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Knicks waste no time and cut Taurean Green and Bobby Jones

I doubt these two former Denver players even made the trip to New York.

As for Renaldo Balkman, best of luck to TAZ in Denver and beyond.  As a rookie, his was the jersey I wanted to get, but last year he did little for the Knicks, so I understand why Walsh pulled the trigger […]

Knicks ink Roberson, play Spurs today at 4pm

After shooting the lights out in the first summer league game, the Knicks have signed Anthony Roberson to a two-year deal believed to be worth the league minimum. Good for Roberson. He looked like Starks a little bit out there with the bombs from downtown. I wonder if he and David Lee played together at […]

Coach K talking up Duhon as a league leader this season

“I think he’ll flourish,” said Mike Krzyzewski, who coached Duhon for four years at Duke. “My feeling is he’ll be one of the leaders in the league in assists in Mike’s system. That will make everybody better.”

“I think he’s the kind of guy that the New York Knicks always had,” Walsh said. “A […]

No Sleep ‘Til Vegas!

Anybody see Spike Lee at the draft two weeks ago? That must have been the first time in years they didn’t cut to a close up reaction of Spike after Stern announced the Knicks’ pick. Maybe he’s on location shooting his next film. Or maybe Spike knew it was Gallinari and […]

Happy 4th of July

Hope all the defenders from all over have a safe and happy 4th of July.

This is our country; we may be going through some hard times right now with the war, but I still believe in our greatness and I look forward to better days in the future.


Duhon to decide today, Ellis probably not going anywhere

The latest word out of Orlando has the Magic offering free agent Chris Duhon a three-year deal worth $10 million as opposed to New York’s offer of $7 million over two years.

Would you rather throw alley-oops to Dwight Howard or be a point guard in Mike D’Antoni’s 7-second offense?

The kicker for Duhon of […]

Golden State offers Elton Brand $90 Million; is Monta Ellis the next player to shake loose from the Warriors?

Can the small-market Golden State Warriors afford to resign Monta Ellis after throwing the checkbook at Elton Brand today? Brand has yet to say yes, but how do you say no to 90 mil?

If they haven’t already, teams will line up to speak with Mr. Ellis’ representation.

The Knicks’ hands are tied if they’re […]