The Atlantic Division Makeover may not yet be Finished

Could these four power forwards all find themselves in the Atlantic Division this season?

A recent article by SI reports that Jermaine O’Neal wants to be traded to either the Lakers to play with Kobe, or the Nets to play with Jason Kidd.

The Nets?

Imagine an Atlantic Division where you have Chris Bosh in Toronto, Kevin Garnett in Boston, Zach Randolph in New York and Jermaine O’Neal in New Jersey, all playing each other every other night? We’re 3/4 already there. In terms of power, the East could be the new West, because those are some dominant players beating each other up on a regular basis!

And I like Zach Randolph amongst those guys, because the man is in his prime, not on the decline, not still on the rise (of the other three, make what connections you will). Randolph might not be the best defender of the bunch, but he is a top tier rebounder and probably THE BEST scorer of the bunch. The combination of his power, lateral quickness and deadly lefty jump shot make him a unique power forward in this league.

I know that both the Lakers and Nets would like to have Jemaine O’Neal, but right now, I’m doubting LA will get it done, because they foolishly think Andrew Bynum is worth more in the future than either Jermaine O’Neal or Jason Kidd is currently. If I were the Lakers, I would give up on Bynum and go after Jason Kidd to keep Kobe happy, but this guy Mitch Kupchak is proving to be an idiot of Scott Layden magnitude, so, good luck with that.