Losing culture is already changing at 2 Penn Plaza

This is not your previous year’s New York Knicks.

Here we are, 20% of the season already gone. Two major trades that sent our top two scorers out west and in return we received only two healthy bodies and some cap space to be used at some point down the road.

Here we are, 8-8, hovering at .500, despite a couple recent blowouts in the aftermath of the capspace moves. We still don’t have enough healthy bodies to even practice, but we managed to get a win last night with only 7 players in the rotation. Golden State was without their big guns, but a win is a win in the NBA.

Here we are, in the 8th playoff spot as of today, without Stephon Marbury’s services, but still with all of his negative karma, for now. D’Antoni isn’t going to let him play no matter what, but that hasn’t stopped Marbury from making headlines and causing turmoil in the locker room.

If Mobley never plays in a Knick uni, and D’Antoni gets this particular group of short, no-defense players to somehow get into the first round of the playoffs, he deserves coach of the year. Last year’s Knicks team won just 23 games. It is still November and we’re on pace to nearly double that number of wins.

To no one’s suprise, Lee’s numbers are up since Zach Randolph has been moved. Lee may or may not be here by the time the summer of 2010 rolls along, but Walsh isn’t about to let him walk for nothing, should he have to go.

What was our record at this time last year? We were still talking about ABS last year at this time, not that Stephon Marbury this year is any sort of conversational upgrade, but it seems to me that the powers that be at MSG have pinpointed the problem, and since they have, the Knicks haven’t lost as much as they have in recent years.

Duhon should pay someone to optimize his name in google search so that all those girls from Duke University don’t come up.  Not a single return in a Knicks uni, just lap dances from white girls at undisclosed locations.

But on the court, he’s doing just fine as a Knick IMO.

Three and two? We haven’t been this good in years

I can not remember the last time the New York Knicks were over .500, and I’ve been paying close attention to the formerly poorly managed team over the past eight or so years.

The buzz right now is about David Lee being benched for one game while Wilson Chandler gets the start at 3/4 (depending on your perception of exactly what Zach Randolph does for the Knicks). D’Antoni claims this was just for the match-up against Jamison (he still put up 24 and 12 against us), but when you consider that D’Antoni likes players that can shoot and are well-rounded in terms of basketball skills, I don’t think it will be Chandler’s last start of the young season, especially with the contract extension issues between David Lee and the New York Knicks.

Everyone seems to be playing well right now. I want to give credit to Walsh and D’Antoni for picking up Duhon and trusting that he can run the show. Nate Robinson has been phenomenal in D’Antoni’s system, and there was a time during the game when Crawford was on the bench and Nate was in the game and I just felt glad.

I don’t know about Roberson. If you let anyone in the NBA shoot that many threes, eventually you’ll make one, does that make you a three point specialist? Part of me wishes we’d kept Patrick Ewing Jr, but since we’re going for LeBron in 2010, how much burn would he get by then anyway?

The keepers thus far in a house-cleaning season:

Nate (second in the league in points off the bench last I checked)

Chandler (upside city)

Duhon (at least until LeBron or Wade gets to bring up the ball dressed in Orange and Blue)

Lee (a competitor, despite the slight loss of hops, he’s got the fire and desire that eddy curry wishes he could just buy)

Hey, Crawford and Randolph are playing well in the system right now, but I’d still rather move them down the road.

In the meantime, LGK.


Who would have thought that kind of record would please Knicks fans so much? We’ve come a long way since the 90’s, when anything less than the eastern conference finals was a disappointment for knicks fans.