Don’t look now…

Don’t want to jinx any momentum with this most recent win over Atlanta, but it brings us to a record of 20-25.  Why is this mediocre record significant, you ask?  Because we won a total of 23 games for the entire season last year.  Considering we’ve not yet reached the all-star break, typically a point of reference for the “halftime” of our NBA season, I think it is safe to say that this Knicks team is on the upswing, and Knicks fans can see the light at the end of the Madison Square Garden tunnel.

With those four guys coming off the bench, we now have a very potent offensive team that other teams’ benches can not compete with offensively.

We may not have to wait until after 2010 for the playoffs, if people get/stay healthy, and the dead weight is shed in support of more role players.  Goodbye to you, Jerome James, Stephon Marbury, and Eddy Curry.  You have no future in New York, because you provide us with nothing on a consistent basis.

Again, don’t want to jinx it, but as Nas would say,

“it aint hard to tell,”

the Knicks are improving from what they once were:  the laughing stock of the NBA.

A few points I’d like to make

1. The days of Inside the NBA winning awards appears to be over.

Gary Payton sucks at Inside the NBA.  I can’t watch that show anymore.  I have stopped watching it, Charles Barkley was bothering me because he seemed to be drunk on the air (I honestly felt this way before any DUI was reported) and almost everything out of his mouth was basically garbage.  He’s one of the biggest Knick haters I’ve ever seen, and he did so even when the Knicks did not suck.  The height of Inside the NBA in my opinion was when it was just Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith.  It was all downhill from there, although I like when Magic comes on SOMETIMES.

Yeah Gary, we know you killed Stockton 1-on-1 but you reminded me of Marbury tonight with all that I should have been on there instead of him talk.  You’re obviously still bitter about it, although you shouldn’t be considering your accomplishments since that time.  You should be respectful if you’re going to be on tv, unless they hired you to come in and assume Barkley’s blatant disrespect.

And Chris Webber slouches to 45 degree angles in Magic’s spot.  Sit up straight C-Webb, it doesn’t look good.

I feel sorry for Kenny and Ernie with all the screaming and nonsense that goes on now.

2.  We do not need Jermaine O’Neal in New York, and I know this may be falling on deaf ears since Walsh obviously is a fan.  Hold out for someone better, like Bosh or Durant.   We have the money to burn, we just need the cap space to pull the trigger.  Walsh is working on this of course.  O’Neal would help with defense, but he is not a good choice due to his age and the fact that nobody wants to keep him.

3.  All the Gallinari haters, I remember who you are.  I hope he stays healthy long enough to prove all the doubters wrong.  Fair-weather NYK fans are the worst.  You trashed him for months, called him a Euro, called him white like Donnie Walsh, called him weak, now if he proves himself in NYK, please turn in your Knick fan card and go shopping for a new team, you haters.

And if he gets hurt again (hopefully not) go ahead and talk about Bayless again.  I don’t care about bayless at all.  I’ll still root for our draft pick.  I rooted for Mike Sweetney until the day he was traded away for that matter.

Why not make a push for Earl Watson?

You knew after the draft in June that it was only a matter of time before Westbrook took that job from Earl Watson, but if he is available via a trade, would the Knicks try to aquire his back court services?

Should the Knicks even try to get him?  Who knows if the Knicks have anything the Thunder would want at this point.  Obviously this is not a team that’s trying to get under the cap, letting Rashard Lewis and other big money players walk out the door to make the move out of Seattle.

Obviously Walsh isn’t going for anyone D’Antoni doesn’t approve of, and I’ve no idea if D’Antoni likes Watson’s game, but I’d have to think Waston would be an upgrade off the bench over the recently exported Mardy Collins or the more recently disappearing Roberson.

Just bloggin’