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Happy Halloween from

Somewhere, sometime today, Nate Robinson may or may not be dressed up as batman.

The home opener is Sunday, but the first game is on the road against the Cavs on Friday. I was hoping that it would be today, but I am mistaken. Now that I think about it, here is the November schedule […]

Knicks Share with Us their Favorite Halloween Costumes

Well, today marks the first day of the regular season, what’s on my mind? Well, the Knicks aren’t playing today, so forget all that Oden-less Portland vs Spurs noise on TNT–do they ever pick the right games to televise anyway? Answer: not in the last three or four years…

I’ll tell you what’s on my […]

NY Knick Defender State of Mind; Season Preview Video Season

Check out the results from our most recent poll:

For the math heads out there, looks almost like a normal curve. All votes being equal, we can interpolate from the results that the average Knicks Defender predicts about 46 wins this upcoming season. Very interesting because, as you know, most NBA preview […]

Knicks Pickup Options on David Lee, Nate Robinson, Renaldo Balkman and Mardy Collins

So these four guys will be playing another year on their rookie contracts. I can’t say I disagree with keeping any of these guys here, they’re some of the best players on the team.

Knicks Host Nets in their Final Preseason Game

Game time is at 7:30pm. For the defenders who live outside of the tri state area, NBA league pass is still $169 for the entire season. The price will go up in a few weeks.

The rumors are Jason Kidd will play, and I’m hoping he does get some PT because […]

Vote Now on Your New York Knicks!

Going to the Fleet Center for Knicks-Celtics Game

Okay, I know it is now called TD Banknorth Garden, but it was once called the Fleet Center, just like the TD Waterhouse arena down in Orlando was once called the Orlando O-rena. My age is showing. I won’t bother to focus on any stats because you will have access to all […]

E City Cleared for Practice, may Play in Knicks-Celtics Game on Wednesday

Mike Dougherty reports Eddy Curry has been re-examined and will practice with the team as soon as tomorrow.

This is great news for Knicks fans because it gives the team a chance to develop a rotation with chemistry, particularly what to do with ZBo and Curry in the game.

Zbo showed an […]

Vote Now: Who’s the Best at Calling Your Knicks Game?

Which combination do you like to hear when you watch a game? A look at the candidates for your 2007-2008 Knicks TV personalities.

Mike Breen is your lead play-by-play commentator when it is time to watch a Knicks game.

Trademark expression: “Bang!”

Skinny: he’s more than paid his dues […]

Pre-Season Schedule


Only the home games will be televised by MSG, but where there’s a will, there is usually a way…