Eddy Curry had a questionable summer

I believe one article quoted D’Antoni as saying “could be better, could be worse,” with regard to Eddy Curry’s off-season conditioning coming into Knicks training camp 2008.

This was the summer Eddy was supposed to give 110% towards being in great shape. If Mike D’Antoni can’t motivate Curry to put in the hard work, nothing except a contract year will (that goes for Jerome James as well).

Can a coach with a lot of heart ever instill fire and desire in a player with questionable heart?  It must come from within.

Zach Randolph Not Going Anywhere

Alan Hahn is reporting on Knicks Fix that the Z-Bo to Memphis deal has soured.

Over the summer, Donnie Walsh has had plenty of opportunities to deal Z-Bo. For whatever reason, he has resisted. Walsh does not want to be short changed for one of the select few players able to average 20 points and 10 rebounds per game.

Getting Darko in the trade would have at least boosted the Knicks’ shot blocking ability on the front line.

Right now with Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph up front, the duo combines to average 0.7 blocks per game. This defensive deficiency was illustrated by the fact that many players had their season highs against the knicks this past season.

That’s what I’m talking about…

“I mean, I love offense. Why wouldn’t I? I love him,” Wade told Newsday while in New York. “We’re in practice, I love [Portland Trailblazers coach] Nate McMillan, but I want to be on Mike D’Antoni’s team because Nate is preaching all defense and Mike is preaching all offense.”

D-Wade would be my next pick after LeBron in the 2010 free agency cornucopia of top-tier talent.

Some people may say 2010 is just a way to set the bar low (if those same people realize how low the bar has in fact been the past six-to-eight years remains to be seen) but I do think it is the smart thing to do at this point even if it means two more years of bad basketball, by the time those two years are up we could be a contender for the Atlantic division.

I’d rather have D-Wade in two years than Kobe. I really liked what I saw of D-Wade in the Olympics. Looks like his back has healed up well.


Nothing to write about with regard to the Knicks, but I was sick of seeing the old post so I’ll just add this and continue waiting for either something to happen, or for training camp to arrive. I hope it is the former case because the Knicks as they are currently constructed are in for a long season.

OK, maybe a short season: 82 games and no playoffs with this roster is more likely.

The 2010 plan is the opposite of the “pull the band aid off quickly” syndrome: things may get better down the road for the Knicks, but LeBron this and D-Wade that is all at the expense of the now.

Anyone have season tickets for this year?

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Darko, Marko, Gallo and a Dukie: Pull the trigger, or put the gun down?

Congrats to my favorite Knick ever Patrick Ewing for making it into the hall of fame this year.

Don’t have time for a proper post, but I did want to put up a new poll to ask all the defenders in cyberspace what they think of this trade that appears to be going down this week.

I can honestly say I have no idea what the Knicks will look like come late October. Maybe that’s a good thing, because at this time last year, I thought for sure we’d win 46 games and finally make the playoffs. Just look at what happened. What a disgrace.

You know there are some Knick fans out there that won’t even watch basketball until the Knicks stop sucking so hard. You may know someone like that, I know several Knicks fans that are like that. And because such a large majority of the Knick fans out there feel that way, I’d say anyone that was still watching last year during the fourth consecutive 20-30 win season is in fact a believer.

And unless you’re turning on the game to root against the Knicks (yes, there will be bloggers this season that claim to be Knick fans that are in fact haters now that their beloved president/coach is gone) I’d say you’re still a believer.

Is there any light at the end of this dark tunnel?

Looks like it might take until about 2010 to climb out of it and find out.