Heir to the point: Chris Duhon from Chi-town?

Free agency opens up tomorrow, and the Knicks are rumored to be meeting with free agent Chris Duhon and his representation about coming to New York to run the show.

It should be noted that in recent years, Duhon has been punished several times for missing Bulls team practices.

The Knicks may look very different come November–if Walsh and D’Antoni have their say.

Gunnin’ for that #1 Spot


This documentary by one of the Beastie Boys was released in the U.S. this Friday. I will be watching it as part of my summer movie must-sees. Among others, it stars recent lottery picks such as Michael Beasley, Kevin Love and Jerryd Bayless when they were still high school players. It is narrated by Bobbito Garcia–yo Bobbito, I’m still mad they gave your halftime celebrity inteview job to that girl, whatever her name is…

I wonder, if Donnie Walsh had got a sneak peak in time, would his draft choice have been any different?

Just bloggin’.

Knicks’ summer league schedule in Vegas announced

you can download the schedule here:


The Knicks don’t play until July 14th, which is a Monday. Danilo Gallinari is expected to play in the summer league, and there are rumors that some of the Knicks veterans such as Eddy Curry and Nate Robinson will participate in some of the games.

To watch the games, you either have to have MSG or go to Vegas, although some of the games may eventually be looped through NBATV.

I wonder who will coach the games…

Now’s the time

Remember this rude awakening back in October? We drove up to Boston to see the Knicks get trampled 101-61 in Allan Houston’s single game comeback in a Knicks uni. It was also KG’s first home game in a Celtics jersey. It was also the first indication that the Zach Randolph-Eddy Curry experiment would fail. Turns out those were the champs who beat us by that much. That’s how far away this current team is from competing for a championship–in other words: years.

But Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni knew this when they signed on to bring the Knicks back from the dead. Mike D’Antoni is considered by many in the NBA to be a very competitive, very positive-minded person. Donnie Walsh brings experience and a track record as president that MSG simply has not had in the 21st century.

It all starts tonight.

Now is the time.

Charlotte wants to make the playoffs this year, Jersey wants to get back into the playoffs, and obviously Walsh and D’Antoni would prefer to be there too when April ’09 comes around.

Sure, the long-term plan is LeBron James in 2010, but these guys want to win just as bad right now, and what takes place today will be the first step towards something.

What will that something be? Your guess is as good as mine. Walsh hasn’t given away anything in the weeks leading up to draft day. Fortunately for Knicks fans, the wait is almost over.

The New York Knicks are on the clock.

Knicks Hire Weber and another D’Antoni

Mike D’Antoni’s brother, Dan D’Antoni, was hired today, along with former Phoenix assistant coach Phil Weber. Both will assist new Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni in New York.

The only holdover from the previous Knicks coaching staff, as expected, will be the loyal soldier Herb Williams.

Seems to me the Knicks had around seven assistant coaches during each of the past two years, now they only have three. The only one (other than Herb, I’m happy he’s still here, but if Herb wants to be a head coach it may never happen for him in New York with this owner) that should have stayed was Dave Hanners; I think he’s got a bright future in coaching. He bolted for Charlotte to reunite with Next Town Larry Brown.

Speaking of Larry Brown, how do you think defensive juggernaut Emeka Okafor will perform in his “play the right way” system?

I still think the Knicks should reach out to Tom T. from the Celtics and see if he can work some of that championship mojo on some of our guys. Doc Rivers would understand if we stole back some of our Knick property, right Doc? Walsh said he would consider hiring a defensive assistant coach to compliment D’Antoni’s 7-second offense.

Knicks are going to run–was there ever any doubt?











“This is about the fifth or sixth workout I’ve done, and this one was more about getting up and down the court than any of the others,” said Randolph. “Pretty much all of the teams are trying to get up and down during the workouts, but it was much more emphasized here.”

Love agreed with his fellow freshman forward.

“Today was a lot of up-and-down play and a lot of three-on-three,” said Love, who shed 15 pounds preparing for pre-draft workouts to prove he could be part of an up-tempo offense. “The only other time I played three-on-three was at the Memphis, but we only went about one or two games. Here we played about five or six games. And we went full-court, so we had to do a lot of fast break stuff, and things that really fit into D’Antoni’s offense.

When in doubt, check Knicks.com when the MSM isn’t invited to the pre-draft party.

draft workouts

gallinari workout

2008 prospect profiles


Just flipped on the tv and first thing i see is KG catching an alley on the break.

This is going to be a great series.

So many of the best players in the league are on these teams.

And you have one coach, a former New York Knick point guard during the Ewing days of the 90’s, preaching “Ubuntu” to his team during time outs and at halftime.

Ubuntu is something that transcends the game of basketball and I am happy to hear anyone say it aloud–even a Celtic.

I guess I care more about the outcome of this series than I thought.