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We need this one…

All the Knicks fans I’ve been speaking to lately are losing faith. We’ve been losing in January, Lee got snubbed from the all-star team, and LeBron isn’t coming. I still have hope for this year’s playoffs goal. Was December just a fluke like when the Knicks won games in January with Larry Brown? I say […]


Test blog from the droid

Don’t much care for Berman’s obvious “Italian Stallion” Knick name, but Gallinari’s is the first Knick jersey I’ve owned since Allan Houston

Danilo Gallinari is going to all-star weekend for the rookie-sophomore game.  I read that he will also help Nate Robinson compete in the dunk contest.  Still no word on the three point contest, but how could Gallo NOT be invited to that, when, the simple fact remains, that there isn’t one single player in the […]

struggling to improve

We don’t have the talent level of the Los Angeles Lakers.

We have two guys in Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari that are going to be better than most of the players on the Lakers (except for their all star) but we don’t have the depth that the champs have and that is […]

Detroit @ New York

The next quote President Obama should use in one of his speeches should be the Issac Newton quote about “standing on the shoulders of giants.” Dr. King did so much good for our country, it is only right that we should honor his memory with today’s national holiday.

Word is Nate will return to the […]

Knicks @ Pistons

I don’t know how the refs decided to go to the instant replay on that out-of-bounds play but DID NOT go to the instant replay when Gallinari hit that corner pocket three. Obviously it was under two minutes to go in the fourth quarter, obviously Gallinari felt he was behind as he spoke to the […]

We’re not full speed, and the rotation is messed up

the rotation should be: PG Duhon SG Chandler C Lee SF Gallinari PF Jeffries

Backup guard: Hughes Backup forward: Al Harrington Backup center: Jonathan Bender

That’s it. No Nate. He disrupts team flow with chronic turnovers and bad decision making. If you need some baskets, play him sparingly in a freelance type setting and he’ll […]

New York @ Oklahoma City

For all intensive purposes, the rockets, the team that squeaked by the knicks last night, just gave the lakers a run for their money, right down to the last minute of the fourth quarter.

The true litmus test for these knicks will be how they respond to last night’s loss when they face the oklahoma […]

New York at Houston

The Knicks are playing great team basketball right now, on both sides of the floor. They are communicating with each other, and they are anticipating like when your best friend used to finish your sentance for you.

There is a jazz festival downtown tonight around Bleeker Street so I am going to Tivo this game […]

They’re calling about Nate…

Memphis had a deal in place that the Knicks approved, Nate cancelled the deal due to a clause in his contract that allows him to do so. New Jersey has offered Skip and another expiring contract in a deal for Nate, the Knicks have declined.

Memphis is afraid they’ll be unable to re-sign Rudy […]