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Son of a Gun-ner!

Patrick Ewing, Jr is a Knick.

Frederick Weis, the worst draft pick in this generation of Knicks basketball that I am aware of, is finally gone.

Today is a good day.

Thanks to Paulnoize for breaking it here on Knicksdefense in the last post.

I have not seen very much of Ew2’s […]

LeBronze turns into gold

The gold medal game against Spain was indeed some beautiful basketball to witness.

Looks like Pau’s brother Marc Gasol is going to be factor in the NBA when he laces them up for Memphis this season. They have different games, Marc seems more of a bruiser in contrast to Pau’s finesse. The Fernandez kid looks […]


2010: Who’s on first?

All right, they might not be saying the right things off the court, but TEAM USA is kicking ass this Olympics, and it is nice to see the U.S. back at the top of the rankings where they belong.

Obviously Donnie Walsh is pulling some punches this offseason, not giving up Zbo in any type […]

“Leaders” of Team USA put themselves up for sale on the global market

The reports out of Beijing recently have on separate occasions quoted LeBron James and Kobe Bryant as saying they’d leave the NBA to play in Europe for the right price, somewhere in the vicinity of $50 million a year.

Now before you tell me “who wouldn’t,” think about how much C.R.E.A.M. these two heavily sponsored […]

Happy Birthday to Knicks Defense

It has been one full year of having the pleasure of blogging with some of the sharpest basketball minds in cyberspace.  Thank you for reading and contributing to Knicks Defense.  It has been a blast.  I look forward to next season, which will hopefully–not definitely–bring improvement to our troubled Knicks.

In just […]


Just reading the reactions on some of the other blogs to the Renaldo trade.

Were we watching the same Renaldo?

Yes, Renaldo was the best shot-blocker on the team. That’s not saying much when you have Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph up front along with Quentin Richardson. Chandler could have duplicated, if not improved upon, […]

New York Knicks: Then and Now

I apologize for the lack of posts towards the end of July. Not much happening in Knicks land right now, so I figure we might as well take inventory of just what we had at the end of 2007-2008 New York Knicks season, and what exactly we have as of right now, having just past […]