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Gallinari to be a starter soon

Yo, Gallo is a gunner.  He took more three point attempts (13) than most players did field goals.  In his defense, he made 7, which is damn good as far as I’m concerned.

Can’t remember the last time we had a player capable of making that many in game.  Nate, maybe once in his career […]

Game 1: Knicks at Heat

Here we go in a few seconds we’ve got a brand new season!

Respect to StarksForThree and SaipanKnickster for coming and bringing their respected insights to this game we love.

Dwade, there are some people that believe you want to be a Knick.

Be easy Mike Beasley is a starter tonight.

Happy new year everybody, […]

A response to SaipanKnickster and StarksForThreeYes

well, I was just going to post this as a comment, but since it is longer than some of my posts, might as well move it up to the next post instead.


Looked to me like they’re just taking the three if it is open, even if there are still 22 seconds on the […]

Knicks cut Chris Hunter and Joe Crawford, bringing roster down to 14

With this news, Marcus Landry is almost a shoe-in to make the opening night roster

Why did they cut Chris Hunter, who looks like a  live body big that can spell some of our big-guys if they become foul prone?  We have room on the max list of 15.  Especially makes sense to keep him […]

Which current small forward on the Knicks would you trade for Stephen Jackson?

Who would you trade for Stephen Jackson(answers)

Open Practice This Saturday

The New York Knicks will host their annual Open Practice inside The Rose Hill Gym at Fordham University in Bronx, New York this Saturday, October 17. Admission is free for all fans and Fordham University students. Doors will open at 11:15am. Knicks players will practice on the court beginning at noon.

Knicks @ Boston (preseason)

I remember driving up to boston with robin to see the zach randolph led knicks get their ass handed to them by the team that would win the nba championship two seasons ago.

We got beat by 40 points, and it was a total waste of time and money.  Randolph was dwarfted by Kevin Garnett.  […]

Knicks vs Nets in Albany

John Andraes and Mike Breen are calling the game.  Good to see Johnny Hoops doing some TV on MSG, I thought he had been pushed to radio duties.

They have not yet announced the starting fives, but I’ll post them in the comments once they come back from commercial break.

Hughes was in the layup […]