Knicks finish 2009 tied for the 8th and final playoff position

You can look at it two ways. Either we lost the good thing we had going, and finished december losing 3 out of the last 4, or we are playing better basketball, and we just had our best month in years.

In any case, the games are more fun to watch now, because the Knicks are competitive and playing like a real team, even if they don’t have the talent level that some of these other teams are lucky to have.

here’s to more wins in 2010, seems to me we are headed in the right direction…

Catch you in the new year, defenders.

We DO NOT need T-Mac to save New York!

Let’s just get one thing straight.

I have the utmost faith in Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni so far during their tenure in NYC.

But we don’t have to throw the kitchen sink at Houston to get T-Mac.

We don’t even need T-Mac, if the goal is just to get into the first round, we’re better off with our existing chemistry than to do any kind of major shift in strategy to bring in T-Mac, ego, damaged knees and all, to “save us” from the depths of lottery hell.

So, yes, if Walsh can be sneaky and get him for players we don’t need, let’s get T-Mac.

But we don’t need his ass to make the playoffs! We’re going to make it the way we are right now!

Walsh and D’Antoni, I trust you will do the right thing.

New York @ Detroit

The word coming out of MSG is that Toney Douglas may be the first player off the bench to pick up the slack for the slumping Larry Hughes.

People still scratching their head about Nate and Curry, they don’t play because of their attitude, not because they aren’t NBA talents.  Darko has a better chance than Curry of getting in tonight’s game…  Only if they get into major foul trouble do I see Nate or Curry playing tonight…

the Knicks discuss Bender

San Antonio @ New York


I guess the green jerseys are never going to be lucky at 2 Penn Plaza.

The Knicks are 11-18 on the season, with Tim Duncan and the revamped Spurs in town today to try and steal a road victory from the home team.

Mike D’Antoni found improved play when the Knicks shortened the rotation down to just seven players, but with Jonathan Bender’s arrival and Larry Hughes’ return to the starting lineup, that figure is back up to eight players, if you don’t count Eddy Curry, and you shouldn’t count Eddy Curry, nor should you count Nate Robinson

I wonder what this team’s record will look like in 10 games. They’re competing on a nightly basis now. If in 10 games, the Knicks are 500, would someone like David Lee somehow find his way onto the All-Star team as a reserve selection? Just bloggin’.

The Knicks need to find their game early. Their game is the pick and roll or the three ball. We’ll need both to be hitting if we’re going to take out San Antonio today.

Larry Hughes needs to warm up fast this time in case Duhon is off again…


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First Nationally Televised Game in a While, and the Knicks Simply didn’t Show Up

Larry Hughes came back from injury and was clearly not in a rhythm. Because we don’t play Nate anymore Hughes, despite being cold, was played heavily and was a non-factor.

Wilson Chandler had one of the ugliest games I’ve seen him play in a Knick uniform, which is surprising to me because he had been playing so well lately with athleticism and confidence. Maybe Mike Beasley has his number, I don’t know.

Al Harrington, despite a few good moves late in the game, continues to lose control of himself at the most inopportune parts of a basketball game. I don’t blame Al for yelling at the refs, who had D-Wade’s Nike symbol tattooed on their skulls Starbury style, I blame Al for yelling at the refs in the fourth quarter with the game on the line. The technical hurt.

We could have won this game easily, had we made our free throws and made a few jump shots.

The only player who showed me anything today was Danilo Gallinari, who looks more and more like a future all-star to me every time I see this kid play.

Duhon didn’t do it.

Lee had good stats, as usual, but appeared to play at a fraction of his usual self.

Bender was out of his rhythm having previously sustained another mild injury.

No, the Heat aren’t that good, no they’re not…

We just didn’t show up today, offensively.  We didn’t play our game.

Knicks are going to shop Nate

According to this blog, Nate’s agent asked Donnie Walsh to start shopping him, and Walsh has agreed to do so.

Would there be any takers for someone so athletic and talented, yet so blase about winning? 

Too bad the Sonics had to move out of Seattle, I know they’d like to have their high school/college star back, but I guess they don’t really care about the NBA anymore, like so many other basketball fans out there.

It is hard to guess where Nate would end up with 30-something teams in the NBA.  He is on a one-year contract, so that’s attractive.   He is a fan favorite (well, fan in the loose sense of the word considering we’ve been winning without him and fans should care about winning).  He is instant offense off the bench, can score on anyone that guards him.  He’s a great 3-point shooter.  He’s quick enough to defend, but his height and attitude prevent him from being a Muggsy-type player.  He’s flashy to a fault… 

They’re still chanting we want Nate at the Garden, they did it the other night against the Clippers, but, as always, I didn’t join in to second that emotion.  I don’t want Nate.  What can we get for him?

New York at Chicago

Let’s see how we bounce back from that tough loss in Charlotte against the other “Ch” team in the NBA.

There were reports online on how the Knicks are continuing to make calls to about Tracy McGrady.  Apparently they’re trying to shop Jared Jeffries and Al Harrington in any kind of deal for T-Mac.

It was actually disappointing for me to read this, considering Jeffries had his best game as a Knick the other night.  I knew he had it in him, but when he FINALLY did, he wakes up to rumors he’s being shopped.  Not cool, Walsh.

New York @ Charlotte

I’ve been waiting a long time for this game it seems.

Lets see if we can keep our streak going.

Lets see if Jonathan Bender has anything to give the Knicks.

Lets see if there is anything to uncover regarding these rumors that Walsh wants to acquire D.J. Augustin. Apparently Larry Brown doesn’t like him anymore, but Michael Jordan still does.

Walsh skip passed D.J. to acquire Danilo Gallinari, if I’m not mistaken.