Ricky Rubio and Stephen Curry declare entry in 2009 NBA draft

I know we have major defensive issues to address this offseason (it has been this way since Van Gundy left for those who are actually keeping tabs), but I wouldn’t mind having both of these guys join the Knicks. Walsh needs to work his mojo and trade up to get a top three pick. After we gutted the team and sent Crawful and ZBo packing, we basically had a full team of reserves with no legit starters. Chandler may be a legit starter in a year or two, but he is not there yet. Duhon was at first, but he fell apart as the season progressed.

Rubio looks like he could run D’Antoni’s offense with more finesse than (dare I say it?) Nash. Curry is at a disadvantage because he is an undersized two, but how can you question this kid’s NBA range? If people like Steve Kerr can play in the league, this guy can play in the league IMHO.