Knicks @ Nuggets

Not expecting much from tonight’s game, the season is rapidly turning into a blur of underachieving.

The aging players we passed on this summer were not missed, but when we passed on Iverson and now on T-Mac, after the season had been slipping away, I just don’t know how Walsh and D’Antoni can say with a straight face that this season isn’t being handled like a throw-away year.

My first year with full season tickets to the Garden is the first year I’ve witnessed where we just didn’t care enough to win.

The news that Nate might start is not encouraging to me, he’s not a point guard.

Harrington seems to be the only Knick giving 110% every night.

Celtics @ Knicks

Woke up this morning to the news that the Knicks have interest in acquiring Tracey McGrady now that Iverson is off the radar.

How Iverson would stunt young player development, but T-Mac would not is a mystery to me.

Not saying T-Mac couldn’t help, I thought Iverson could have helped the Knicks, but Walsh and D’Antoni should at least be consistent about things.

Otherwise it looks like they’re just BSing us.

Just bloggin’

My hope is that Duhon, Toney Douglas, Larry Hughes, Harrington and Gallinari play well and that Curry commits at least 4 fouls.

That’s right, that’s how I’m gaugeing his development, four years ago it was 19p and 7r and stay out of foul trouble, now if he able to go up and down the court in a controlled manner and hack KG and that bruiser they have called Kendrick Perkins, that’s all I can expect from the player formerly known as E-City at this point.

As a matter of fact, it was good to see Eddy Curry get into an altercation in his first game of the season, makes me think maybe, just maybe, someone lit a fire underneath him for the first time in his NBA career.

Then again, D’antoni would be first to remind you that the Knicks are 2-0.

…Breen made the remark that although curry is just 26 years old, this is his 9th season in the league.  Wow.

Much respect to KG and Rondo, the rest of them I could care less about.  especially the wanna-be tough guy Eddie House who gets under my skin every time I see him talk smack–which is basically every game.

See you at the garden today defenders.

What the…

Well, I guess Iverson is coming to the Knicks? Thanks Bilz for letting a Knick fan know.

Not sure what are the terms of the deal, whether it is a one-year or not, but it seems to be in the midst of happening.

Did not think I’d see Iverson in a Knick jersey when we bought our season tix.

And all of this is happening right when we have our biggest winning streak of the season…

Knicks @ Pacers

Here we go…
Let’s hope they play differently on the road, more loose, yet more cohesive.
Curry’s first game, coach D’Antoni says he’ll play in the first start.
See if this changes anything..

Two things to note in the MSG pregame.

1.  Malik Rose is well-spoken and I have no problem with him being with the MSG team as an analyst.

2.  Eddy looks pretty skinny in the practice footage they showed.  He did have a t-shirt on that could have concealed his actual weight, but he grew some kind of goatee and they were showing him slam down a few offensive rebounds.

Could this change our kharma if Curry can be a factor down low on offense?
We shall see tonight when he goes up against hibbert.

A few words on Davidson fans

They are rude, and they are dorks.
I rooted for Stephen Curry when he was in college too, but to wear dorky Davidson jerseys over dress shirts and ties, to sit in the aisles and clog up traffic and not move out of the way so season ticket holders can pass by, what a bunch of scrubs.
For that, I’m glad that Curry didn’t get much burn and they wasted their money buying for a game they otherwise have no interest or business being there to see.
Apparently there is no silver lining for knicks fans this year, but that will not stop me from rooting for my team despite the obvious adversity.
Jordan Hill showed me something in the second half, that’s encouraging.
I’m dissapointed that Darko can’t give us more than he has in 10 games.
With Duhon continuing his slump it’s not hard to imagine a back court that features Nate, Douglas and Hughes with Duhon riding the pine.
Just bloggin’

My apologies to Charles Barkley.  I still think you’re a drunk and a gambler who spits on fans, but you were right about this team.

Here’s some more on the lowly status of our team in orange and blue.

Jazz @ Knicks


We need some new blood in the back court. Right now, Douglas and Hughes are showing me more than Will and Duhon have been.

knicks are down 31-24 in the second with 9 minutes to go.
they’re 0-7 from three point range, which is suicide when you’re playing D’Antoni’s offense…

We need this win, obviously.

Cavs at Knicks

Sort of odd that the Yankees are about to have their world series championship parade and the Knicks are 1-4 going up against the cavs tonight. LeBron, a famous Yankee fan, will be at the garden in a little bit, but will he be on a float at the parade today? Better yet, will the Yankees be at the Garden tonight?

We shall see.

Didn’t watch the most recent loss to the Pacers, but the box score wasn’t encouraging. Something strange about Chandler and Gallinari, are they counter-productive to have them in at the same time? Obviously Al Harrington is playing well of the bench, averaging more off the bench it seems, but maybe D’Antoni should continue to tinker with the lineup so that we’re not chasing teams down in the second half.

E__y Curry, where are you?