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NCAA Tournament

Since many of us are watching the tournament, a new post for it. Good luck to all those who are betting on their brackets. My guess is if Davidson wins it all, some people are going to get pretty rich…

Pacers announce Donnie Walsh to leave organization

read all about it.

Hawks @ Knicks

Looking forward to seeing the kids play tomorrow, Chandler can shoot if given the opportunity to find his rhythm, and Morris has good footwork for a big, if he’s allowed to step off the bench and into the game.

Hawks were a solid athletic team without Bibby, a better team with him, because Bibby is […]

Knicks lose to Blazers in OT

Thanks to all the defenders who represented Knicksdefense in my two game absence. I had to take care of some business that kept me away from the computer, but I caught both games and still root for the orange and blue in the 19 or so remaining Knicks games that have yet to be played […]

Knicks at Magic

The New York Knicks (18-40) get a chance to prove themselves tonight when they visit the third best team in the eastern conference, the Orlando Magic (37-23), who are coming off a loss on the road to the Philadelphia 76ers. Orlando is one of those strange teams that plays better on the road (21-12) […]