Kenny Smith to meet with Donnie Walsh soon for Knicks GM position


Just sitting at home on a Sunday watching the NBA playoffs on TNT, the conversation in the Atlanta studio quickly shifted from LeBron James and the Cavs to Kenny Smith and the New York Knicks.

After several failed attempts, Ernie Johnson continued to try and pry some info out of Kenny Smith, “Will you confirm the newspaper report from Frank Isola that you will be meeting with Donnie Walsh this week?”

“It’s a good possibility,” Smith finally replied with a not so coy smile, after dancing around other related questions through semantics. Walsh probably knows by now, evasiveness can be a great benefit to any incumbent Knicks GM. Kenny Smith is another former point guard that has two NBA championship rings.

Charles Barkley chimed in predictably, “Hey, let me tell you something. The first thing you do if you [become] GM, go get Benny Hinn. Only God can help that team!”

“No coach, no GM…” Barkley rambled on.

Congratulations are in order, Patrick got in


The Big Fella got into the hall of fame today in his first nomination. Heart, hustle, the warrior mentality, giving “110%” on a nightly basis, Patrick Aloysius Ewing gave the city of New York the best he could on the basketball court for 15 years.

Thank you Patrick for being a true Knick Warrior. To this day, you are still my favorite Knick ever.

Clyde and Pearl, known by most Knicks fans as the best back court of all time, were on MSG last night together making jokes implying that Ewing’s next big man coaching assignment may pop up in New York. If it comes to pass, that’s the way it should be. The Knicks would do well to finally send these Indiana/Detroit/Chicago people packing. As was evidenced this season, New York isn’t for everybody. Eddy Curry would only be so lucky to have Patrick Ewing molding him into a better player instead of Mark Aguirre.

Ewing has “intimate knowledge” of what it takes to succeed in New York as a big man, and it is time for the Knicks organization to stop deliberately ignoring him.

t-minus 5 games and counting…

Watching Seattle versus Denver right now on NBA league pass. They’re in double overtime, and it looks like Seattle is going to hang on and get the W, which helps just a little bit with the lottery positioning, because to their detriment, New York took out Orlando earlier this evening at the garden.

Funny thing about following a lottery team as the season ends, it is the exact opposite of a playoff race; instead of looking at the respective loss column of a team that would make the playoffs, when it comes to the knicks, you’re looking at the win column and looking for a smaller number to maximize the ping pong balls phenomenon.

Right now, Miami is faking their way to a 13-win season, followed by Seattle with 18 wins including the victory over Denver. The T-wolves have 19 wins and the Knicks, including their win tonight, are tied for fourth with Memphis with 21 wins.

Who knows how they handle tie-breakers among losing teams? Is it the team that LOSES the season series that gets the larger number of ping pong balls?

Basically most teams have about five games to play out, whether your goal is to make the playoffs or tank it for Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley.

Vote Now: Final Four

Four number ones made it. Incredible! The only team I’ve had a good look at is Memphis, so I’m no authority on this, but I’ll go with Memphis over UCLA and Kansas over North Carolina (simply because I don’t want to hear Kenny Smith talkin’ smack on Inside the NBA for the next two months), with Memphis taking the cake. Don’t quote me on it, I mostly just watch Knicks games.