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Gallo Out for the Preseason

Not good.

Eddy Curry had a questionable summer

I believe one article quoted D’Antoni as saying “could be better, could be worse,” with regard to Eddy Curry’s off-season conditioning coming into Knicks training camp 2008.

This was the summer Eddy was supposed to give 110% towards being in great shape. If Mike D’Antoni can’t motivate Curry to put in the hard work, nothing […]

Zach Randolph Not Going Anywhere

Alan Hahn is reporting on Knicks Fix that the Z-Bo to Memphis deal has soured.

Over the summer, Donnie Walsh has had plenty of opportunities to deal Z-Bo. For whatever reason, he has resisted. Walsh does not want to be short changed for one of the select few players able to average 20 points and […]

That’s what I’m talking about…

“I mean, I love offense. Why wouldn’t I? I love him,” Wade told Newsday while in New York. “We’re in practice, I love [Portland Trailblazers coach] Nate McMillan, but I want to be on Mike D’Antoni’s team because Nate is preaching all defense and Mike is preaching all offense.”

D-Wade would be my next pick […]


Nothing to write about with regard to the Knicks, but I was sick of seeing the old post so I’ll just add this and continue waiting for either something to happen, or for training camp to arrive. I hope it is the former case because the Knicks as they are currently constructed are in for […]

Darko, Marko, Gallo and a Dukie: Pull the trigger, or put the gun down?

Congrats to my favorite Knick ever Patrick Ewing for making it into the hall of fame this year.

Don’t have time for a proper post, but I did want to put up a new poll to ask all the defenders in cyberspace what they think of this trade that appears to be going down this […]