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Mardy Collins

“On defense, you really try to make your opponent do what you want him to do — not what he wants you to do. I try to force him a certain way and that’s when I make a second slide. I try not to let him come at me.”


ben wallace debuts his kicks in Manhattan

The Big Ben Collection will officially roll out in late October, but here is a sneak peak of the shoe for those that want to endure the long lines in Midtown Manhattan.

All signs point towards Sean Deveney being an idiot

It turns out a lot of people had beef over his “nba’s most overpaid” article.

I’d like to specifically call out his bias towards fat shaq and the player he formally was. it is this kind of blind bias that enables a basically inactive at-the-time Shaq to make the NBA all-star team and keeps a […]

ben wallace to appear at steve and barrry’s in NYC

presumably big ben’s shoe will debut this weekend when he personally appears at the manhattan mall near 32nd street.

I like the starbury shoes, obviously, and I’m probably going to try the big bens as well. I wear the starbury ones when I play basketball, and I’ve yet to run into any problems. I hope […]

another weak season preview of the knicks

Probably not the last one to come, either. There is a website called Bleacher Report where literally anyone can write a sports article and be published by them. It is actually a sweet deal for the owners of the site, grant these writers access to the site so they can get free content. They get […]

an open letter to the new york press

“If you’re a Knicks fan or someone who follows the team closely (be it by choice or for a living)”

Alan, how many would you say, between your newspaper, the daily news, the post and the ny times–all of the ny sports media covering the knicks–are in fact knicks fans. I think that may […]

H20 on the knicks? Try the Cavs or Celtics

is Alan Houston to Cleavland a done deal? isn’t he just working out at this point?

Hey, if they want to take on his knee caps at his age, fine. If Cleavland doesn’t take him, I hope Boston does. Boston should sign Jerome James after we cut him as well!

Even if Allan Houston […]

balkman dunks on harris

too bad youtube doesn’t have the msg version, which was better.

in my opinion, this was the game that broke NY’s spirit. they were in the playoff hunt, and on the road coming into dallas, probably the best team in the league at that point. they played as best they could, and were […]

Knicks’ Stephon Marbury vs Piston’s Chauncey Billups

the Dallas game was one of my favorites. loved the dunk by balkman on harris.

Another name you could have easily kicked around in comparison to Steph is Chauncey Billups. I don’t know what his salary is, but here are his stats side-by-side with stephon’s from last season.

Chauncey Billups 17p 7a 1.2 st 2to […]