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Marbury finally gone, Superman comes to the Garden with his first-place team

Fresh off a 41 point game and a dunk contest victory (literally) over Dwight Howard, spark plug Nate Robinson will battle the magic tonight while I’m stuck in my weekly night class.  I’m sure it will be a good game, both teams have new players they’re trying phase into their respective systems, but skip seems […]

Shake and Bake Indeed

Quincy Douby next on Walsh’s list?

I kind of know what to expect with Larry Hughes and Chris Wilcox, but Douby, somebody remind me, what is his game like?  I don’t remember.  He was born in Brooklyn, went to Rutgers, that’s his background, but what about his pro career thus far?  Isola is the source for this next possible move by […]

On Hughes and Wilcox, plus Nate on Letterman

Yes indeed it is a good day when you can say that bum known as Jerome James is no longer associated with the New York Knicks.  We picked up a few players in Larry Hughes and Chris Wilcox that I am looking forward to watching in D’Antoni’s system.  Obviously we were expecting Mobley to come […]

Donnie Walsh’s New York Pacers?

With the trade deadline on the horizon, the 21-31 Knicks are rumored to be shopping Malik Rose’s expiring contract in order to get a big.

Which big, you ask?

32-year old seven-footer Brad Miller.

Although he is a decent scorer/rebounder, I don’t think this is a long-term solution to the Knicks’ defensive crisis.

Despite the […]

The True Litmus Test is this Week

Obviously when you have the top three teams coming to Madison Square Garden, we’ll be able to see just how far we’ve come in recent weeks since Gallinari has come off the IR list and become active.

No, it is not all Gallinari, we’ve got Lee playing well, Nate playing well after crawling out of […]