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Stick a fork in us?

Danilo was sent packing to Italy to see if the Italian doctors can confirm that he needs back surgery.

Duhon, due to the heavy minutes of the season, is not the same in terms of the effectiveness he displayed earlier for the Knicks at the one spot.

David Lee sat out last […]

What does LeBron do in his spare time?

Watch Knicks games, I guess…

State of affairs

Just a few thoughts before the game against Cleveland starts in a few minutes…

We are currently in third in the Atlantic division, can’t remember the last time we were that high up. We’re on the heels of the 8th seed of the playoffs with a month and a half to go in the season. […]

Carlos Delfino?

According to Knick beat writer Frank Isola, the Knicks are talking to Carlos Delfino, who is currently playing basketball in Russia. Would Delfino be brought in to backup Chris Duhon, who has done a great job at point guard this season for the Knicks? Could this move signify more roster changes this summer for Donnie […]

Certain 2010 NBA free agents afraid of NY Media?

It has been a while since I’ve seen an NBA article by George Willis, good to read he’s still around.

Tough game to watch last night. They were able to control the tempo, which of course, spelled our doom. After the first quarter we had 31 or so, I thought it was still possible, […]

D-twice as nice?

Demetrius Nichols, recently signed to a 10-day, continues the management’s trend to overlook the glaring defensive holes on this roster in favor of another Roberson.

I didn’t agree when we cut this guy the first time around, so its nice to see him earn another chance, but if he can’t defend, then I’m not sure […]