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Crawful down the stretch

They gave it away. The Knicks played a great game until the last few possessions. Two very costly turnovers with under three minutes remaining in the basketball game, and the gap between the 8th and final playoff spot, and the New York Knicks is further widened.

You win together as a team, and you lose […]

Knicks at Hawks

Just got home one second ago. Are we up?

New post for anyone who wishes to use it.


Knicks at Raptors

Good win the other night by our Knicks. Jamal got hot, Zach had another solid game, and Lee came in off the bench and produced. So we were able to close them out, but like so many of the defenders have said already, Jamal isn’t always going to shoot like that, so the keys to […]

Trade Deadline is Today

Tough break last night getting blown out by 40 points after such a great ending just 24 hours prior, when the Knicks pulled out the overtime victory in D.C. Either there was no gas in the tank, or Philly just has New York’s number this year, blowing the Knicks out three out of four times […]

Knicks at Sixers

Check out the picture of Eddy Curry on the Knicks home page and tell me, that was the best they could do? That photo is very harsh.

The five guys that played outstanding team basketball last night: Nate Robinson, Jamal Crawford, Zach Randolph, Quentin Richardson (keep it up!), David Lee. that sounds like a starting […]

Disrespectful words

Some people have understandably objected to the use of certain offensive words other people have been using on this public forum. It was never my intent for free speech to be abused in this way.

To show respect towards all bloggers, there must be a banned words list, there is no way around it. There […]

Saturday Night All-Star Festivities

Overall I’d say it was an entertaining evening throughout, the skills contest, three point shootout and the dunk contest.

Watching Chris Paul move through that obstacle course, I thought he’d definitely win because the guy is so quick and precise with his maneuvers, but it ended up being being Deron Williams who took home the […]

Knicks Down Time

Well they finally pulled it off, congrats to the Knicks for breaking their losing streak against the Bucks. I thought for sure once Crawford lost the ball during the isolation play at the top of the key, that the Knicks would give the game away because that has been their M.O. this season. Yet we […]

Pacers at Knicks

New post for tonight’s game which starts at 7:30pm.

Feels like summer outside today, that’s not something I’m used to in February in NYC.  Hey, I’m not complaining.

Quite a few trades have been going down the past week, none of which involve the Knicks, of course.

Shaq’s quote today was that he told Nash, […]

Go Giants!

yo, just wanted to say Go Giants and wish everyone a fun superbowl today.  I’m not really a football guy, but I do think New York deserves some glory so I’ll be rooting for the home team today and hope that we can overcome that 12 point spread that vegas is predicting right about now.