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knicks play bulls for worst record in the east

whats up defenders,

I hope you all had a happy thanksgiving with your family and friends.  I’m still down in sunny Florida (currently about 80 degrees) where I’ve got no internet, hence no updates to the blog in the past couple days.  I did want to give you a new thread for today’s game against […]

Knicks come home tonight to face Warriors

The New York Knicks (2-7) should be well rested and ready to go when they taken on top-flight point guard Baron Davis and the Golden State Warriors (2-6) tonight at 7:30pm. The Knicks look to stop their current losing streak which is now at six games, but the Warriors won’t go without putting up […]

Recent Knicks history by the season

2007-08                             ?

2006-07 NBA 33-49 4th, Atlantic Division   2005-06 NBA 23-59 5th, Atlantic Division   2004-05 NBA 33-49 4th, Atlantic Division   2003-04 NBA 39-43 3rd, Atlantic Division Lost East Conf 1st Rd 2002-03 NBA 37-45 5th, Atlantic Division   2001-02 NBA 30-52 7th, Atlantic Division […]

Knicks wrap-up road trip tonight in Devner

Check out the preview article by

Knicks Visit Kings

Tipoff time is 10pm Eastern.

There’s all kinds of hearsay about this team right now. Rather then speculate on rumored events, I will try to stick to the real, and right now the real is the knicks have lost four in a row going into Sacramento. To me, it no longer matters who […]

Knicks-Clippers Post-Game Quotes

Courtesy of USA Today.


“I love all my players, just like my mother loved me, but sometimes she snatched me out of the park and had tough words for me and did some tough things to me,” the New York Knicks coach said after Marbury rejoined the team for Wednesday’s night […]

Marbury fined for missing Suns-Knicks game

read all about it.

Where is this team going? I can’t predict.

Knicks visit Phoenix

New thread for tonights game.

Can’t watch it,  I’ll be working. Let me know how the new Knicks look fellas. Mardy at the one.

D League Team in Harlem?

Wow, finally a good idea for once from Mr. David Stern? That’s something I could get behind. I’ve been saying for years, why does the D League only have teams in podunk towns, why not put a team closer to the tristate area?

I hope they do it. I would go. Assuming […]