Stick a fork in us?

Danilo was sent packing to Italy to see if the Italian doctors can confirm that he needs back surgery.

Duhon, due to the heavy minutes of the season, is not the same in terms of the effectiveness he displayed earlier for the Knicks at the one spot.

David Lee sat out last night’s loss to the Magic in Orlando with knee problems.  He is currently listed as day-to-day but remarked that he wants to play in tomorrow’s game against the Magic at Madison Square Garden.

We’ve lost four in a row at this point.

Keep looking at the loss column as the regular season draws to its close.  Right now, the Knicks have already lost 41 games on the season.  The team currently in the 8th position with little more than a month to go in the regular season is Chicago.  The Bulls have lost 38 games this season.  The team that finishes in the 8th spot will have the formidable distinction of facing LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavs in the first round of the 2009 NBA Playoffs.

Haven’t had the chance to catch much march madness this year, haven’t had the chance to catch the Knicks as much as I’d usually prefer, the new job has been such a time and energy sucker this season.  I do want to go to some Knick home games in April, hopefully that will happen.

Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni still thinks the Knicks are in the race for the 8th and final playoff spot in the east, I read somewhere he believes 37 wins gets you into the playoffs.  I don’t agree.  40 wins might not get you in if certain teams start to get hot.

State of affairs

Just a few thoughts before the game against Cleveland starts in a few minutes…

We are currently in third in the Atlantic division, can’t remember the last time we were that high up. We’re on the heels of the 8th seed of the playoffs with a month and a half to go in the season. From here on in, watch the loss column more than the win column in the standings. Right now, the 8th seed belongs to Milwaukee, who have lost 38 games on the season. The Knicks have lost 37 games on the season coming into tonight’s game against LeBron James and the Cavs.

The Knicks have won three in a row on the road, something they have not accomplished in quite some time, but it is nice to see the Knicks in contention for a playoff spot around this time of year, because this has not been the case in nearly a decade.

Knicks fans deserve better. Glad to see Walsh and D’Antoni recognize that, respect that and strive for that. Improvement is coming, if not this year, then the next.

Let’s go Knicks! Harrington just missed the first shot of the game…

Certain 2010 NBA free agents afraid of NY Media?

It has been a while since I’ve seen an NBA article by George Willis, good to read he’s still around.

Tough game to watch last night. They were able to control the tempo, which of course, spelled our doom. After the first quarter we had 31 or so, I thought it was still possible, but with Lee was on the bench for a good portion of the fourth, and Nate not able to stop Felton from driving into the paint due to the size difference, we started clanging three point shots because that was all we could get, and that was that.

It was a winnable game, because Charlotte didn’t have a strong offense, but they had that Larry Brown stamp of approval defensively, and it completely disrupted what D’Antoni hoped to do on the Garden floor last night.

Kudos to the former D’Antoni players Bell and Diaw, they both played very well for Charlotte.

Brown said before the game that if the Knicks make the playoffs that Nate should be considered for the Sixth Man of the Year award. Nate has certainly been the scoring catalyst for this team since the all-star break. Yet I still think with all his physical talent, he could do even more defensively, i.e. reading the passing lanes and anticipating, just being a ball hawk like Mookie, Payton or even that other guy that used to play for Charlotte, Muggsy. The talent is there, it is just a matter of how he wants to use it.

D-twice as nice?

Demetrius Nichols, recently signed to a 10-day, continues the management’s trend to overlook the glaring defensive holes on this roster in favor of another Roberson.

I didn’t agree when we cut this guy the first time around, so its nice to see him earn another chance, but if he can’t defend, then I’m not sure why we’re doing it.  Don’t we already have enough stockpiled shooters?

In other news, E__y Curry is practicing for the team.  With Jerome James’ departure at the trade deadline, I vote for Curry as most reviled Knick currently on the roster.  And it wasn’t always that way, because people–myself included–used to cheer for this player when he actually played for the Knicks.  But, like your Jamal Crawfords, and your Stephon Marburys, over time, you realize you wasted your Knick loyalty on these players, and I look forward to the day when E__y is no longer wearing orange and blue.

The next game is tomorrow night against the Bobcats.