Gallinari could bring the ball up this year

Today was supposed to be media day for the New York Knicks, but all that you see on is an interview with Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni.

Don’t expect to see mid-season trades like last year.  Walsh had to pull the trigger when he found takers for Zach Randolph and Jamal Crawford, but the Knicks feel good about their cap position now, and there’s basically no need for another mid-season unless they move Jared Jeffries or Eddy Curry.

Sun Yue could make the roster, a 6-9 point guard.

Also in the news recently, Stephen Jackson has requested a trade to the Knicks or any of three Texas teams.  Don Nelson has recently said during an interview that he will try to move Jackson if the right deal comes along.

Lee’s Best Year

David Lee has agreed to a 1-year deal with the Knicks for some where in the vacinity of $7 million dollars.

An unrestricted in 2010, I expect a bigger year than Lee’s ever had starting this November.  He’ll probably improve upon his already solid number last year:  16.0 points and 11.7 rebounds per game.  Not too shabby, albeit for a lottery team.

I don’t expect us to keep him down the road though, Mike D’s not 100% in favor of Lee, and will look to upgrade his shooting and defensive shortcomings as soon as he can.  Lee will find the best money elsewhere.

Just a Wild Guess at D’Antoni’s Rotation for the Knicks in November

At point will be Chris Duhon. Hopefully he can play well for all 82 this year, because he showed promise as a good distributor on the fast break.  36 minutes per game running Mike D’Antoni’s offense is going to take a toll on you no matter who you are.

At shooting guard will be a mix of Toney Douglas and Nate Robinson.  Yes, we have Larry Hughes, but do we really only have him in contract?  He can’t stay healthy, if you look at his history in the NBA.  If Hughes ever did get healthy, he’d probably take Douglas’ minutes.  I don’t really care to see Larry play for the Knicks, but am curious about seeing how Toney Douglas will perform in Madison Square Garden.  Some players thrive on our court, could he be one of them?

At center will be Patrick Ewing.  Ah, just kidding.  Wouldn’t it be nice if Ewing were 25 years old and still the great center for the Knicks that he once was.  The Seattle and Orlando years were obviously nothing compared to what he did during his tenure in New York.

Anyway, this year, at center, will be a mix of Eddy Curry and Darko Milicic.  These two guys, previously rated so highly coming into the NBA draft, they have little respect around the league, 5 to 8 years later.

At small forward will be Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari.  Watch out for that battle for minutes.  Both players have bright futures in this league, assuming injuries don’t linger any further.  If Gallo can handle the pounding after 30 games, I suspect D’Antoni will try him at power forward or center.

At power forward, we have Jordan Hill.  He’s not ready but he’ll get big minutes because we basically only have him.  Welcome to NBA pressure.

David Lee is still unsigned and I’ve always had a feeling that he’d be wearing a different jersey in 2009-2010.  It might take until the trade deadline, but I still think that by the time our new all-star arrives in 2010, Lee will no longer be a member of the New York Knicks.  Just bloggin’.

They must be trying to do a sign and trade with Lee, that’s the only thing that makes sense this late in the game.

Of the new additions, Douglas May Provide Most Immediate Impact for the Knicks this Year

Last year’s Knick lottery pick, the Italian Danilo Gallinari is nearly 100%, or so he says.  I hope he’s right, we need him to score the basketball to open up Mike D’s style of play this year for the Orange and Blue.

The disappointing-as-of-late behemoth center Eddy Curry supposedly has a new body to go along with a new and improved work ethic; let’s reserve judgement on these claims at least until November, if not until trade deadline in February of 2010.  I’ve read too many reports in recent off-seasons with regards to Eddy’s development to believe the hype when it comes to Eddy and his POTENTIAL finally being realized.

Jordan Hill was brought in to help do what Eddy hasn’t been able to do with any kind of consistency, but he showed during the summer league that it may take some more time for him to contribute for the Knicks in the paint.

I’m one of the few that thinks Darko Milicic is going to be a success in New York this season.  And by success, I mean 24 minutes a game, 1.5 blocks and 8 points and 6 rebounds, I’m guessing.  He may never live up to being picked before D wade and Carmelo, but Maybe one of those players from that famous lottery will join Darko after the summer of 2010.

Note just bloggin’.

Rookie guard from Florida State University, Toney Douglas, however is a different story.  First off, the Knicks paid twice just to get this guy. First, they had to buy the first round draft pick, then they had to sign him to a rookie contract.  The fact that Toney was signed before our lottery pick, Hill, that too is noteworthy.  They may have high hopes for this two guard.

So what makes Douglas special?  He does it on both sides of the floor.  He is a defensive specialist, and during college he showed he can score from the perimeter and off the dribble.  He can create his own shot, or run the offense.  Mike D’Antoni likes versatile players.  This two guard isn’t 5’6″, either.

I see Toney Douglas and Chris Duhon working together this year and Nate providing a spark off the bench offensively.  I’m sure D’Antoni may opt to start a veteran at first, but let’s face it, the Knicks had a weak back court last year, Douglas was brought in to help shore up deficiencies in that respect. I’m hoping D’Antoni can take Douglas and mold him into a player not unlike Leandro Barbosa.

Just bloggin’