Son of a Gun-ner!

Patrick Ewing, Jr is a Knick.

Frederick Weis, the worst draft pick in this generation of Knicks basketball that I am aware of, is finally gone.

Today is a good day.

Thanks to Paulnoize for breaking it here on Knicksdefense in the last post.

I have not seen very much of Ew2’s game, but for those of you that have, is he any better than Malik Rose? If so, we’ll take him.

This sort of reminds me of when Allan Houston announced that comeback at this time last season. There were defenders that considered it nothing more than a publicity stunt, and for all intensive purposes they were right. Who knows if this latest move will result in a spike in season ticket sales. If they really wanted my money all they had to do was get the OG Ewing and Oakley on that bench as assistants to teach Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph how to play Knick basketball.

Imagine if Houston makes his second comeback attempt with the Knicks? Maybe if we could have sent Zbo packing earlier this summer we could have had Camby back as well. Houston, Camby, Ewing, throw in a Spree and a JVG and you’ve got nostalgia, if not another lottery team…

But I say give the kid a chance, if he at least has the heart and hustle that his father brought to the basketball court every night for 15 years, he may earn a spot on this roster ahead of career underachievers such as Jerome James.

Oh, did you guys hear? I heard Marbury is buying a jet of some kind. Whatever.

Goodbye Freddy… We should have drafted Artest, but you already knew that, didn’t you?

Jacked this clip from Berman’s. Enjoy.

LeBronze turns into gold

The gold medal game against Spain was indeed some beautiful basketball to witness.

Looks like Pau’s brother Marc Gasol is going to be factor in the NBA when he laces them up for Memphis this season. They have different games, Marc seems more of a bruiser in contrast to Pau’s finesse. The Fernandez kid looks like he’ll more than hold his own for the Portland Trailblazers, and this Ricky Rubio is going to make a good point guard for some lucky NBA team.

It was a physical game, and the refs were still bad, but at least the US knew not to let it get to them. Something is wrong with that court they played on in China because players kept slipping and falling and D Wade continued to risk re-injury with the moves he was putting on throughout the contest. Both teams gave all they could give, but thanks to our basketball heroes, we upgraded our Bronze Medal from ’04 to the Gold Medal here in 2008.

Why aren’t there more basketball events than just one? No offense, but half of the events I witnessed (some exciting, some boring, quite frankly) these past few weeks made me wonder if they shouldn’t just expand basketball to include three-on-three and whatever else they can come up with. Some of those competitions had 11 or 12 variations to them, why is there just one Olympic basketball competition for each gender?

In terms of the New York Knicks, however, things could not have gone any better. This is what Walsh was thinking when he hired Mike D’Antoni: they won the gold and that bond between the players and coaches will last a lifetime.

No one will ever be able to take away what LeBron, Kobe, CP3, Melo, D Wade and the rest won together as a team in Beijing the other night. They worked together for three years (during the time they usually dedicate to rest from the rigors of the NBA schedule) to become a real team and now they can enjoy the fruits of their labor. You could see the joy in their faces. Good for them, and good for the USA.

Congratulations to TEAM USA, 2008 OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALISTS


Jerry Colangelo, Mike D’Antoni, Nate McMillan, Carlos Boozer, Tayshaun Prince, Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, Michael Redd, Jim Boeheim, Mike Krzyzewski

Deron Williams, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Jason Kidd, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul

2010: Who’s on first?

All right, they might not be saying the right things off the court, but TEAM USA is kicking ass this Olympics, and it is nice to see the U.S. back at the top of the rankings where they belong.

Obviously Donnie Walsh is pulling some punches this offseason, not giving up Zbo in any type of fire sale, and not trading or buying out Stephon Marbury having already secured Chris Duhon for point guard duties. I think the Knicks actions this offseason (or lack thereof depending on your point of view) are consistent with what Walsh has been saying all along: he’s going to wait it out and get under the cap.

So who on the redeem team are you feeling? Besides the TEAM USA 2010 free agents, there are other big-time players also on the market that year. Who would be the best for the New York Knicks?
Anyone who still claims “thou shalt not covet another team’s players” at this point still doesn’t realize the Knicks are under new management and are eventually going in another direction. After all, we’ve been going in the same general direction for too long now.

“Leaders” of Team USA put themselves up for sale on the global market

The reports out of Beijing recently have on separate occasions quoted LeBron James and Kobe Bryant as saying they’d leave the NBA to play in Europe for the right price, somewhere in the vicinity of $50 million a year.

Now before you tell me “who wouldn’t,” think about how much C.R.E.A.M. these two heavily sponsored players have already earned through their high profile American sponsors. Nike, Coke, Mickey D’s, the list goes on and on and we can thank Michael Jordan’s trajectory for the boatloads of dollars thrown at basketball’s top athletes these days.

The problem I have with it is this: we’re in the middle of an Olympics and they’re being baited with these questions, and they’re taking the bait. Instead of saying, America is my home, I love America for everything I’ve been blessed with while living there, they’re saying this: for the right price, I’d pack my stuff and leave, and would not look back.

How is that for patriotism?

Is there a need for more money? Who here in America would consider either of these two players by any means underpaid?

My brother took our 2004 fall-to-bronze medal the hardest. Like most of us he wants to see USA basketball back at the top where it belongs. I too very much want to see USA back on that gold pedestal. Yet with these kinds of business-is-business, money-is-money attitudes on display right smack in the middle of an Olympic competition, maybe it is time to admit the best players are not necessarily from the USA, because, off the court, the most gifted athletes from here aren’t much more than astute businessmen with their mind on their money and their money on their mind.

Beckham, see what you’ve gone and started?

Happy Birthday to Knicks Defense


It has been one full year of having the pleasure of blogging with some of the sharpest basketball minds in cyberspace.  Thank you for reading and contributing to Knicks Defense.  It has been a blast.  I look forward to next season, which will hopefully–not definitely–bring improvement to our troubled Knicks.

In just one year, through a myriad of debates and opinions, we blogged in 223 posts and 23425 comments on our New York Knicks.  As passionate Knicks fans, we started the game day live blog that is now being copied by the others.   We even managed to offend Frank Isola, so we must have been doing something right.  Some of our best bloggers, through their innovation, invented great catch phrases that are now being used all over the net.

Again, thank you all for just bloggin’ here on


Just reading the reactions on some of the other blogs to the Renaldo trade.

Were we watching the same Renaldo?

Yes, Renaldo was the best shot-blocker on the team. That’s not saying much when you have Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph up front along with Quentin Richardson. Chandler could have duplicated, if not improved upon, Renaldo’s blocked shots had he gotten any burn.

Yes, Renaldo was a fan favorite at the Garden.   Renaldo is hustle player that will dive for the ball any chance he can get. But was Renaldo developing since we took him at #20 in 2006? What skills did he pick up since that first summer league in Vegas?

Renaldo has limited upside, especially because he can’t shoot. This is very important in D’Antoni’s system, and will be the reason why another fan favorite by the name of David Lee will eventually be shopped and quite possibly dealt for another piece to Walsh’s puzzle down the road.

I like Renaldo and I like Lee, but I realize that the Knicks have not been winning games so it is common sense to me that the makeup of the team should be altered.  It is a little difficult right now to move Q or Jeffries or Randolph, so you start with a Balkman or Lee because they’re still on their rookie contracts.

Walsh is going after team players with clearly developed basketball skills. Not raw athleticism like Trevor or Renaldo, not a guy like Crawford that did not play organized basketball until he was a junior in high school (Jamal is 28, when are people going to stop talking about what Jamal will be, and start to really focus on what Jamal is). Well-roundedness, basketball fundamentals, sharing the basketball, being a good teammate, those are the qualities D’Antoni is looking for, and that’s what Walsh is trying to supply despite the salary cap quagmire.

Over the next two or three years, nobody is safe on this roster.


In other news, the beginning of August brings us a reminder of some revered people.

Happy Birthday to a few of my favorite people:

Robin : August 3rd

Louis Armstrong : August 4th

my mom : August 5th

Patrick Ewing : August 5th

and, we have a birthday coming up here on Knicks Defense in a few days :  August 6th 2007, our first post.

New York Knicks: Then and Now

I apologize for the lack of posts towards the end of July. Not much happening in Knicks land right now, so I figure we might as well take inventory of just what we had at the end of 2007-2008 New York Knicks season, and what exactly we have as of right now, having just past the midpoint of the off-season.

Of course, this can all change at any minute. The powers that be continue to alter this well-documented losing roster. Considering the low stock value of some of our more expensive players, it may take some time to really put together a cohesive and competitive Knicks basketball team.

My barber is from Italy. He’s around 70 years old, an old-school guy named Pete. I don’t know how much Pete really knows about NBA basketball in the 21st century, but I was getting a cut the other day, and I was talking to Pete about D’Antoni and Gallinari and he said “watch them win the title next year.” I laughed, and respectfully replied, “I think it’s going to take a little more time before they can compete for a title.”

But I like the positive thinking. You have to aim high if you’re going to hit your mark. I hear that’s what D’Antoni is all about. I’m just glad they’re no longer pouring gasoline on the salary cap fire. Just because MSG has money to burn doesn’t mean they should literally burn it. We’ve had this problem since the days of Patrick Ewing, trying to get the quick fix. Someone finally stepped up, took the helm and decided to take on a new approach, hopefully the right approach to the problem.