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David Lee’s about to sign and the papers aren’t coming from 2 Penn Plaza

Don’t be surprised if David Lee ends up signing with Memphis or Oklahoma City by the end of the week.  Our boy K-Berg, formerly of Newsday and currently of CBS Sports Online is reporting that the Knicks will not attempt to match the offers Lee is about to get from some of these midwestern teams.  […]

Knicks will meet with Jason Kidd on Wednesday

The Knicks continue their search for a new point guard to run the D’Antoni attack when they meet with former cross town rival Jason Kidd on Wednesday.  For years, free agent Kidd got the best of the New York Knicks as a Net, does Kidd have anything left in the tank to help the Knicks […]

And the Next New York Knick is…

If you read this in time, let me know who you think it will be.

I’m betting we walk away with Stephen Curry tonight, but with all the changes going into the draft–Shaq in Cleavland, Vince Carter in Orlando, Jamal Crawford in ATL, and let’s not forget we just bought the 29th pick at the […]

if Walsh’s stars align, the Knicks would have Rubio to run the show in Gotham

So Vescey’s got an article out that discusses the possibility of the Knicks trading up to 5 and using the 5th to get to 2, which seems kind of unlikely to me.

Hypothetical question:  what would a back court consisting of Rubio and Curry look like in today’s NBA?  Undersized, no defense, how would that […]

4 days, 8 hours, 56 minutes, and 5 seconds until we find out…

Well, the draft is in a few days, we have that to look forward to as Knicks fans. Reports coming from around the league have us offering Wilson Chandler to Washington in an effort to move up in the draft. I’m not sure how I feel about that given Chandler’s development in […]