Hawks @ Knicks

Looking forward to seeing the kids play tomorrow, Chandler can shoot if given the opportunity to find his rhythm, and Morris has good footwork for a big, if he’s allowed to step off the bench and into the game.

Hawks were a solid athletic team without Bibby, a better team with him, because Bibby is the kind of guard who gets his teammates going.

Knicks lose to Blazers in OT

Thanks to all the defenders who represented Knicksdefense in my two game absence. I had to take care of some business that kept me away from the computer, but I caught both games and still root for the orange and blue in the 19 or so remaining Knicks games that have yet to be played out this season.

Nate put up 45 last night, wow! A career night for Nate, congrats for him as he was able to do it against his college teammate Brandon Roy’s team, the Blazers. Against Steve Blake, Nate basically had his way, but Blake had the last laugh when he hit the pull up jumper in the lane down to force overtime, and once Brandon Roy got going in OT, the Knicks had lost their sixth straight. We had no Crawford, Randolph or Curry and yet Nate, in starters’ minutes and field goal attempts, almost accounted for their missing production by himself. I always thought Nate could average 20+ in starters minutes but 45 is quite an accomplishment from the third year guard. Nate can score the ball on pretty much anyone in the league because of his quickness and shooting ability.

Defensively, however, I kind of cringed when during the Cavs game, Nate had to switch and pick up LeBron who went right through him (LeBron does that to EVERYONE anyway), or when last night Nate had to do TWO jump balls against Joel Przybilla, who stands at 7’1″. He does get a lot of mileage out of his 5’8″ frame, but defensively, there are going to be times Nate isn’t going to have the advantage out there. He has to continue to work on that as well as his distribution skills.

I liked some of the spin moves Chandler used last night, and hope to see more from this talent in the remaining weeks of the season. I’ve been saying all season, Free Wilson Chandler. Too bad Randolph Morris wasn’t able to play (for whatever the reason).

My interpretation of the remainder of this Knicks season is like many of yours, I don’t/won’t root against my team, but I want to see the kids play more, and if we get more ping pong balls as a result of it, I’m not complaining.

It seems like this is the third straight season Knicks players are dropping off like flies as the season comes to a close. Why are injuries a recurring theme come March and April on the New York Knicks? Is conditioning a problem? I’ll leave that to you to decide, but I have heard that the Knicks sometimes have 30 minute practices, a far cry from the grueling sessions you hear about from Riles and Van Gundy.

The next Knicks game is slated for Monday in Dallas. Around this time last season, Stephon had a similar high-scoring game in that all the Knicks were out with injuries, and Steph was feeling good and put up 43 against the Mavs. That was a make-or-break type game last season, because the team gave 110% and when they didn’t win, I think it ended up breaking their spirit in hopes of securing a playoff spot. You remember the game right? Mardy played clutch down the stretch, and Renaldo had the below monster dunk on Harris. We had won 31 games by that game, which was on March 30th 2007. The Knicks have won 18 games thus far this season.

Knicks at Magic

The New York Knicks (18-40) get a chance to prove themselves tonight when they visit the third best team in the eastern conference, the Orlando Magic (37-23), who are coming off a loss on the road to the Philadelphia 76ers. Orlando is one of those strange teams that plays better on the road (21-12) than at home (16-11). Teams such as the Magic that can win on the road are prime candidates to play spoilers in the playoffs, where the ability to steal road victories is a great advantage in advancing to the next round.

If the Knicks play hard tonight, they have a shot at victory. They must shore up the defense, and prevent Orlando’s perimeter shooters (Hedo Turkoglu, Rashard Lewis, Keith Bogans, Mo Evans) from getting the shots they are accustomed to taking.

The Knicks have been getting wins lately against teams that have been missing their key players. While it is a good sign the Knicks are beating teams they should beat, actually getting a win against a healthy team with a good record would be a huge boost for this Knicks basketball team.