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Losing culture is already changing at 2 Penn Plaza

This is not your previous year’s New York Knicks.

Here we are, 20% of the season already gone. Two major trades that sent our top two scorers out west and in return we received only two healthy bodies and some cap space to be used at some point down the road.

Here […]

Crawford’s back in town…

This one could get ugly unless Mike D’Antoni figures out how to get his short-handed Knicks to win a basketball game.

Just staying competitive would be an improvement upon the previous two outings…

The writing wasn’t on the wall, it was on the t-shirts they gave away outside of MSG on Tuesday night…


Tim Thomas again?

Didn’t he suck badly enough the first time he was a Knick?

He’s not going to be adding interior D.  Yes, he can hit a three point shot once a game, but…

I don’t know what this team will look like once the smoke clears from these rumor bombshells.

Stay tuned…

Ewing Jr. spotted hanging around Knicks practice facility

Could it be,

4-2 and going for win #5…

Three and two? We haven’t been this good in years

I can not remember the last time the New York Knicks were over .500, and I’ve been paying close attention to the formerly poorly managed team over the past eight or so years.

The buzz right now is about David Lee being benched for one game while Wilson Chandler gets the start at 3/4 (depending […]