Knicks at Jazz

Still feel the sting from giving the lakers the victory yesterday, but I guess we move on and go to Utah tonight to face a Jazz team with a top-notch home record.

Our old pal Stu Jackson just announced that Renaldo Balkman will be suspended for one game for the flagrant foul elbow he threw at that sissy Laker Sasha Vujacic or however you say his name.  Taz will not be available to play tonight due to the 1-game suspension.

I read some of the defenders implying that David Lee was the cause of the loss last night and I urge you to revisit the game.  David Lee was one of the players keeping the Knicks in the game.  If you’re looking for someone to blame, perhaps look in the direction of the bench.

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What’s good defenders? Glad to get the W last night against the Sixers. We should have done that the first two times we played them, but I’ll settle for a season series tie. Tomorrow’s game against the Warriors will be a great measure of how far we’ve come in January because Golden State is just the type of team the Knicks have not been able to compete with this year up until recently.

We have a few new wrinkles here at, just wanted to go over them briefly.

First, the forum I’ve been mentioning is now up and running. Click on the link at the top right corner of the home page to visit and create new threads on your New York Knicks. Customize your profile, post on old school Knicks, current Knicks, debates, polls–anything Knicks goes, so check it out, and let me know how you like it.

Second thing I wanted to mention is that we put a banner up to help cover the hosting fees for knicksdefense.

And finally, we’re going to have knicksdefense contests with Knicks related prizes, so keep us bookmarked because we have the hookup for our defenders.

*update: memphis beat gonzaga. had the game listed for 8pm on espn2 but apparently the game is already over.  sorry to bronx and everyone who was looking forward to it like I was…

Knicks Progress Report

Half way through the season defenders and I won’t lie to you: it has been a tough season for the orange and blue. I want to know how everyone sees this going down, check out this survey and please take the time to be honest about these knicks.


MLK game: Celtics at Knicks

Game time 1pm.

What better way to honor the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., than with a victory over the Celtics–and don’t tell me I have a dream, we can beat this team if we show heart and play smart.

Expert Frank Isola was on NBATV tonight sounding much like Lives saying the team has turned a corner. He said that he expects the Knicks to put up a good fight tomorrow (still Isola said the C’s would win, but who wouldn’t on national TV?). He did that very same kind of backpedaling at this time before, didn’t he? “I always thought this would be a playoff team,” was the exact quote during the 6-game streak if I recall correctly. Isola the jellyfish fence-straddler needs to just pick a side and quit calling loyal Knick fans everywhere “male groupies.”

I missed that Nate Robinson dunk in the first half of the Miami game, fortunately Alan Hahn found the video on youtube, check out Knicks Fix if you wish to revisit the footage. Somebody please tell nate if he uses his supreme talent to focus on defense he’ll have plenty of opportunities for more dunks in the game. Anticipate passes, read the passing lanes, he’s been studying Steve Nash tapes to become a better playmaker and that’s great, but he should supplement that with some Muggsy Bogues tapes if he has the time. Anyway, Nate has been doing a great job lately so I’m happy for him.

That’s two dunks for Nate in Miami thus far in his career. Does Nate even have a shoe sponsor yet? Would Steve and Barry’s possibly be interested?

Raptors visit Knicks

Hopefully the New York Knicks can bounce back from the Rockets loss and pick up a win today when they host the Toronto Raptors.

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Saw this on the subway a few weeks ago. I was going to jack it but there were too many people in the car. The dude next to me was staring at it just like I was, probably thinking the same thing: I wonder why they even bothered to put renaldo on there. He gets more PT in the ads than at the Garden.


just wanted to put up a new knicks defense post for tonight’s game.

let’s keep the momentum going and bring the effort tonight at madison square garden.

no tmac tonight, and it looks like his relationship with the rockets is beginning to sour.

lets go knicks–make it two tonight.

free wilson chandler!

Knicks Poll: is it Zach or Eddy?


randolph.jpg curry.jpg

There’s been some good discussion on our two big men on the New York Knicks, let me explain this poll before you cast your vote.If you think the knicks can win the most remaining games with just eddy, vote for eddy, just zach, vote for zach, both guys, or sit them both, you get the picture.Like someone said it is a complicated game, depends on spacing the floor, outside shooting ability, ect, but this poll is meant only to see where everyone here stands and is not meant to be some definitive final answer as to who is the best on this team…

isn’t it supposed to be a long season? How did January get here so fast? All star game is coming and we only have 8 wins on the season.