Knicks waste no time and cut Taurean Green and Bobby Jones

I doubt these two former Denver players even made the trip to New York.

As for Renaldo Balkman, best of luck to TAZ in Denver and beyond.  As a rookie, his was the jersey I wanted to get, but last year he did little for the Knicks, so I understand why Walsh pulled the trigger on this deal.  If you’re going to make an omelette, you have to break some eggs.  Everyone knows we are fully stocked–if not overstocked–at the three.

Walsh isn’t finished making deals this summer. The roster is back down to 15 with this move, but you have to think it could easily be 12 or 13 if you consider the Summer ’08 buyout candidates:  Malik Rose, Jerome James and Stephon Marbury.  Stay tuned for more on those possibilities.

Speaking of Starbury, I heard he has a deal in place with should Steve and Barry’s close their doors due to impending bankruptcy.  I’m hoping someone comes in and buys up Steve and Barry’s because I think they’re doing noble work offering low-cost clothing and shoes to those who don’t want to pay $140 for a pair of Nikes.  It would be a shame if they have to close their doors.

Who knows?  Maybe I’ll rock the Wilson Chandler Ponys in 2008-2009.  Just make sure they make them in Knicks Orange and Blue. Those start at about $60, I hear, or the price of 6.7 pairs of Starburys / Big Bens.

Knicks ink Roberson, play Spurs today at 4pm

After shooting the lights out in the first summer league game, the Knicks have signed Anthony Roberson to a two-year deal believed to be worth the league minimum. Good for Roberson. He looked like Starks a little bit out there with the bombs from downtown. I wonder if he and David Lee played together at all at University of Florida.

Initially shot down by Donnie Walsh in their efforts to get Zach Randolph for salary cap space, the L.A. Clippers went out and pulled the trigger on their second choice for Elton Brand’s replacement, the defensive 4/5 Marcus Camby. Denver took the cap space the Knicks would not. One less team we can trade Zach Randolph to if we are still looking to do that.

I’m not trying to second guess the summer league coaching staff, but if I were for some reason the coach yesterday, I would not have played Gallinari while Robert “Tractor” Traylor was in the game. Traylor comes from a line of NBA players with histories of creating chronic injury where there wasn’t any previously. Karl Malone is another guy that comes to mind.

Tracy McGrady basically was an entirely different player before Traylor tackled him in the air many years ago. Now McGrady has chronic back problems that have limited his ability to get to the rack.

You might say that’s the NBA, and Gallinari should get used to it, and I don’t think Gallinari backed down from Traylor. Gallinari is going to fill out in the years to come, but I think there is nothing to gain putting those two against each other right now, one has a future in this league and the other is just trying to get back in.

Wilson Chandler looked absolutely great in the first game, looking forward to seeing more from our “baby matrix” maybe he’ll earn his own knickname in orange and blue this season. Glad to see he still has his hops and a steady jumpshot from the top of the key.
Nate Robinson is supposed to join the summer league team today, no word yet on if he will be the starting PG for this afternoon’s contest against the Spurs.

Coach K talking up Duhon as a league leader this season

“I think he’ll flourish,” said Mike Krzyzewski, who coached Duhon for four years at Duke. “My feeling is he’ll be one of the leaders in the league in assists in Mike’s system. That will make everybody better.”

“I think he’s the kind of guy that the New York Knicks always had,” Walsh said. “A guy that just goes out, plays hard, fits in with the team, has a role to play, will defend. Those are the kind of players we’d like to see on this team.”

So Donnie, care to elaborate as to which players you’d like to see leave this team?

I don’t know about you, but to lead the league in assists implies to me that you are a starting point guard.

Read the full Howard Beck written, New York Times article here.

No Sleep ‘Til Vegas!


Anybody see Spike Lee at the draft two weeks ago? That must have been the first time in years they didn’t cut to a close up reaction of Spike after Stern announced the Knicks’ pick. Maybe he’s on location shooting his next film. Or maybe Spike knew it was Gallinari and was boycotting the pick. It would have been interesting to see if he would have gas-faced Gallinari the way he gas-faced a then unknown David Lee back in 2006 at #30.

I think what happened recently with Gallinari and Knicks fans may mirror Spike’s initial reaction to David Lee. Nobody except for a few knew David Lee in 2006, just like right now, not a lot of Knicks fans have seen Gallinari play basketball. They haven’t seen him, but just because he’s a Euro, they think he’s weak, or not athletic enough, or too scared to come over (Fred Weis) to play in the NBA.

If any rookie comes to the garden, and shows he can play, the fans will change their minds, just like Spike changed his mind about David Lee.

Duhon to decide today, Ellis probably not going anywhere

The latest word out of Orlando has the Magic offering free agent Chris Duhon a three-year deal worth $10 million as opposed to New York’s offer of $7 million over two years.

Would you rather throw alley-oops to Dwight Howard or be a point guard in Mike D’Antoni’s 7-second offense?

The kicker for Duhon of course would be PT: in Orlando he’d be backing up starting point guard Jameer Nelson, and in New York, he’d presumably start, should Stephon Marbury be bought out or traded.

In any case, Duhon will probably make his decision today, or worst-case by tomorrow.

Looks like a coin-toss. Anyone think Mike D’Antoni is asking coach K for some leverage right about now? Not sure how much leverage your college coach has when you’re a pro signing contracts for millions of dollars.

Who would be next on the point guard list should the Knicks not get their guy? Probably Carlos Arroyo, the backup point guard the Magic are seeking to replace with–you guessed it–Chris Duhon.

Also, with Baron Davis leaving for the Clippers, apparently the Warriors will have enough cap space to resign Monta Ellis.

Golden State offers Elton Brand $90 Million; is Monta Ellis the next player to shake loose from the Warriors?

Can the small-market Golden State Warriors afford to resign Monta Ellis after throwing the checkbook at Elton Brand today? Brand has yet to say yes, but how do you say no to 90 mil?

If they haven’t already, teams will line up to speak with Mr. Ellis’ representation.

The Knicks’ hands are tied if they’re holding out for 2010’s free agents (LeBron, D-Wade, and Chris Bosh). The kind of contract Ellis would be looking for would not match the size or length of contract the Knicks are looking to use on a point guard this summer.