Spare parts effect the total package

The future of the New York Knicks hinges on reversing this trend of getting one dimensional players and instead starting a new trend of getting solid all-around basketball players, so that a sense of team identity and trust can finally be developed between the players.

Often times during the past four years, the Knicks have stock piled prolific scorers who are downright lousy defenders and/or passers, or work-in-project athletes who are devoid of fundamental team basketball skills, or good defenders who everyone knows can’t hit the broad side of a barn no matter how open a shot they are given. We don’t have to name names here.

This phenomenon needs to change now. It all starts with the #6 pick next month, but that’s only the beginning. The Eddy Currys, the Randolphs the Crawfords, the Nate Robinsons, those guys are pretty good at certain things and utterly atrocious at others, so instead of being pluses for the Knicks on both ends of the floor, they’re giving it away on the other end, and it is just that much more difficult to win basketball games for the Knicks, because they never can close out the game by the time 48 minutes have rolled around.

Any time you’re trying to come up with a starting five while trying to compensate for certain players inabilities in said starting five, it makes it too difficult to go out there and do what a competitive team should do: be in a position to win.

Some of it has to do with where you’re picking in the draft the past four years. When you’re picking at #23 every other year, there is a chance your talent is going to have some weaknesses and you only hope they can overcome them on the fly.

Yet there are going to be some guys that aren’t going to improve and it’s on them. Considering “it is not your aptitude that determines your altitude but your attitude,” if, for example, Eddy Curry doesn’t want to play defense, there is a very real chance he never will, at least until his current contract nears its expiration date.

You might think having a well-rounded team like I’ve described above is too ideal and impossible in reality, but how many Knicks currently fit the bill? Jamal Crawford, you say? Not close. Wilson Chandler? Chandler was nice at the very end, but so was Mardy Collins two years ago, and what has happened to him since his injury? We waited all season long to see Chandler get burn, and for what, to see a hobbled Quentin Richardson fail four four months of the season?

We need to start to get guys who can do all the fundamentals of basketball, not just one of them. Quentin could have been one of those guys but his back problems have prevented him from contributing at 100%.

Off topic: It will be really interesting to watch Lakers vs Celtics, if it comes to that. Imagine, the two teams that were involved in two infamously lopsided trades, and they make it all the way to the finals. Shame on you David Stern, for not doing something for the Knicks, but looking the other way when those two Enron deals went down, and then hooking up Chicago with the #1 pick this summer to top it off.

Off topic: You telling me Derek Fisher didn’t foul Brent Barry behind the three point line at the end of the game tonight? Shame on you David Stern, for corrupting the league with your Joey Crawfords and your Tim Donagheys puppets. Obviously you’re very desperate for Lakers-Celtics so you can reminiscence about the glory days of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, but to what shady ends are you willing to go to get it? They said after the game, “he didn’t sell the foul.” A foul is a foul. Especially when you call sissy flop fouls all season long, for the past five years. So now you gotta have a certain look on your face for a foul to be called? Get these shitty refs out of here. Magic and Bird aside, some basketball fans merely reminiscence to a time when NBA referees didn’t effect the outcome of the game with such blatant bias. You might as well have Nike signing their paychecks instead of the NBA treasury.

Kobe vs KG, here we come! Thank you Mr. Stern!

Draft day seems too far away

We’ve still got a full month to wait before we learn who the Knicks end up taking in the 2008 NBA draft.

Unless we trade for another pick, the pre-draft camp in Orlando isn’t going to be of much weight in the decision making process for the Knicks, because the projected lottery picks often only agree to do private workouts. The guys like David Lee and Renaldo Balkman, projected second rounders at the time they were taken, those are they guys that show up and play hard during the pre-draft workouts down in Orlando.

The last poll we did was very specifically which player to take, but perhaps a more general question will help us narrow down the selection process: which position do you fill?

For me, it seems like there are several good individual players on the Knicks, but there isn’t very much chemistry as a team. If the chemistry can be improved by adding –or subtracting– just a few elements, we’d be well on our way towards getting back into the playoffs and finally being competitive after years of residing at the bottom of the Atlantic Divsion.

That said, I think this draft would be well spent on either a fundamental point guard, or a defensive big man. The way last season went, the Knicks have neither in my eyes.

What do you do at 6?


Sixth isn’t too bad. Obviously first or second would have been instant gratification for our Knicks, but the odds were best that we would get the sixth, and that’s what we ended up getting.

A lot can happen leading up to the sixth draft pick a month from now. We could trade up or down, players’ stock may rise or fall during the Orlando Pre-draft workouts, so we’ll see what Mr. Walsh and Mr. D’Antoni come up with when the time comes.

More lottery stuff

From Wikipedia:
“After the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd picks are determined, the 4th-14th picks are assigned to teams based on weakness of record.”

Now for some hypothetical thinking aloud (online):

If I understand this correctly, lets say that none of the three teams with the worst records finishes with the top three picks (very unlikely, but mathematically still possible). After the three top picks are determined, you would then have 4, 5, and 6 going to Miami, Seattle and Minnesota, respectively. So with that in mind, the knicks could finish anywhere, except we know for a fact, that the Knicks will not get the #4 pick, or any picks between #’s 9-14.

That leaves the Knicks a possible pick at #’s 1-3, or 5-8, depending on our luck, which so far seems to be changing this summer.

The solution then?


But will our choice be part of the solution?

It’s all about the luck of the draw…

So, remember that unnecessary three-game win streak at the tail end of our 23-win season?

The Knicks would have tied Seattle’s 20-win record had they lost those three relatively meaningless games.

The 2008 lottery is scheduled for one week from today, on May 20, 2008 in Secaucus, New Jersey. The results are to be revealed on ESPN at 8:00-8:30 EDT. Here are the odds of winning it all.

(Remember, the Rockets got Yao with only the seventh best chance of winning it all, so there is hope for landing Derrick Rose-with some old fashioned luck)



Latest mock draft from

The future is now for the New York Knicks

Not too much news to discuss when it comes to our favorite basketball team right about now.

Walsh has already met with both Avery Johnson and Mike D’Antoni, so only a few other remaining candidates have yet to get a sit-down with the new president of basketball operations.

What is apparent is this: much of the climate of the 2008-2009 Knick season will be determined this month. A new head coach will be announced, also possibly a new GM (because Grunwald CAN’T stay), and exactly where the Knicks pick in the 2008 NBA Draft lottery will be determined during the month of May. The rest of the summer will be full of trade rumors and buy-out possibilities (take your pick on who goes, but we just can’t have the same exact team come back no matter who comes in to coach). There will probably be very little free agent activity this summer since Walsh has indicated he wants to reduce payroll for the 2010 free agent market.

Speaking of LeBron, lets see tomorrow night how he bounces back from that bad first game against the Celtics. And when I say bad game keep in mind he just missed a triple double by one assist and one rebound. I don’t expect James to stay locked down for too long, he’s just too powerful.


Scratch Rick Carlisle off the list

According to Peter Vescey of the New York Post, Rick Carlisle will soon be named head coach of the Dallas Mavericks. What is interesting to note is that Carlisle, according to Vescey, met with the Knicks on Wednesday prior to the handshake deal with the Mavs.

Did Walsh in so many words tell Carlisle that the Knicks already have their sites set on someone in particular?

With Larry Brown going to the Bobcats, and Carlisle on board in Dallas, the Knicks should be the next team to draw from the coaching carousel in the next couple of weeks.

Who’s the man for the job?

The New York Knicks will more than likely announce a new head coach prior to the NBA draft in June, and now that teams are getting knocked out of the box in the first round, certain coaches that were previously unavailable are now in the midst of becoming free agents. Who will be next to come in and sit down with Donnie Walsh at 2 Penn Plaza about next year’s Knicks team? If Walsh is smart, he’ll be able to balance interviewing multiple candidates, with being able to secure his first choice for the job, before anyone signs with another team.

It is difficult to predict exactly what the Knicks will look like next season. Are they going to run? Are they finally going to attempt to play defense? Much of this hinges on who you have suiting up in orange and blue, but a coach with a vision for the new New York Knicks will only benefit a franchise that has won just 56 games over the past two seasons.