champs have and that is why we lost the ball game.  It was an exciting one to watch and we kept it close throughout.  Moral victories do nothing for me these days though.  8 years under Layden and the other guy and I’m ready to start winning ball games, no excuses.

We need to upgrade our point guard position, obviously.  Duhon is too inconsistent.  He struggles at Madison Square Garden, the world’s most critical arena.

The trade deadline is next month.  The free agency this summer is rich with two guard and small forwards.  Maybe Walsh can swing a deal now to improve the team?

Detroit @ New York

The next quote President Obama should use in one of his speeches should be the Issac Newton quote about “standing on the shoulders of giants.” Dr. King did so much good for our country, it is only right that we should honor his memory with today’s national holiday.

Word is Nate will return to the dunk contest but I don’t see him winning it a third time in a row. How many times did guys like Dominique and Jordan win it? He’s not better than either of them.

My gut tells me Walsh will make a move before the trade deadline. Maybe it will involve the disgruntled Larry Hughes, but I hope it doesn’t. I think he’s a valued commodity on this team.

Oh yeah, Marbury has signed to play in China. Good luck with that, China.

Let’s see if Jordan Hill gets some more daylight today at the MLK game. He needs it.

Knicks @ Pistons

I don’t know how the refs decided to go to the instant replay on that out-of-bounds play but DID NOT go to the instant replay when Gallinari hit that corner pocket three. Obviously it was under two minutes to go in the fourth quarter, obviously Gallinari felt he was behind as he spoke to the refs on numerous occasions about the shot that should have been a three. it wouldn’t have made a difference, but it shows that the refs are inconsistent. if the refs want to rebuild their reputation as being fair and not gamblers or corrupt nike officials, they must be consistent when the call a basketball game, otherwise they’re reinforcing the stereotype of the biased NBA ref.

I think Lee messed up the comeback. Without Lee, we’re not in the game to begin with, but Lee forced a jumper at the top of the key, we could have gotten a better shot than that one.

nice to see jordan hill get some daylight and make something with the time he was given. d’antoni said he’ll play next game.

they interviewed Larry Hughes after the game, he was very pissed off and I’d imagine right now that he hates Mike D’Antoni. It was obvious.

We’re not full speed, and the rotation is messed up

the rotation should be:
PG Duhon
SG Chandler
C Lee
SF Gallinari
PF Jeffries

Backup guard: Hughes
Backup forward: Al Harrington
Backup center: Jonathan Bender

That’s it. No Nate. He disrupts team flow with chronic turnovers and bad decision making. If you need some baskets, play him sparingly in a freelance type setting and he’ll get his own shot, but as you saw the last several games, his quickness serves to no advantage defensively and the turnovers can be costly despite the offense he brings to the table.

Just bloggin’

New York @ Oklahoma City

For all intensive purposes, the rockets, the team that squeaked by the knicks last night, just gave the lakers a run for their money, right down to the last minute of the fourth quarter.

The true litmus test for these knicks will be how they respond to last night’s loss when they face the oklahoma city thunder.

Landry’s playing? Free Jordan Hill!

Just bloggin’

New York at Houston

The Knicks are playing great team basketball right now, on both sides of the floor. They are communicating with each other, and they are anticipating like when your best friend used to finish your sentance for you.

There is a jazz festival downtown tonight around Bleeker Street so I am going to Tivo this game and hope that I don’t accidentally come across it or overhear the results.

I agree to with D’Antoni’s decision to go with Nate off the bench over Larry Hughes. Hughes has been slumping since his great play in December. You go with who is hot.

Bender is still looking all right, 4 blocks last game, you know we could use that kind of inside presence between Bender and Jeffries.

Watch out for Trevor Ariza. Ever since Larry Brown called Ariza delusional and said he couldn’t shoot, he’s turned into one of the best three point shooters in the NBA.

Fortunately, we have the best three point shooter in the NBA, Danilo Gallinari.

They’re calling about Nate…

Memphis had a deal in place that the Knicks approved, Nate cancelled the deal due to a clause in his contract that allows him to do so.
New Jersey has offered Skip and another expiring contract in a deal for Nate, the Knicks have declined.

Memphis is afraid they’ll be unable to re-sign Rudy Gay this summer. A possible destination for Gay could be New York if the top-tier of free agents choose to re-sign with their respective teams.