Gallinari to be a starter soon

Yo, Gallo is a gunner.  He took more three point attempts (13) than most players did field goals.  In his defense, he made 7, which is damn good as far as I’m concerned.

Can’t remember the last time we had a player capable of making that many in game.  Nate, maybe once in his career thus far, and before that, probably Crawford twice in his career.  Danilo did it in his first game of the season.  I don’t put much stock in last season, he had back issues.

This is Danilo’s true rookie year, assuming he can stay healthy for close to 82 games this season.

Mark Berman of the New York Post today tweeted that Danilo Gallinari will soon be inserted into the starting lineup by Knick head coach MIke D’Antoni.  Just because Berman tweets it, does that mean it has reality to it?

Any move will supposedly bench either Jared Jeffries or Al Harrington.

I’m in favor of Danilo starting.  I saw enough good things on Wednesday night to think that Gallo would benefit from more court time to develop his NBA game.  Last year wasn’t development.  I can see that he has made strides this offseason.

Gallo definitely bulked up, look at this shot I took during the Knicks open practice a few weeks ago.  He looks bigger than David Lee in terms of physique, not something you can immediately tell from watching the games on TV.

Game 1: Knicks at Heat

Here we go in a few seconds we’ve got a brand new season!

Respect to StarksForThree and SaipanKnickster for coming and bringing their respected insights to this game we love.

Dwade, there are some people that believe you want to be a Knick.

Be easy Mike Beasley is a starter tonight.

Happy new year everybody, hope this year is filled with wins and exiting games.


Jeffries, Lee, Harrington, Duhon and Chandler.

…See how Chandler does at the two guarding the quick guys.

Heat starters:

Besley, Oneal, Richarson, Chalmers, DWade.

here we go!!!

A response to SaipanKnickster and StarksForThreeYes

well, I was just going to post this as a comment, but since it is longer than some of my posts, might as well move it up to the next post instead.


Looked to me like they’re just taking the three if it is open, even if there are still 22 seconds on the shot clock remaining.

SaipanKnickster glad to read you had so much fun in P.I. My goal is to get there in 2010.  Hopefully when I get back, we’ll have a talented all-star on our team.

It would be optimistic thinking if we just drafted one and we’ll all be pleased with Toney Douglas and Jordan Hill.  Time will tell, it’s possible.  Douglas was brilliant at the end of last night’s game.  So was Jordan Hill now that I think about it.  Good to see young Knicks performing well in the fourth quarter with the game on the line, even if it is only a preseason game it shows something.  That last drive through the lane by Douglas, he made that trick shot on Brook Lopez.

Remember that year Channing came in and was scoring 20-30 points a night for the first quarter of the season?  that was really shocking when it happened.  I was at the game when Nate pushed the guy straight into Channing’s kneecap.  I was up in the nose-bleed 400’s and it still looked really, really bad from where I was.  He had like 20 points at half-time if I recall that game correctly.

That game changed the trajectory of Channing’s career in my opinion.  Now he’s fighting to stay in the league.  Last I heard Portland didn’t want him…

…TD comes in and plays D and then what do you know, Nate now steps up his defensive game now too.  Glad to have ya, Toney Douglas.  Nate, if he can shoot in the garden,  this man’s about to take a chunk of your minutes.

The bad kharma of this team is lifting.  The Knicks were visiably more of a real team during the open practice.  They weren’t going full speed, but they just had an identity for the first time in a long time.

I think that’s what Marbury did, he prevented the Knicks from having a team identity.  He’s not a good team mate.

Only a few that still fit that bill on this year’s knicks.  I’d say Nate, but I know New York loves him for the most part.  His height (defensively you can shoot over him) and his entertainment sense to the game (as opposed to someone no-frills and pail bucket like Charles Oakley) make me think the Knicks can go farther without him.

Is is possible for Lee to improve his defensive game?  They say you can’t teach defense, in that you’re either good at it, or you’re not.  If Lee played better D i’d think he be worthy of some day being an all-star.  How can you have such a great desire to rebound and not want to be a shut down defender?  Is it just his slow foot speed that makes it hard for him to defend?

Knicks cut Chris Hunter and Joe Crawford, bringing roster down to 14

With this news, Marcus Landry is almost a shoe-in to make the opening night roster

Why did they cut Chris Hunter, who looks like a  live body big that can spell some of our big-guys if they become foul prone?  We have room on the max list of 15.  Especially makes sense to keep him since someone like Eddy Curry could never get in NBA shape again.

The only thing I can think of is that Walsh wanted to help these two out by cutting them as soon as possible in hopes that they make another team’s opening night roster.  Good luck to them both.

Interesting game last night.  I’m 99% sure our best back court features Duhon and Toney Douglas with Nate coming off the bench to provide energy, but that’s obviously up to Mike D’Antoni to figure out.

Read the box score stats here.

I don’t know if living by the three point line is the best way to go, but that’s what D’Antoni is doing.  They say if you live by the three, you die by the three, but this year, will we still be alive around April?

15000+ were in attendance in Newark last night.  The people of Newark deserve a shot at the Nets franchise in my eyes.  Brooklyn has already failed once with the Nets, there’s no sense in trying to sell a city another team when the only team they will ever care about is the New York Knicks.

That’s just the way it is.  Give the Nets to Newark, that’s a beautiful building they put up and it is being underutilized.

Knicks @ Boston (preseason)

I remember driving up to boston with robin to see the zach randolph led knicks get their ass handed to them by the team that would win the nba championship two seasons ago.

We got beat by 40 points, and it was a total waste of time and money.  Randolph was dwarfted by Kevin Garnett.  It was KG’s first NBA game in a Celtic uniform.

Right now, two seasons later, our Knicks are up in Boston for a preseason game and KG is coming back off an injury-prone season, one which saw them relinquish the NBA crown to the reigning NBA Champions, the Kobe-led Los Angeles Lakers.

Knicks vs Nets in Albany

John Andraes and Mike Breen are calling the game.  Good to see Johnny Hoops doing some TV on MSG, I thought he had been pushed to radio duties.

They have not yet announced the starting fives, but I’ll post them in the comments once they come back from commercial break.

Hughes was in the layup line, for those who questioned his health.

Johnny Hoops seemed to imply that Toney Douglas would get big minutes off the bench to give Duhon a rest, so I like to hear that.

One thing I want to say about Douglas:  we need you to be better than Charlie Ward.  Ward was servicable and hard-working, but he wasn’t NBA-level athletic.  We need athletes, of decent height (sorry Nate) who can play both sides of the floor.  Douglas seems like he fits the bill, but we shall see.

Gallo looks ok, they showed some footage from training camp.

No word on if the Knicks are going to have an open practice again this season.

The Nets?  Eh, who cares.  Really, if they moved to Newark, maybe, but if they stay at the Izod or move to Brooklyn I wouldn’t care, and I hang in Brooklyn on a regular.

Starting Five: