MLK game: Celtics at Knicks

by knicksdefense on January 21, 2008

Game time 1pm.

What better way to honor the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., than with a victory over the Celtics–and don’t tell me I have a dream, we can beat this team if we show heart and play smart.

Expert Frank Isola was on NBATV tonight sounding much like Lives saying the team has turned a corner. He said that he expects the Knicks to put up a good fight tomorrow (still Isola said the C’s would win, but who wouldn’t on national TV?). He did that very same kind of backpedaling at this time before, didn’t he? “I always thought this would be a playoff team,” was the exact quote during the 6-game streak if I recall correctly. Isola the jellyfish fence-straddler needs to just pick a side and quit calling loyal Knick fans everywhere “male groupies.”

I missed that Nate Robinson dunk in the first half of the Miami game, fortunately Alan Hahn found the video on youtube, check out Knicks Fix if you wish to revisit the footage. Somebody please tell nate if he uses his supreme talent to focus on defense he’ll have plenty of opportunities for more dunks in the game. Anticipate passes, read the passing lanes, he’s been studying Steve Nash tapes to become a better playmaker and that’s great, but he should supplement that with some Muggsy Bogues tapes if he has the time. Anyway, Nate has been doing a great job lately so I’m happy for him.

That’s two dunks for Nate in Miami thus far in his career. Does Nate even have a shoe sponsor yet? Would Steve and Barry’s possibly be interested?

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