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Happy New Year’s Eve… And now a word from Stephon Marbury

I got a chuckle from the commenter who named himself, “Lets throw shoes at Steph.” Now that is a Knicks fan in my book.

Its cool that Stephon feels like expressing himself via a blog, but it also reveals a bit about himself. Did he mention his estranged teammates once during his post?

You’ve Gilbert […]

Again Curry’s name comes up in Bobcats rumors

Supposedly in exchange for Raja Bell and Boris Diaw.

I have no response to any such trade.

Who doesn’t play better under Mike D’Antoni?

Congrats to the first Knick in a long time to win player of the week:

Al Harrington

Tonight we play in Phoenix, obviously a big game for our head coach Mike D. Nash was in the papers today claiming he feels like he’s been traded. Steve Kerr is a complete idiot if […]

Ewing Jr. Joins Knicks-affiliated D-League Team

Should only be a matter of weeks before something gives and a real roster spot for Ewing opens up.

Of course you could argue that we need more immediate help in the back court.

But I’d like to hear anyone argue that we don’t need any help playing fundamentally sound interior defense.

It is true […]

8-11 and upcoming games are on the road, Can Mike D pull the team together?

I have a friend who will be at the Knicks-Nets game on the 10th.

Mobley’s heart problem really makes it difficult to makeup for the points we lost with crawford.

Interior D was bad before and after the trades, I doubt another trade is coming any time soon to address the issue unless anyone wants […]

31-30 after one. I knew this would be a good game

Jeffries is back and playing well.  I just hope he stays healthy enough to play.

To answer your question JohnQ, I don’t think you can with just running and gunning, BUT the fact that a team is running implies to me either you’re getting some rebounds or getting some steals.

This team does have people […]