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Don’t look now…

Don’t want to jinx any momentum with this most recent win over Atlanta, but it brings us to a record of 20-25.  Why is this mediocre record significant, you ask?  Because we won a total of 23 games for the entire season last year.  Considering we’ve not yet reached the all-star break, typically a point […]

A few points I’d like to make

1. The days of Inside the NBA winning awards appears to be over.

Gary Payton sucks at Inside the NBA.  I can’t watch that show anymore.  I have stopped watching it, Charles Barkley was bothering me because he seemed to be drunk on the air (I honestly felt this way before any DUI was reported) […]

Why not make a push for Earl Watson?

You knew after the draft in June that it was only a matter of time before Westbrook took that job from Earl Watson, but if he is available via a trade, would the Knicks try to aquire his back court services?

Should the Knicks even try to get him?  Who knows if the Knicks have […]