The Anticipated Resurrection of Retired Players a Recurring Theme in NYK

When I saw the realgm headline “Chandler for Okafor almost complete” I was shocked and elated for a second: I thought Donnie Walsh had done something with defensive rationale behind it for the first time.

Of course, the deal that is about to go down is actually Tyson Chandler for Emeka Okafor, two defensive players in exchange for one another, and not our Wilson Chandler, who, relatively speaking, is a defensive player on our New York Knicks but not when compared with Emeka Okafor.

We need an Emeka Okafor on this team.

But we don’t care about D. That’s Mike D’Antoni’s reputation, deservedly or not. It was no different with Thomas in my opinion.  With players like Stephon, Crawford, Lee, and Curry, we can see that isn’t entirely untrue. Players like Jeffries, Q and Balkman were defensive minded, but they had their own respective shortcomings that made them undesirable in the long run.

TD seems like he might play both sides of the floor well, and he doesn’t have the height disadvantage of Nate. Hughes, I remember when Hughes played on the Sixers with Iverson he was a defensive factor. His big issue obviously have been health, so you can’t count on him to play 82 games, because he never has come close.

Al can play defense. Al is a good player, but is he in the long-term plans?  I doubt it.

The latest rumor I read online had Johnathan Bender coming back from retirement to play for the Knicks, imagine that craziness.

Walsh, as much as I like a feel good comeback story, is that all you got? Instead of Allan Houston trying to get back into the league, you change the headline to your Indiana guy?  Why don’t we instead see if Oak Tree will come back, he wouldn’t dis us the way Kidd, Nash and Grant Hill just did.

Nash, I lost all respect for you when you chose to resign with Steve Kerr.

Just bloggin’

Donnie Walsh, what exactly are you doing with our Knicks?

Not too great of a summer thus far if you’re a Knicks fan.

The highlights have been the trading of Q for Darko and the drafting of two more live bodies in Jordan Hill and Toney Douglas.

That’s about it, and it has been three full months.

Most Knicks fans believe Walsh is just being strict with our budget, but this is getting pathetic, because not only did aging veterans such as Steve Nash, Jason Kidd and Grant Hill (sad, because he is now a scrub compared to Chandler and we still couldn’t get him) all dis our Knicks in the end, we’re having major problems resigning from within, with David Lee and Nate Robinson being left in limbo for good majority of the summer.

Do you think Jason Kidd has LeBron on speed dial from last summer’s Olympic team? Think maybe Kidd factored in where LeBron might be headed before deciding to disrespect the Knicks yet again and scurry back to Dallas instead of fighting the good fight here in NYC?

I sat patiently while all this transpired, but then today I check in to find out we’ve given up on that oh-so tough to buy Ramon Sessions! We’re talking about not being able to sign an unestablished, predominantly unknown point guard when nobody else in the league is out there bidding for him.

Donnie Walsh, you don’t have to make big splashes like the last two guys that sat at your desk, but you do have to give the Knicks fans some hope that you are trying to do something positive with this roster, and not just sitting on your laurels and giving us another lottery-bound team with an entire NBA season remaining to be played.

Surely Donnie Walsh, a man of your expertise doesn’t believe you’re going to put asses in seats at Madison Square Garden selling us a starting five of Duhon, Larry Hughes, Wilson Chander, Danilo Gallinari, and Jordan Hill. That team has 23 wins written all over it, is your game plan now to shoot for a top-three pick in June of 2010? How sad for us, if that is the case.

I didn’t think you were that weak Donnie, but it may take less than the requisite four-year plan to judge your legacy here in NYC.

Do your job and make the Knicks better. Do something, Donnie Walsh. This ship’s been sunk for too long. Do something or admit that you can’t. Nobody will come here next year if you keep it the way that it is right now.

We’re #1!

Stern decided to tighten up his pocketbook and lower the cap for 2009-2010.  Read about how it is going to effect the Knicks here.

Our Knicks will be playing their first game on the 14th in Vegas against Memphis.

The New York Knicks summer leauge roster and schedule can be viewed here.  …Where is Valley High School?

All of the games will be telvised on MSG, word up!

Kidd verbally commits to Dallas, Rasheed to Boston

Scratch Jason Kidd off the list.  Also, although we were never considering Rasheed Wallace, his recent comittment to Boston does effect our free-agent signing abilities, becasue Hill was interested in becoming a Celtic and now must look elsewhere.

Who does that leave for the Knicks to go after?  Well, Grant Hill is in the house today to speak with Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni.   Some are thinking if the Knicks landed Hill (Boston can’t now, since they’ve got ‘Sheed) that Wilson Chandler would be shopped heavily.  Considering that LeBron is a small forward, if the Knicks decided to deal Chandler, I’d consider that an indication the Knicks still feel they can land LeBron.  Obviously Chandler was shopped during the draft to no avail, so Walsh may not view him as a building block in the New MSG.

What are the Knicks going to do about their point guard issue?  Duhon is a great backup, but fell apart as a 40+ minute starter.  Nate’s assist numbers were up (all of his numbers were up under Mike D) but he’s just not a point.  Walsh needs to do something in the back court.

Just thinking about what we’ve done so far.  We didn’t add much, but we got rid of Q, that’s good.  If Darko got one block a game he’d be a statistical defensive improvement upon our last two centers (Lee, Curry).

If Lee stays…

Unless Donnie Walsh works out a sign and trade, David Lee might still be a Knick when the ball goes up in November to start the new season.

How will this effect the Knicks lineup?  The new kid that we drafted, Jordan Hill, is an athletic big man at 6’10”. If he can run the floor as advertised, Mike D’Antoni should be able to use him well in his system.  Would he play along side Lee, or would Lee or Harrington be relegated to come off the bench?  Let’s also not forget about Eddy Curry, who will probably be given another chance this year to resurrect his career.

Small Forwards:  Al Harrington, Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari

Power Forwards:  Jordan Hill, David Lee, Jared Jeffries

Centers: Eddy Curry, Darko Milicic, Chris Wilcox, Mouhamaed Sene

Rubio’s not coming. At all.

Reports out of Spain have Rubio pulling a Fran Vazquez and basically screwing over the NBA team that was counting on them to come over and play basketball. For the next two years Rubio will be playing overseas in one of those leagues that nobody here cares about.

Since Minnesota was involved in that unfair Kevin Garnett trade that should not have been allowed, I say this is the basketball universe’s unfolding of karmic retribution.  They said they new he might stay for a few years when they picked him, obviously they drafted more than one point in case he did decide to stay.

Maybe the Ewing curse is finally wearing off on us, but the Kevin McHale curse is only getting started in Minny.  Is Rubio holding out for the Knicks?  I don’t know how much you can read into it.  He went into the draft, got picked high, and decided to stay in Europe instead.  This is a recurring theme amongst some of these Euros.

Basketball teases.