Happy New Year’s Eve… And now a word from Stephon Marbury

I got a chuckle from the commenter who named himself, “Lets throw shoes at Steph.” Now that is a Knicks fan in my book.

Its cool that Stephon feels like expressing himself via a blog, but it also reveals a bit about himself. Did he mention his estranged teammates once during his post?

You’ve Gilbert Arenas’ famous blog, you’ve got nate with his award-winning blog, and I know Alan Hahn mentioned that another Knick would be stepping in to fill Jamal Crawford’s shoes now that he is no longer qualified to be the resident Knick blogger. Makes sense that after buying air time in the form of a front row seat in Los Angeles that Stephon would exhaust another means of screwing the Knicks by busting out the laptop and telling his side of the story.

You have the choice to believe Marbury or D’Antoni. They’re both technically Knicks. Not that Stephon is much more qualified to be a Knick these days other than the paychecks Jimmy D is still signing.

Marbury also didn’t address Marc Berman with much more respect than to use only his last name. This speaks volumes to me, because Berman has been the sole beat writer in Marbury’s corner throughout his fallout with the Knicks. There are other beat writers who have speculated as to why this is, but I won’t go there because it is obvious to those who can read between the lines.

I don’t know about Stephon. He won’t hire an agent to negotiate a buyout, but he obviously hired someone to help him write that blog post.

‘just bloggin’

Thanks to some of the die-hards that are still blogging with me here at Knicks defense. You know who you are because you are reading this. I may have a new career keeping me from blogging with the frequency our of inaugural year, but ‘m not going anywhere and I’m still a Knick fan till my last breath.

’til 2009 and beyond,


Ewing Jr. Joins Knicks-affiliated D-League Team

Should only be a matter of weeks before something gives and a real roster spot for Ewing opens up.

Of course you could argue that we need more immediate help in the back court.

But I’d like to hear anyone argue that we don’t need any help playing fundamentally sound interior defense.

It is true what they say, you can’t teach height. But it seems equally true that you can’t teach heart, otherwise Eddy Curry would be an all-star every year and would play defense for once.

Knicks need this win in Jersey tonight pretty badly.

I think they have a good chance to win, but Jersey obviously has the better record, so we’ll see…

I had to include this photos of the amazing alley that Chandler threw to Q. You’d think it would be the other way around but if you saw it, you know it was a great play.

Quentin Richardson dunk

8-11 and upcoming games are on the road, Can Mike D pull the team together?

I have a friend who will be at the Knicks-Nets game on the 10th.

Mobley’s heart problem really makes it difficult to makeup for the points we lost with crawford.

Interior D was bad before and after the trades, I doubt another trade is coming any time soon to address the issue unless anyone wants the expiring contract of Malik Rose. But taking on more cap space doesn’t seem like the direction Walsh is going in these days. Look for the interior D to continue to suck.

31-30 after one. I knew this would be a good game

Jeffries is back and playing well.  I just hope he stays healthy enough to play.

To answer your question JohnQ, I don’t think you can with just running and gunning, BUT the fact that a team is running implies to me either you’re getting some rebounds or getting some steals.

This team does have people who can steal the ball, it is the interior area where their defensive deficiencies expose themselves.

That said, we’re a couple of all-stars and a shot blocker away from getting deep into the playoffs.  Uncle Don will take care of that the summer of 2010.  All the haters don’t believe, while the true Knick fans know that summer marks the end of all this “misery,” as Pat Riley called  it.

Jeffries just fell down again.

Calm down, dude.